Title Holder Or Champion? – SD Review

I had been excited all day about SD, then about two hours before the show started, I got distracted with people stopping in and hanging out in the yard so no one needed to mask, and so the littles could play.  I completely forgot about SD and almost missed the start of it, even though I already had the TV on Fox to be sure it was ready for when the show started.  I’ve been so used to having nothing going on in my life that I’m going to have to learn to multitask and again focus on more than spinning/knitting/weaving and wrestling.  It’s so strange to have the world come rushing back so suddenly.  I know it’s not sudden, but after over a year of this, it feels sudden to me today.


Thunderdome Era!

Rey has overstayed his welcome!  The comments coming out of Bayley made this segment something it was sadly missing – interest!  Sonya was great, but Bayley took it to a whole new level – something I really never thought I’d be saying through the lowest of the lows of her WWE time.  She’s come into her own in a way I truly never thought possible.  Heck, she was why the grade for this was so high, not Heyman.  Who thought that would ever happen?  I didn’t!


Aren’t They On Raw?

I’m not complaining that Nia and Shayna are on SD this week, but I am confused.  I thought they would only be on Raw after dropping the straps.

That first snap suplex from Natalya on Bayley was FAST!  That was Orton/Joe/Goldy fast!  That’s the best I’ve seen her look in the ring in a couple years.  I know it was just one move, but it actually made her look like she belonged in there, briefly.

This match wasn’t bad, but only Bayley, Shayna, and Bianca really looked great in there.  It was an average SD match, nothing more, nothing less.


Straight Up Greatness

Goodness, Big E is so great on mic.  He’s built for the WWE all the way around.  I think it’s hysterical that McMahon calmed him down because he didn’t think people would get Big E’s sense of humor.  Little did McMahon understand that Big E’s personality and sense of humor are exactly the creativity WWE needed.  He’s all that’s great in the world in so many ways.



I’m in love with Naka’s music being played live!  This was almost as good as the fiddles in NXT.  I’m kinda loving Boogs ringside with Naka.  The match has been good, but I kept being distracted by Boogs and McAfee being on his feet through much of this match.  I loved it when Boogs started playing out of nowhere which seems to have distracted Corbin enough to lose this one.  I’m kinda loving this Naka/Boogs thing, but I’m not going to compare them to Eli and the racist in any way – yet!


So Far Up His Azeez!

KO gives some of the best promos ever.  Also heard his accent slipping in, which shows how passionate he is about this match.


I’d Fight You With No Arms!

I have to say it, Cesaro saved this segment for me.  I have to confess that I had to leave the room for a few minutes and so I turned the TV up so I could hear what was said.  To me it sounded like the exact same blah-blah-blah all over again.  This Head of the Table has turned into worse than 20 minutes of Trip was for many people when he started Raw that way for a while.  The thing is that I found Trip entertaining.  This wasn’t.  I want something new, something fresh from them, but it was the same blah-blah-blah.  They have so much they can and should do with this storyline.  They have an entire family to use, and we are stuck in the same puddle Reigns has been slogging through for a while.  Yes, he’s leaps and bounds better on mic and Heyman is amazing, but you can only blah-blah-blah the same things each week for so long before I want to rip my bangs out (and not because they are hanging in my eyes).

It was Cesaro and Rollins that saved this segment from total failure, and then Rollins made it that much better when he blamed Cesaro for his own actions backstage.


Looks Like A Kid!

Rey looked like a kid in the ring a lot of the time in WCW, especially when he was maskless.  Dom might be tall and lanky, but he has that really young face Rey had for way longer than he should have, and so he looks almost comical in the ring at times.  Not as comical as Rey did at times because of his height, but still comical.  Sadly, this was little more than a toss-away match.  Not great, but not bad.  It happened

I love how Dom hits his father’s 619 and his Papi’s frog splash.  It’s the perfect mix of his WWE heritage.


Through The Night

I loved how Jimmy stepped up for himself and Jey, yet Reigns really wants to hold them back from serious success.  Looks to me like Jey might be starting to get it.  I loved how it all played out through the show in bits.  I wanted to pull them all together in one solid grade because they’re really telling a great story through the show – so much better, so much more than all the time Reigns took up in the ring.


He’s Losing It!

That was one of the best little segments we’ve ever seen from Sami.  He’s really taking his mental devolving to a whole new level in this segment and handled it in a great way.  He played it real, not too over-the-top, but enough that it really felt like I was with my brother, and that’s saying a lot!


Poor Sami!

Sami really got tossed around in this match.  I know he’s the smallest guy in this one, but dang they tossed him around as if he was Ray!  Sorry to use Rey in such a way, but it’s the only person I could think of who has been tossed around like Sami was in this one.  Beyond the Sami abuse, this was a really solid match.  They all went out there to give us a great main event, which is not how chunks of this show felt, so it was nice to see.

I guess we are looking at a feud between Black and Big E.  I hope they give us a reason for this, not just Black decided to attack Big E for no obvious reason.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see with everyone else!


Shut Up, I Have Something To Say!

I got distracted before SD, but I bounced right back because SD is always a really strong show.  Well, it’s usually a really strong show, but not this week.  There were more glaring issues than there’s been in a while.  Between the toss-away matches, the segment that meant nothing and dragged on forever, and a strange flow to it all, this wasn’t a great SD.  There were beautiful moments, but there were so many major issues that this just didn’t live up to what I have grown to expect from SD.  I guess I should be happy with how strong NXT was and chalk this up to an off night for SD.