You Are His – SD Review

I have to admit that Backlash has snuck up on me.  I’m still coming down off my WM buzz, even as bad as the second night was, so I’m not ready for another PPV.  In some ways it feels like there should still be more to WM because I didn’t feel satisfied by the grandest stage at all this year!  The Backlash card is short, but I’m hoping for solid greatness from the champs scheduled to wrestle.


And More Talk

I have a confession to make, I went to the loo.  Like so many were over Trip starting Raw on mic, I’m so over the Anoa’i family starting SD every week.  I thought Jimmy’s return would help, but not enough for me.  So, I’m giving this an average grade and moving on, because of what I heard, and what Stacy said, as he was told to watch for anything exciting to happen, there wasn’t anything earth-shattering that happened.


Too Busy

Now, I’m normally all about too busy.  I’m the one who looks for more accessories, more clashing layers, more clashing patterns before leaving the house, but dang Natalya’s ring gear hurts my sensibilities.  I’m all about the color pink and her gear was still too much for me.  Then again, seen Natalya in the ring has been hurting my sensibilities for a while now.  She needs to retire and do what she already does on her days off – train the kids at the PC with her husband!

Then there’s Tamina who looked beautiful in her new ring gear, and had me holding my heart watching the tears flow after she pinned her cousin.  Nia taking the three the way she did was a beautiful thing to me.  Obviously, there will be issues between Nia and Shayna since they lost the straps, but it was Tamina that made this so much more than the sum of its parts.  I’m so glad Tamina has gold on her waist, and while it should have happened at a PPV, and I’d rather she wasn’t partnered with Natalya, she deserves this run with gold after all the years she’s put in.  I have always liked her, and I’m completely touched by her honest emotion when she pinned Nia for three.  I can’t wait to see her plow through everyone who faces her, I mean them, for a while.  Honestly, I need to make a new grade for WR, something with a big pink heart in it.  Sometimes there are matches and segments that are all about the feels and the actual ring work matters little, and this is one of those times.  I will rectify this by next week, if not before posting this.


Sneeze Azeez

I’m still not feeling Apollo.  None of this is working, for him or Azeez.  It’s just terrible.  The heat from me is all X-Pac heat, or worse.  Possibly even to the level of Jinder heat!  Just so bad!  The only thing that could save this was people beating on each other, which is the ONLY reason I didn’t fail this segment.


Someone Get My Razor!

Or should I ask for my sewing machine?  Either way Ziggler needs serious help with his look.  I know I’m focused on the ring gear and other things tonight, but I made a realization earlier about just how many major memories in my life are tied to an outfit or pattern on some fabric.  It can to me thinking about my maternal grandmother who died when I was four, but I can tell you what the major fabrics in her house were over forty years later.  I’m not only going to focus on fabrics and looks tonight, just explaining why I’m so fabrics-focused tonight.

I haven’t written my prediction for this match yet, but I’m so over the Dirty Dawgs that I doubt I’ll be writing much about it.  I’ve defended Ziggler more than most, and other than small issues like needing a new seamstress and hairdresser, he’s still terribly underrated and has been screwed for many years within WWE.  Roode should go back to Impact for one last big run if he’s not going to get anywhere in WWE, which appears to be the way things have gone for him.

I’m a bit worried that Dom winning last week and Rey winning here that they will lose at Backlash.  I’m still stuck in that old school way of thinking.


Swiss Mister

I love Cesaro!  Tommy Dreamer hit the nail on the head when he said that if he had a promotion that Cesaro would be the face of it.  All the languages he speaks and how he ALWAYS delivers in every match makes him a natural to be the face of a company.  Not sure he has a chance to win on Sunday, but if I was booking it, he’d have been WWE/Uni Champ a couple of years ago.  Some claim he’s not great on mic, but I think he’s solid and endearing.  He comes off as real in a way only certain people can, and I love that grittiness to him.  Also, the more he’s on mic, the better he gets, so he needs to be on mic more!  I’m thrilled he’s getting this push and I hope it leads to something big for him.



She really had on a lot of SD blue, but the color looks amazing on her!  She was solid here, as was Bayley who is rocking scrunched hair that looks great on her.  I’m excited about their match at Backlash where they can really take it to the ring and show us their greatness.


Building The Kings?

I don’t know if it’s McMahon in his ear, but McAfee was spouting info about Corbin as if he was Mike Tenay!  Well, better than Tenay, but almost everyone is!  Anyway, this match was great, as these two always are, but it was post-match that made things more interesting!  I’m hoping this means there’s going to be another KOTR sooner than later.  As great as Naka would be as the winner, it needs to be King Woods next time around.  Also, both these guys need to be rebuilt, because they deserve more than they’ve seen in 2021.


I Run This Bitch!

I have to admit, going into this match I hoped Jimmy would win.  I love Cesaro and want him to win all his matches, but this one is a monkey of a different color.  There has been so much going on with the twins and their cousin, plus being Jimmy’s first match back, having him win it would totally change the…and Reigns caused the DQ.

I love the discussion between Jimmy and Reigns on the bottom of the ramp.  The nastiness from Reigns and the fact that Jimmy wouldn’t simply do as he demanded was great.  Even better was Cesaro getting and keeping the upper hand over the family through all the post-match issues.  Reigns wasn’t impressed and Cesaro was all smirks and smack talk.  I loved how SD ended this week with Cesaro standing tall, smiling.


Shut Up, I’m Yelling Here!

This was a solid episode of SD.  Better than last week which failed more often than not.  This makes me feel better going into Backlash, especially how this go-home SD ended.  Solid show through most of the two hours.  I’m finally getting excited for Backlash.  The predicts for the PPV will be posted on Saturday, and join us for the Backlash Dignified Discussion!