WWE WM Backlash – Predicts

Sunday, May 16, WWE presents WM Backlash from the Thunderdome in Tampa, Florida.  The card is stacked with championship matches and little else.  It appears as though WWE is sticking with the shorter form they have recently created for their lower-tier PPVs, making them much more manageable to book, execute, and enjoy.


WWE Championship Triple Threat Match

Bobby Lashley (c) w/MVP vs Drew McIntyre vs Braun Strowman



I have less than no interest in this match.  I honestly do not understand what anyone sees in Lashley, and my feelings haven’t changed at all since his return to WWE.  He’s more boring than watching paint dry, in and out of the ring.  He doesn’t emote, tell any sort of story, or do anything but throw moves and take bumps.  He really doesn’t even sell very well.  I truly don’t understand why he’s the top guy on Raw right now.  That being said, Strowman won’t be winning this one as he’s barely coming off one of the meanest and daftest storylines WWE gave us for no reason other than to give Shane the fun of a WM match.  Then there’s McIntyre who will be built back up, but he won’t be winning back the strap in this match.

Winner – Lashley



I was all for seeing Drew face Lashley again but then they decided to throw Braun into the mix and it zapped away all my interest in it. I guess this is Braun’s reward for his lackluster program with Shane but I am sure we are all expecting him to be the one to eat the loss here. Lashley has had quite the good start to his reign but I will admit he needs a fresh face to have as a challenger and Braun doesn’t feel like it because his booking hasn’t been the greatest over the last several months. I do hope this match just has all three men taking it all around the ring because this match does have the ingredients to have that kind of chaotic match that takes it places. I do think we may see an impressive spot or two where someone shows off their strength so that can be good. I will also add that I still think it is too early for Lashley to drop the title and Strowman definitely feels like he is there to eat the pin.

The Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Bobby Lashley



Adding Braun to this Drew/Lashley title match seems to be a move to protect either Drew or Lashley from eating a clean loss which makes a lot of sense. The story here is simple, 3 big guys with big who’s who think they’re the alpha male of RAW. I think we see a return either during or after this match to confront whoever emerges victories. My guess is Lashley retains here only to be confronted by a returning Keith Lee.




Bobby Lashley has been champion too long.  While he has been better under the tutelage of MVP, I, for one am so over him (not that I cared much for him to begin with).  He has become dangerously close to being another one-move-Goldberg and it’s time for him to move on and do something else for a while.  Like learn more moves.  Braun, I’m sorry to say, just doesn’t have it for me.  The “these hands” thing is long over and needs to be replaced with something else.  He’s not a bad wrestler and I’d like to see him wrestle not run around the ring and plow people over.  Drew was a really good champion and deserves to be champion again, plus he can wrestle although he does overly rely on a couple of moves too.

Drew to win again!



This match is going to be big meaty men slapping meat and we already know that they aren’t going to be pulling back because it is for the most coveted title in WWE. I don’t know what is up MVP’s sleeves because he is a sneaky man and he wants Lashley to stay WWE Champion at all cost. Drew wants the title back because he doesn’t feel complete without it. Braun wants the title so he can be known as the monster champion among men. Lashley wants to keep the title to show everybody that he is ready to be the Almighty Champion of WWE.

Winner and still champion Bobby Lashley 



SD Championship Match

Bianca Belair (c) vs Bayley



I’m actually really excited about this match.  I’m expecting as much great work, without the massive feels, that Bianca and Sasha had at WM.  Bayley is downright fantastic in all she does, something I never thought I’d say about her, but her heel turn changed everything for her.  Like Sami Zayn, we didn’t know the fantastic heel that was hiding within this wonderfully soft and sweet babyface.  We always shorten it to simply face, but Sami and Bayley were true babyfaces before their magical turns changed our whole way of looking at them.  Because it’s this Bayley facing Bianca I’m expecting greatness in it from both.  They will elevate each other in the ring, making this a great match for all involved.  Speaking of involved, we haven’t seen Sasha in a bit, and I have to wonder if she will involve herself in this match in some way.  No matter what happens, Bianca will walk out as SD Champion, no question.

Still SD Champion – Bianca Belair



This is a nice feud for Bianca to have right after winning the title but I can’t help but be a bit irked by it. Pretty much everyone is getting a rematch at this show and Sasha Banks is nowhere to be seen. It does feel a bit odd that she has been gone since WM but I would guess she wanted some time off. I will say that Bayley and Bianca have had some solid back and forth on the mic since the start of this feud and very much reminds me of when they had their feud some months ago. Bianca totally deserves to be champion and Bayley deserves this title shot since she was robbed of being on the Mania card after carrying the title very well. This should be a good one but the result is rather obvious to me.

The Winner and STILL Smackdown Women’s Champion: Bianca Belair



This feud was provided a nice touch this past Smackdown when Bayley made parallels between herself back in 2016 when she was called up to the main roster and Bianca now insinuating that Bianca is too nice and naive to truly be successful in the long run. It was a nice little touch to really help to get the ball rolling in this program. Ultimately though Bayley is here to further build Bianca’s credibility as the top face of the women’s divisions on Smackdown until Sasha eventually returns from hiatus in a highly anticipated rematch between the two. Bianca goes over clean on the role model.




I like Bayley as a heel better than as a face, I’m sure she is a wonderful person in her mundane life.  She is good in the ring, good on the mic (even when she is whining). And thank god she got rid of the “I’m a hugger” crap.  However tonight is Bianca Belair’s night.  I love watching her wrestle, she’s fun, she has great gear (Bayley take note here), and she can wrestle with the best of them.  I love hearing her talk on mic.  Yeah, I really want Bianca to remain champ for a good long time.

Bianca for the win.



This match should be a great match as they have good chemistry in the ring and on the mic and it is going to be the dark horse for match of the night. They are going to give it their all in the match and it is going to show because they both know that Sasha Banks isn’t too far behind with her eyeing the winner of the match and I don’t see Bayley leaving the title scene even when she loses the match.

Winner and still champion Bianca Belair



Raw Championship Triple Threat Match

Rhea Ripley (c) vs Charlotte vs Asuka



This match makes me so mad!  I’m more than over Char needing to be in the middle of everything gold-related in WWE.  I know she’s not held singles gold in a while, but that doesn’t mean she needs to be in the middle of this.  I might sound like Mitch, but I’m quite bothered by how Char has been jammed down our throats like Reigns has this past year.  Though Reigns has the personality (finally) to carry it and make it believable.  Char has changed little – other than all the plastic surgery – since she came up to Raw in the first place!  Her character, personality, ability to emote and mic work are almost exactly the same as it was when she first came up.  Yes, she can emote while working the ring, but other than that she’s very flat and beige.  Sadly Rhea’s been booked a bit flat over the past month as well, though we all know she has more in her, and Asuka only continues to grow, week in, and week out.  I expect the actual match to be solid, I just hope Char doesn’t break out her dangerous moonsault that always makes us all cringe.  All that being said, I’m seeing some sort of issue, whether Sonya, Bliss, or Lily, causing this match to go off the rails in some ways, leaving Rhea with the strap after it’s all said and done – even if Rhea doesn’t win clean.  (Because I didn’t pick Rhea or Bianca to win their matches clean, if either retains their straps, I will only take a half-point for them.)

Still Raw Champion – Rhea Ripley



I haven’t been feeling this build much and it has only been slightly better since Charlotte’s introduction. Asuka and Rhea did have a better match together on the go-home but they definitely needed to add Charlotte here because she has made it more interesting. Charlotte really has carried this because of her obvious manipulation of Sonya’s power to get her way and that is interesting. Rhea has really fallen flat so far on Raw and that is a shame because she did plenty of good work in NXT. Asuka has just felt like she has been there and that is also a shame because she is much better than someone that is just there. I hope Charlotte’s addition adds to the match because this could be a good one.

The Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion: Rhea Ripley 



I’m gonna catch flack for this saying this but Rhea Ripley’s lackluster call up to RAW and her string of below-average matches at Mania and RAW with Asuka justify Charlotte being added to this. Rhea hasn’t really shown any sort of signs of greatness that we’ve all came to expect from her. Nothing she’s done since being called up had come remotely close to her great run in NXT. Hopefully, with this triple threat match this Sunday, things start getting the ball rolling back in the right direction for her before the old man starts to second guess himself with Rhea.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room here, Alexa Bliss. Who does she and lily have their eyes on? On RAW it appeared that Alexa had her eyes set on Charlotte but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that we get swerved and it’s Asuka instead. It would be just the angle Asuka needs to keep her from fading into the background and it allows for Charlotte/Rhea to continue and pick up where they both left off at last year’s WrestleMania.




Charlotte go home, send Andrade off to work and you have another baby or two.  That said Charlotte is the only Flair I’ve ever rooted for and I’m tired of it.  She plays an entitled character, and I don’t want to deal with that anymore.  Give me more Rhea Ripley and Asuka.  Both ladies are fantastic and wonderful to watch.  Unfortunately, Rhea is not doing as well on the main roster as she could (I blame VKM and the writers) she needs to be handled better than they are doing, her scripting is for the birds and the people in charge should consult those in NXT and learn how it’s done.  I adore Asuka and she would be fantastic as a champ again however I think Rhea needs some time and should remain champion but until the writers look to NXT and learn a thing or two I don’t see it happening.  Asuka to win (however I bet VKM will be a douche and give it to Charlotte).

I’m still voting for Asuka though.



Asuka vs Rhea matches weren’t really doing it for me as they didn’t really have good enough chemistry in the ring but hopefully adding in Charlotte and it might help the match be better. This match is going to be crazy because Asuka and Rhea both want to pin Charlotte but Charlotte is great with pinning either of them. Rhea should take advantage of the triple threat match and wait for Charlotte to put on the figure four then pin Asuka to keep her title.

Winner and still champion Rhea Ripley 



SD Tag Team Championship Match

Dirty Dawgs (c) vs Dominik & Rey Mysterio



I was quite vocal in my SD review that I’m worried about Dom and Rey winning against the Dawgs in singles competition the past two weeks has me worried about how they will fair at Backlash.  I’m just old school that way.  That being said, it’s time to shake things up in the SD Tag Division and that needs to start with getting the straps off the Dawgs and making Dom and Rey the first father/son Tag Team Champions.  It seems like a natural for them, the way they’ve been working.  Yes, Dom is young, but he will have his father with him.  Rey has been extremely botchy recently, but he will have his son with him.  It’s the time for them to do it now before Rey’s health deteriorates more.  I think it will be great for Rey, Dom, and the SD Tag Division.

Winners & New SD Tag Team Champions – The Mysterios!



I am not really into this one because this should have happened at Wrestlemania really. WWE has really pushed the narrative of Rey and Dominik being the first father/son duo to hold tag gold and seems rather obvious that is where they are going. I do think they deserve it but I am sure there will be some smarky people online that will hate seeing someone that is the son of a famous wrestler get a title and say it is only because they are the son and not because they put in work. I am not one of those and I think Dominik has more than paid his dues so far in his run in WWE. The match could be good but my lack of interest in Dolph and Roode really affects how I feel about it. I will go with my gut on this one.

The Winners and NEW Smackdown Tag Team Champions: Rey & Dominik Mysterio  



The time is now for the first Father/Son team to win tag gold. And it even makes even more sense for the WWE to pull the trigger now with Jimmy returning. The only downfall here is that such a milestone moment won’t happen in front of live fans but nonetheless, that’s definitely the call that should be made here and it would set up a Rey/Dominik vs Usos program for the tag titles nicely

WINNERS: Rey & Dominik



I don’t care, I’m not one bit interested in this match and honestly I hope that some other team interrupts and they all lose!

NO ONE wins!



This match is being hyped up because I see Rey and Dominik winning the tag team titles unless the Dirty Dawgs have something up their sleeves as good heels should. The match is going to be high paced with Dolph & Roode trying to keep them from going high pace by keeping them grounded to the mat. I don’t see the Dirty Dawgs retaining the titles at all.

Winner and new tag team champions the Mysterios



Universal Championship Match

Roman Reigns (c) w/Paul Heyman vs Cesaro



The only way I can see this one going south is if Jimmy gets involved, and I truly hope he does.  I have this insane hope that is so strong I want to say it’s a gut feeling, but I think Cesaro actually has a solid chance of winning the Uni strap here.  Maybe it’s simply the pipe dreams of a silly girl who loves Cesaro, but I see screwiness prevailing in this one and in the end Reigns is going to lose his gold, leading to Cesaro being Universal Champion and a massive feud between Reigns and his cousins.  It seems like the perfect time of the year to pull the trigger on such craziness.  They will never know what Cesaro can do in the top spot if he’s not given the chance to try, and this is the time of the year when wrestling lulls, so why not try it?  I’m going with my love of Cesaro and the absolute insanity that could grow with the Anoa’i family.  With vaccinations ramping up, I’d love to see more family members get involved in this storyline – both those with the company and those out of it.  It could be great for them to use as many members of the family as possible in the growing family feud.

Winner & New Universal Champion – Cesaro



This is really the only match for Wrestlemania Backlash that I am interested in and that is solely because Cesaro is finally getting his shot. I have no clue if this will be the only one but I do hope this is the start of a program that will cement Cesaro’s place in the main event scene. The man has the skills to be atop the card and this does feel like his possible last chance at it. We all know how gifted he is in the ring and he can be that also on the mic when given the right stuff. Roman has been tremendous since returning in this role and really is on another level compared to darn near everybody else in WWE. I do think we will see many shenanigans from Jey Uso and possibly even Jimmy Uso. With all that in mind, I think this is the first shot Cesaro will have and that he will have one or more later because of the possible shenanigans. This is the match that I feel will be the match of the night and should be a fun one.

The Winner and STILL Universal Champion: Roman Reigns



The return of Jimmy Uso and his unwillingness to play ball and acknowledge Roman as the head of the table has taken center stage in this Roman/Cesaro feud. And that infighting amount family has opened up the door for Cesaro to possibly steal a victory and the title which would be a monumental upset to say the least. But when it’s all said and done I think Jimmy will embrace Roman and acknowledge him as the head of the table. Rather that happens this Sunday or not is anybody’s guess but I do believe that will ultimately be the end game here. As for this match, I will continue to say that Cesaro is still nowhere near ready to be the guy due in large part to his lack of charisma/presence and inability to convey on the mic which is unfortunate given how great he is in the ring but there’s a reason why he’s been easily overshadowed in this whole thing by Jimmy’s return. My guess is Cesaro wins by DQ extending this feud to MITB.




Queen will know who I’m voting for on this one before I even type this up.  I’m sick of Roman Reigns and his head of the table bullcrap.  He’s a good wrestler and doesn’t need that.  I hate it and always will hate it.  Cesaro, I like him, I like how he wrestles, he’s not full of pretension and crap and he doesn’t have to have a henchman or two to fight for him.  I can see the Uso’s interfering and honestly, I hope they cause Roman to lose and then put the beating of his life on Roman.  That I would pay to watch at this point.  Cesaro to win just because he’s good and deserves it, and he looks fantastic in a pair of jeans.  OH yeah and he’s put in the work so it’s time for him to get the recognition he truly deserves.

Cesaro for the win.



Cesaro is going to throw everything in his arsenal at Roman and then some with the possibility that he would throw in some of Daniel Bryan’s moves in as well. Cesaro needs to keep his head on a swivel with Jey and Heyman on Roman’s side for the entire match. Roman is going to keep his cool but as the match goes on I see him getting angrier and angrier because Cesaro doesn’t acknowledge him and just stay down. It is all going to come down to who has the bigger reserves but also if Jimmy is going to help Roman or just do nothing.

Winner and still champion Roman Reigns



Lumberjack Match

Damian Priest vs Miz



Poor Miz has been strapped with JoMo for way too long.  Honestly, 3 minutes after JoMo’s return was too much for Miz to be stuck with him.  I don’t care if they’re friends outside WWE, Miz shouldn’t be saddled with the drip in WWE as he just drags Miz down.  I’m hoping that this match leads to more issues between Miz and JoMo so that they can have a quick feud, with Miz as a heel, and then blow it off with Miz looking unstoppable.  It’s time to push him back up to the top because he deserves another run as top champion.  I do expect this will be a fun match with lots of fighting outside the ring as well as inside the ring.  This is a great feud for Priest, but it’s time for him to move on, and up the roster as well.  I’m hoping and expecting Priest to win this one, because of JoMo’s ineptitude.

Winner – Priest



This is one feud from Wrestlemania that I was hoping was done with because that was the perfect match to go out on. Priest has been solid and so has the Miz but it is time for them to move on from one another. I am sure this match will be filled with some shenanigans because of the Lumberjack stipulation. It really does feel like Miz could use a big win here but I don’t know if WWE would have Priest lose a match like this so early into his run. The match will be good but it is one I am not that interested in because this is one feud that is going one PPV too long.

The Winner: Damian Preist



This feud should have ended at WrestleMania. Bad Bunny’s involvement was clearly the high note of this entire angle and it’s been dead in the water since he’s returned to music. Priest is the obvious choice to win here and the logical choice as well. Hopefully, after this, both guys move on to other things. Priest going after Sheamus’ US title makes all the sense in the world and that should start happening much sooner than later.




Damian Priest has done really good since his move to the main roster; however, I’d love to see him against someone else for a change.  I see Jonny drip drip (who can go drip elsewhere not soon enough) interfering and costing The Miz the match due to The Miz doing the same to him not too long ago and yes, he’s a little bit bitter over it.  Damian needs to move on to other wrestlers and start feuding with someone other than these two.

Damian to win.



This match is going to be a fun and entertaining one and they have good chemistry in the ring and on the mic. I love how Morrison said yes to the match against Priest and lost with this match being picked because Miz is a known runner and he doesn’t have any luck in lumberjack matches. Miz by hook or by crook will try anything to win so Priest needs to have his head on a swivel because Morrison is definitely going to help Miz.

Winner Damian Priest 



Join us Sunday evening for another great WWE Backlash Dignified Discussion.  We always have fun during PPVs, so why not hang out with us and have fun too?

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