WWE Smackdown – Live Coverage And Results

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WWE Smackdown Results:

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman are in Roman’s room and they are there with Jey Uso. Roman tells Jey that he saved them last week and that he owes them. He asks Jey to tell him what he cannot stand for and Jey tells him that he can’t stand embarrassment to the family. He asks if his brother knows that but Jey does not answer as Jimmy Uso makes his way out to the ring.

Jimmy Uso is in the ring and he talks about how he and Jey were robbed last week because this week was supposed to be a celebration over becoming tag champions again. He talks about how the referee blew their first match and how Roman Reigns stuck his nose in their business that caused them to lose their chance at the titles. Jimmy mentions that he feels like Roman got them disqualified on purpose and questions what the point of it was. Jimmy says that Roman is jealous of him because he wants Jey by his side again. Jimmy talks about how he will get his brother back and will do something tonight that he won’t regret. Roman then talks to Jey and tells him to take care of this and Jey leaves.

Jimmy Uso is backstage and is approached by Jey Uso and Jey asks him why he said what he said at the start of Smackdown. Jimmy questions if he wanted to win the tag titles and Jey says that he did. Jimmy tells him that he noticed his hesitation and that Roman is disgracing his family. Jey tells him how he is in the middle of things and wants to know what he can do to get out of it. Jimmy says he will be in their locker room if Roman wants to see him.

Kevin Owens & Big E def. Sami Zayn & Apollo Crews. Apollo gets on the mic after the match and questions why they are celebrating and that they only won because he was with Sami Zayn. He challenges them to a tag match against him and Commander Azeez next week. Sami then gets on the mic and says he is working against him to keep him from the title but he eats a Nigerian Nail from Azeez.

Rey Mysterio is seen backstage having an intense conversation with Adam Pearce as Smackdown goes to commercial.

The Street Profits are backstage and Chad Gable apologizes to them for what Otis did last week. Gable then says he got their tag match cancelled but the Street Profits say they will handle Otis if he steps to them. Gable then challenges one of them to a match and Angelo Dawkins steps up but Montez Ford tells him he will handle them. Gable says he will not have Otis at ringside but only if Dawkins is not there for Montez. Montez agrees and Gable tells them that Otis is still angry.

Roman Reigns is in his room with Paul Heyman and Jey Uso walks in. Roman asks Jey where Jimmy is and Jey explains that Jimmy is angry. Jey then tells Roman what Jimmy told him about going to their locker room and Roman laughs at the notion. Roman then says he will go to him and laughs as he leaves.

Liv Morgan def. Carmella

Bayley is in the ring for Din Dong, Hello and talks about how she added pictures of herself to the talk show. She then introduces Seth Rollins to her show and the two trade compliments about each other. They then laugh about what Seth did to Cesaro a few weeks ago. The door then rings and they wonder who it is. Seth then says he will answer the door for her and it is Cesaro. Cesaro then attacks Rollins in the ring. Bianca Belair then comes out and laughs at Bayley for what happened to her set.

Rey Mysterio is interviewed backstage and he talks about what Roman Reigns did to him and his son Dominik last week. He says he will always try to protect his son no matter how big the opponent is and failed last week. He talks about how Roman is not the same family man that he is and he will be calling out Roman at the end of the night.

Montez Ford def. Chad Gable by DQ when Otis attacks Ford. Otis continues his attack and disposes of Angelo Dawkins when he tries to help. Otis his Ford with a Vader Splash and referees and Dawkins come in to get him to stop.

Shinsuke Nakamura def. King Corbin

Roman Reigns is in his room with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman and he tells Jey that they should go to his room as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are in their office and King Corbin comes in demanding they make Shinsuke Nakamura give the crown back to him. They pitch having the crown on the line in a match next week and Corbin stares at Pearce.

Jimmy Uso is in his room and Roman Reigns comes in with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman. Roman points to the Universal Championship to tell Jimmy he should understand and Jimmy says he doesn’t care about that. Jimmy tells Roman he has seen Roman abuse Jey for a year and how Roman is a future hall of famer but will not be inducted as one of them. Roman talks to Jey and saying he is playing him against him and Jimmy cuts in to say the same. Jey tells both that he is tired of them and leaves. Jimmy challenges Roman to a fight and Roman says they are not kids anymore to do that sort of thing. Roman talks to Jimmy about representing their family and how Jimmy is not looking out for his brother. Roman continues to talk to Jimmy about making things right in their family and wants Jimmy to do that with Jey for the sake of their family.

Rey Mysterio is in the ring and he calls out Roman Reigns and Roman makes his way out. Rey tells Roman that he acknowledges him as a rat bastard and not the tribal chief. He continues to acknowledge Roman as things and says he wants to fight Roman. Rey tells Roman he wants him inside Hell in a Cell and wants Roman’s response. Roman begins to talk but Rey hits Roman with a kendo stick. Roman starts to fight him off but Rey continues to use the kendo stick. Roman gets the upper hand but Dominik comes in to attack Roman with a kendo stick. Roman then gets ahold of Dominik and powerbombs him to the outside of the ring. Roman goes to continue his attack but Rey gets in between and Roman stops it as Smackdown comes to a close.