WWE Smackdown – Live Coverage And Results

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WWE Smackdown Results:

Roman Reigns makes his way out to the ring with Paul Heyman. Roman talks about how he is feeling and how he was not happy at the end of Smackdown last week. He then says he changed his position thanks to words from his counsel and he is okay with the Usos getting the tag title shot tonight. Roman then says that Jimmy better win and he wants the Usos to come out and they come out. They greet Roman and talk about how they will win the tag titles tonight. Roman wishes them good luck and that they better win because their whole family is watching and wants them to bring him the titles when it is over.

Dominik & Rey Mysterio def. The Usos to retain the Smackdown Tag Team Titles

The Usos are in Roman Reigns’ room and they explain what happened and how they should have won. Roman tells them to be quiet and how they failed to live up to their guarantee. Roman tells them to go to Adam Pearce or Sonya Deville so they can fix this tonight. Roman then talks about how the Usos have only been on the Wrestlemania card once and wants them to understand their position.

Seth Rollins is interviewed about his recent actions towards Cesaro and he says he doesn’t owe them anything. He is asked about what will happen when Cesaro returns to Smackdown and he throws his mic at Kayla Braxton instead of answering the question.

The Street Profits are backstage and they are approached by Chad Gable. Gable tells them they have been struggling and how they have not looked the same of late. He says they can use his help and they decline.

Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce are in their office and the Usos come in to plead their case for a rematch because of the referee’s mistake. Pearce tries to talk about the referee’s decision but Sonya cuts him off to say they will talk about it.

Carmella def. Liv Morgan

Dominik and Rey Mysterio are preparing to leave and are stopped by Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce. They inform them of the referee error and that they will be facing the Usos again. Dominik and Rey agree to it and head back to the locker room to get ready.

Bianca Belair comes out to the ring and she talks about how Bayley has been after her since she won the title from Sasha Banks. She then talks about how Bayley is not the first person to make fun of her and has had to deal with that her whole life. Bianca then issues a challenge to Bayley for a match at Hell in a Cell. Bayley then appears on the tron laughing and that she is not there. Bayley talks about being in her sanctuary and accepts the challenge.

The Street Profits are backstage and Otis is pacing in front of them. Otis tells them that they need to apologize for how they treated Chad Gable. They say they do not owe him an apology and that Gabel is holding back Otis. Otis then slaps Montez and takes out Dawkins.

King Corbin def. Shinsuke Nakamura

Apollo Crews def. Kevin Owens to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship

The Street Profits are backstage and they talk about what Otis and Chas Gable did earlier. They tell Otis to mind his own business and plan on sending him to the dump.

Dominik & Rey Mysterio def. The Usos by DQ when Roman Reigns attacks Dominik and Rey. The Mysterios retain the titles and Roman continues his attack after the match.