I Allowed This To Happen – SD Review

I have to admit that I’m worried about how things will go for SD being on Friday night when the world is slowly starting to return.  I know things are screwy because of the NBA and NHL taking the ratings at a strange time of the year, but more than that, it’s getting nice out and people are wanting to return to some semblance of normal.  For most of us that will mean no change in our TV/wrestling TV watching schedule, but for some it will.  Not that ratings really mean anything these days, but it’s still important to not tank them every week.


I’m A Giver

So, Reigns has changed his mind on this tag match.  It’s suddenly what he wants, so it’s going to happen and they had better win the straps.  It really feels like he’s channeling McMahon’s pettiness in his promos every week.  Things change in his mind and it’s suddenly okay.  His mood changes and a half dozen superstars, some of which in storylines, are released, confusing everyone.  It really feels as though Reigns is channeling the more and more deluded Vince McMahon.

Reigns wants the belts when they win them?  Screw him, they’re not his belts.


Bring Them To Me

I get why this match was built the way it was, but I wanted this to be so much more than the opening match on SD.  Rey and Dom have been built recently to look strong against the Dirty Dawgs, but they are smaller and on the tail end of their careers, while the Usos are in the middle and have years to run with.  Rey won’t be wrestling forever, but this is only their second defense of the straps and they have so much more to do with father and son than this.  I think it was just bad timing for the Usos and the Mysterios, which could have been a solid six months of amazing work between the teams.  I don’t see that happening with Reigns involved the way he feels he needs to be in every little thing his family does – except the women.  To me it’s an obvious one for Reigns to pull Tamina in as she’s family and has gold.  I guess it’s more of McMahon’s creative dropping the ball in a massive way.  Though with Lana’s release, that means Naomi should come over from Raw to join her husband again Reigns.  Fingers crossed that they’re back on the same show before travel starts, as there’s no reason to split married couples on the road.

I did like how the Usos looked like they haven’t lost a step, were on the same page through all of the abuse on Rey in the heel corner.  Dom, as per usual, looked both great, and like a little kid in there when he got the tag.  The absolute end of the match was rather sloppy, but that happens at times.  Between Jimmy’s rust, which is very little, and Dom’s green, it happens.  The ending was also screwy, with Jimmy shoulder being up.  Not going to make Reigns happy, but nothing was going to make him happy.  Even if they won, he wouldn’t be happy for one reason or another.


He’s The Reigniest!

Reigns with his quiet and metered way of speaking is scary.  He’s the father that you don’t want to hear the word disappointed from.  He’s that man who scares everyone around him without trying, but when he does try, he’s downright scary.  He’s finally truly made it to the top.


The RockingEST Suits

Then there’s Rollins who is a jerk to be a jerk.  He has lost all manners and loves being a jerk to anyone who doesn’t give him all he wants and when he wants it.


Go Away Little Man

Dawkins ruled that segment without saying much.  His facial expressions there won the segment in the best of ways.


Take It Under Advisement

I love the issues between Adam and Sonya.  They are never on the same page, and she seems to want to be nice to everyone, which I think will get her in trouble in the long run.  I can’t wait to see what comes about between these two, because they’re quite the odd couple that feels like will be the slowest burn, but with the best ending.  Sonya defeats Adam in the ring?  I can see them going there.


I’m The Prettiest Girl In Class

I have to say I love Carmella.  Well, the woman behind all the hair and sparkles.  She said recently that she loves all the sexy stuff, but she wants to do something more meaty, more interesting, more fun.  She can carry it off.  We know she can because she ran with Truth and not only kept up with him, but made him that much more interesting and exciting.  It’s time for them to let Mella be something more than simply sexy, because she can handle it.

Liv looked solid in there, rocking her non-riot gear, and working hard in the ring.  The extensions need to go and let her run with what she has, which is obviously a short shag.  Not every female wrestler needs long hair and/or extensions!


You’re Going Again

Adam and Sonya seem to be on the same page here.  This back and forth is fun, and will lead to something more.


80s Comedy

If I didn’t know that all of this emotion and perkiness was Bianca, I’d think I was watching an 80s sitcom.  Just the way she was talking herself up felt very Full House or Different world to me.  From everyone telling her she was too this or that, that she was laughed at, all the way through to Bayley’s laughing face on every screen.  Fingers crossed that I won’t have that in my dreams tonight.


Otis Mad, Get Him Food

Or maybe that’s changed as he’s been losing weight.  Beyond that, they have not done well by Otis.  They should have left him with Tucky.



I love that McAfee isn’t just on his feet, but standing on announce to see Boogs and Naka.  Add in this great storyline, solid wrestling, and the fun of Boogs and I purposefully look forward to this every week.  It’s time they start ramping it up a tiny bit.  Obviously, it won’t be a HIAC match, but I do think the two of them could carry a HIAC with a solid build of a couple months.  Sadly, they don’t have that, so I guess they will blow off at SummerSlam?  Just tossing ideas, but I’m loving this storyline, and loving Corbin on Twitter reacting to those who thought he should have been released over Strowman.


No More!

I’m so over Azeez and Apollo.  They are not working for me at all.  In all honesty, what do you think of Apollo and Azeez?  Am I totally out of the loop on this, or is KO being screwed over being stuck dealing with them?  Tell me what you think, because I think this is a horrible waste of all time and talent.

Between the backstage attack and this match that gave us an ‘injured’ KO unable to work the ring in the way that makes his matches stellar.  The best part of this match was Sami after the match yelling that he didn’t attack KO, karma did.



Street Profits sounding a bit like Reigns is a whole other type of scary.  I have to admit that’s my parenting.  It’s all fun and games until I get quiet and my tone gets even and I enunciate every word while giving mom face.  That’s when they knew I was beyond mad and to walk away.  Seeing Street Profits like that is very interesting, and on a whole other level of greatness.


One More Time For Those In The Back Row

I was wondering where they were going with this whole match.  We all knew it wouldn’t end clean and that Reigns would be mad, no matter what happened.  I didn’t expect Reigns to cost his cousins the match, but that’s Reigns for you.  He saw they were going to lose, so he had to save them from themselves.  Of course, that set Jimmy on edge and made Jey’s life that much harder.  I don’t think any of us saw the Usos defeating the Mysterios clean tonight, and we all knew things would get ugly with Reigns, and we got all that and more angst and issues between the three at the table.  It will make next Friday night that much more interesting!


Move Over McAfee, I’m Standing On This Table!

I don’t know if it’s me, but this SD hasn’t felt as great as I’d hoped.  I can’t say if the flow was off or what, but it didn’t have all that usually makes SD the place to be on Friday nights.  Parts of this SD were solid, but the overall flow seemed off to me.  As I said, it might just be me.  I’ve been off all day, and am willing to admit it could be me, but I doubt it’s all me.