Dream A Little Dream Of Me – Opinionated News – 5/17 & 5/24

I was not looking forward to writing about Velveteen Dream when it came down to it, but it’s what’s going on in the news this week, and what most people are talking about.  I’m going to address everything else I found interesting, then I’ll swing back to Dream.


I stated last week that I wouldn’t be up on my vaccine soapbox unless something massive happened.  I’m not climbing back up, but I will say that Japan needs to get themselves organized and vaccinated if they are ever going to do anything bigger than ten people, including wrestling and the Olympics.  Too many people are becoming infected with Covid-19 there and there is a simple way to fix that.

Since I’m next to my soapbox I’m going to slam down HARD on Drake Wuertz.  I have to say from everything I’ve heard he should have been released by WWE much earlier than he was.  From all I’ve read, he was a toxic entity to anyone who isn’t caucasian and didn’t agree with what I believe are his skewed ideas.  He should have been dropped when he first called into the city council while at work.  Most jobs require you to leave your personal views at home.  Stacy works for the Legislature, for the non-partisan branch and part of that is not having any open political views.  So we don’t have bumper stickers or signs on any cars or our house.  Yes, my laptop has an extremely obvious anti-45 sticker on it, but this is my laptop which has nothing to do with him.  When I worked in my family business all religous and political stickers and jewelry were not to be seen.  I did get in trouble for it once when a necklace fell out of my uniform top and someone went and complained that I’d only worn the item to upset the religious group that was at the amusement park that day.  The person who took the complaint brought it to me as she was a friend of mine and knew my personal beliefs.  I made sure it never happened again.  You leave your personal views at home when you’re in a job that requires it.  Wuertz didn’t do that and because of that, he was released.  I hope he and everyone who has seen it has learned from his mistakes.


I need to give massive props to a few people in the industry.  The first being Mia Yim and Keith Lee.  We don’t know what is going on with them, and the more people press them on social media, the tighter lipped they have become.  I give them both props for keeping their personal lives personal.  They are obviously dealing with something and it truly is none of our business as to what they are going through.  While we like to feel we know them after seeing them on TV, but they are human beings who have kept their personal lives quiet and we need to give them the space to do so.  The other person I need to give mad props to is Omega.  He’s KILLING IT in everything he’s said lately.  He’s a the top of his game and playing everyone while he’s there.  I love his character work and how he’s working everyone so hard that the line between person and persona has been blurred.  I never thought I’d be talking up Omega, but he’s truly won me over this past year.  Oh, one last comment on someone I never thought I’d speak about in any way but negative.  I’m very glad to see that Big Cass is doing well in his life.  He has struggled in many ways and I hope he’s gotten past his issues.


Okay, now for Dream.  Ugh.  I have to say that while I enjoyed some of his earlier character work, I wasn’t the massive fan that most who saw him on NXT were.  I just never saw it.  Yes, his character work was fantastic.  He took things to a whole new level, and his ring work was solid, even greatly creative, but something about him never sat right with me.  I can tell you exactly why that is, he reminded me too much of my brother.  I can’t put my finger on what it was that he said or did that reminded me of my brother, but it was there and therefore I was always slightly uncomfortable about him.  None of us will ever know what happened between him and his two accusers, Jacob and Josh.  While they might have hurt his overall push, I don’t think his release was because of their accusations.  If that had been true, he would have been released when it all came down.  For me, it was what I saw on Twitter – which I rarely accept as any form of truth unless backed up by serious evidence – that showed Dream in a new light.  I’m sorry that I didn’t keep the tweet, and cannot say who it was who said it.  That is all my fault, but the gist of it was the poster stated that he doesn’t like to say things like this but was glad a person who had been released was gone because he was the least professional person he’d ever worked with.  I took it with a grain of salt, but then I read all the responses and everyone was in shock that that specific person said anything even slightly against anyone else as he NEVER said anything negative about anyone.  It was the shocked responses from people that showed me that if the original poster was saying something negative, then there was a serious reason behind it.  Having been in business from a very young age I learned how important it is to be perceived in a certain way.  Once seen as unprofessional, it’s hard to recover from, and I think that was young Dream’s biggest mistake.  I hope he grows and learns from this, only to come back better and stronger than ever.


Lastly, yesterday was the 22 year anniversary of the passing of Owen Hart.  Many things changed in pro wrestling because of Owen, and I’d like to think a lot of things and people are better from their contact with Owen.  RIP Owen Hart