WWE Raw – Live Coverage And Results

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Getting older is tough and I’ve tried to age gracefully but nothing prepared me for seeing Ice-T and Stone Cold in a commercial for laundry detergent.


WWE Raw Results:

AJ Styles and Omos come out prior to the tag team battle royale to determine who they will face next for the tag titles. AJ and Omos start talking about each team and what they bring as challengers. The New Day then talk smack to AJ and Omos and then Randy Orton and Riddle chime in. The Miz and John Morrison then come out and they talk about how Miz is injured. They then say that Morrison has volunteered to be in the match to represent their team.

Bobby Lashley is with MVP and the ladies in his suite.

The Viking Raider def. Randy Orton & Riddle, The New Day, Lince Dorado, John Morrison and Mace & T-Bar in a battle royal to earn a future tag title shot.

Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce are talking backstage and Charlotte Flair walks up to them to get her loss to Nikki Cross stricken from her record. They tell her they cannot do that and she talks to them about deserving a rematch. Rhea Ripley then walks up and she wants a rematch with Nikki. Sonya then says they can face Nikki in a tag match with a partner of her choosing.

The Viking Raiders are backstage and they are celebrating their battle royal win. AJ and Omos then show up and they talk about how they do not know anything about Vikings and talk smack about them being fake Vikings. Erik then tells them if the have a problem with them, they can settle things but AJ and Omos leave.

Elias is in the ring and he talks about how he had to get away from Jaxson Ryker. Ryker then attacks Elias from behind and is pulled off by referees.

Jaxson Ryker def. Elias

Drew McIntyre is in the ring with Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce and they wait for Bobby Lashley to come out for the contract signing. McIntyre says they do not have to wait for Lashley because he knows how it will go and then goes to describe what will happen. McIntyre then tells a story about a king from Scotland. MVP and Lashley then show up on the tron so they can say they are coming out to the ring. MVP then gets on the mic and talks about how McIntyre has gotten another title match and wants a stipulation that McIntyre will not be able to challenge for the WWE Championship as long as Lashley is champion and Drew accepts. McIntyre then says he wants the match inside Hell in a Cell and Lashley accepts. Both men sign the contract and McIntyre talks about what he will do inside the cell.

Nikki Cross is interviewed backstage and she talks about how she has beaten Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley in recent weeks and how she was able to do it. She then says that Asuka is her tag partner for tonight and she shows up.

Ricochet vs Humberto Carrillo ends in a draw when both men are counted out on the outside.

The New Day are backstage and they are talking but Kofi Kingston is then approached by MVP. Kofi asks him what he wants and MVP tells him that he has been impressed by him. MVP talks about how he has been a fan of Kofi and how proud he was of him to win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. VMP then questions why Kofi’s title reign ended abruptly and that Kofi is okay with being a loser. Kofi tells MVP he doesn’t want his advice and they trade words before MVP leaves.

An Eva Marie vignette is played.

Mansoor is backstage and Mustafa Ali gives him more advice for what he can expect as a Raw superstar.

Jeff Hardy def. Cedric Alexander

Rhea Ripley is warming up backstage when Charlotte Flair walks up to her. Charlotte tells Rhea that she should follow her but Rhea says she should follow her lead because she is champion.

Nikki Cross & Asuka def. Rhea Ripley & Charlotte Flair

Mansoor def. Drew Gulak

Riddle is backstage and Randy Orton hands him back the key so he can talk again. Riddle starts talking to Randy about Burger King and wants to be road buddies with Randy. Orton then has Riddle zip it up again and says he might come out with him for his match with Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston def. Riddle

Shayna Baszler is walking backstage and bumps into Nia Jax. They talk about how they haven’t been on the same page and Nia is not happy over Shayna attacking Reginald. Nia tries to warn her over what Alexa Bliss may have planned but Shayna ignores her and leaves.

Alexa Bliss is in Alexa’s Playground and she talks about making new friends. Shayna Baszler then makes her way out to the ring. Alexa tells Shayna she did some naughty things last week and she wants to be friends but only if she apologizes to Lily. Shayna scoffs at the idea of apologizing to Lily and tells Alexa she is the reason she lost the tag titles. Alexa denies any wrongdoing and she wants Shayna to apologize. Shayna sarcastically apologizes and Alexa attacks Shayna. Shayna  fends her off and threatens to stomp on Lily and does so. Shayna runs off and flames go off on the side of her as she makes her way backstage. Shayna is then backstage and starts dodging things falling onto her. Shayna then finds an empty room to lock herself in and starts to see Lily in a mirror and she smashes it.