NXT TakeOver: In Your House – WR Predicts

Sunday, June 13, NXT presents TakeOver: In Your House from the CWC.  Again Pettengill will be brought back to push the nostalgia of it all, and we are all sure the matches will continue to be some of the best WWE produces.  Check out what we have to say about the matches, and leave your own picks below in the comments section.



Karrion Kross (c) vs Kyle O’Reilly vs Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano vs Pete Dunne

(Fatal 5-Way NXT Championship)



NXT is known for having massive and amazing championship matches, but this one could be one of the most epic we have seen.  All five of these guys are at the top of the roster (not just NXT), and they’re going to try to give us the best TakeOver championship match ever.  It’s just who they are and how they operate.  NXT is better at booking multi-superstar matches than any company, or other brand, I can think of, which is why I plan on being prepared and not moving a muscle during this one.  All that being said, Kross will retain the strap here as it’s way too early for him to drop it.  It won’t make this match any less, because it will be epic.

Winner – Karrion Kross



This match should be good and there are plenty of reasons as to why. Cole, Dunne, Gargano and O’Reilly are among that top-tier of wrestlers in the business today and always bring it during TakeOvers. Then there is Kross who has been booked rather well since his return from injury and this will be a nice test for him. This is also the first 5-way for the NXT Championship in NXT so that is a nice bonus to the match. I will say that I think that it is easy to see Kross retaining here because I think the man to dethrone him is in the match but it isn’t his time yet. I am talking about Kyle O’Reilly but I think his time will come closer to the Royal Rumble because I am thinking that is when Kyle wins and allows Kross to head to the main roster by making his debut in the Rumble or the Smackdown/Raw after. This match should be fun and I expect some “OMG!” moments as well.

The Winner and STILL NXT Champion: Karrion Kross



Oh man this is gonna be good.  They are all fantastic wrestlers.  However, Adam and Kyle still have something to finish between each other and I can honestly see them taking each other out.  Johnny is great and could really do things as the champion.  Pete Dunne could take them all out too.  Of course, we can’t forget the interference that we know we will get from Oney and Theory.  I just hope that they brawl each other and leave the ones in the ring alone, that won’t happen but I can hope.  Hopefully Scarlett will be smart and avoid all the fighting and not get involved.  Now Karrion Kross he’s a nice sexy hunk of a man (a little young for me mind you, but still sexy) He is great in the ring and if he can keep cool and not get angry there is a chance he could come out on top and that is what I want.  Karrion Kross to win and well deserved.



I expect when the bell rings everybody is going to go after the Kross first then a brawl will happen after they take out Kross with Dunne fighting Gargano and Kyle fighting Cole then Dunne and Cole face to face with Kross coming back into the ring and Cole & Dunne putting that aside to try and take out Kross but not successfully. Seeing as this isn’t an elimination match they are going to give it their all to try and win the title without Kross being in the ring and the opposite is true for Kross as he wants to be in the ring at all time to stop anyone from winning and keep his title around his waist. This match is truly going to be a big brawl with everybody wanting to win at all costs with temporary alliances forming during the match and falling just as fast especially Gargano and Cole making one for sure in the match. This match is definitely going to be match of the night.

Winner and still champion Karrion Kross 



Cameron Grimes vs LA Knight

(Ladder match Million Dollar Championship)



I’m so excited about this match.  Grimes has gone from being a covert love of mine to being one of the best things in NXT.  The build to this has been epic, and it honestly doesn’t matter that Knight was brought into the storyline so late, because, for me, this is still all about Grimes.  Not saying anything bad about Knight, but he’s nowhere near the character Grimes is, and he won’t be winning this match.  This could be a sleeper show-stealer.

Winner – Cameron Grimes



We all knew the endgame would be the Million Dollar Championship but that doesn’t take away from how the build has been quite fun. Grimes is one of the best characters in NXT and has done a good job in transitioning into this more babyface role as well against LA Knight. The match was made into a ladder match during the go-home episode and it works for me to have it be this stipulation. It is strange to call a ladder match a possible sleeper hit but I think that is what this match will be. I am sure DiBiase will be ringside or nearby for the match to congratulate the winner of this match as well. This match should be fun and I have to go with my gut for the winner here.

The Winner of the Million Dollar Championship: Cameron Grimes



The more I see LA Knight the more I dislike him.  When I first saw him wrestling on NXT I thought he was pretty good and then he opened his mouth and his cocky attitude came through.  The more he talks, the more I see the more I want him to go away.  He may be a good wrestler but drop the cocky attitude you aren’t that good.  Now Grimes is fun, yes he can be arrogant and cocky but not like LA Knight, he does it in a funny way and it’s entertaining to watch.  Honestly, I don’t care if he can wrestle as long as he makes me laugh.  Good thing he isn’t bad in the ring but he’s great to watch and listen to.  I have enjoyed this storyline with Grimes and Ted Dibiase and I would love to see how it goes.

Grimes is going to bring that belt home and wear it proudly, Grimes to win.



This is going to be a fun & crazy match with a ton of smack talk back and forth with great action. Grimes is great in more ways than one and I’ve been loving his millionaire persona and the Million Dollar title would fit him perfectly. LA Knight has a great upside to him and he doesn’t have a ceiling in NXT to me as I see him winning the North American title by the end of the year and the Million dollar title could be the beginning of him holding more gold in NXT. They are going to have the dark horse match of the night.

Winner and new champion Cameron Grimes



Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Li



Squee!  I’m so excited about this match!  Sam told me if I wanted to review it for the Afterglow that it’s all mine because he knows how much I love Martinez.  (I adore Li too, but I’ve followed Martinez forever!)  She is so deserving of a strong run in WWE, but this isn’t the time and place.  I’m hoping the rumors are true that All Red, but now pink, Emma-Lution but not Emma, is coming in to help elevate another woman.  One of the names mentioned in the rumor was Martinez, and while I’m not sure how Martinez could lose this one and get called up to Raw would work, but I’m all for it.  Martinez should be on the main roster.  She’s 40 now and doesn’t have a lot of years in the ring left, so she should get to the main roster and run roughshod over them!  I also think Li needs this win to continue her character growth and personal storyline, something we’ve not seen a lot of the past month until Martinez.  I want more of Li’s story to be told because they’ve dropped off a bit with so many great storylines and feuds in NXT right now.

Winner – Xia Li



This is a match that has had a quick build but I have liked the way they went about it. Xia is finally getting revenge on Mercedes for how she treated her during the Mae Young Classic and that is some nice storytelling. Mercedes is kind of in that place in NXT where she is the clear veteran that is being used to help elevate the younger talent and it is not a bad place to be in. It means she will be used fairly consistently and she does a good job when called upon. This will be the biggest test for Xia so far in her run in NXT under this new character so it will be interesting to see how she does. The best thing is that she is with someone with a ton of experience so Mercedes should be able to help guide her in the match.

The Winner: Xia Li



I don’t care about this match, sad to say but I don’t.  Mercedes needs to bathe in some moisturizer for a day or two if not a month before coming up for air again.  Xia Li is really good but I’m tired of the Boa and Mei Ying schtick.  Time to stand on your own two feet and you are good enough to do that!  Xia is going to win this match no doubt in my mind.

Xia to win it.



This match is going to start the night for me and they will put on a  great match as the opening match usually starts the pace for the entire evening. Xia wants this match to show her master that she is capable to handle opponents that have disrespected her or her master. Mercedes sees this as a roadblock on her way back to the NXT Women’s title. I see this match being the start of the feud between Martinez and Mei Ying with Mei Ying’s first match against Martinez at a special or Takeover.

Winner Mercedes Martinez 



Raquel González (c) vs Ember Moon

(NXT Women’s Championship)



I’m also giddy about this match.  Raquel Gonzales has been a wonder to watch grow in front of our eyes.  She’s a beautiful talent still in her wrestling infancy.  She’s a coup for WWE in a way I truly didn’t realize when I first saw her.  In fact-checking for this, I found out she’s a second-generation wrestler, following in his footsteps, already making her career much bigger than his, which I’m sure he’s proud of her for.  Anyway, she’s amazing and has a massive career ahead of her, and I’m just thrilled to be watching her from so early in her career.  Then there’s Ember Moon who has been a favorite of mine since I first saw her, and I’ve fallen even more in love with her since going back and watching some of her pre-WWE matches.  So much greatness in that little firecracker.  I will admit that it’s a bummer that she had to step in for her partner, but she will make this match a fantastic one with Gonzalez.  Of course Gonzalez is going to retain because it’s way too early for her to drop the strap, even to someone amazing like Moon.

Winner – Raquel Gonzalez



The build for this hasn’t been long but has done quite a good job in reestablishing Ember as a legit contender. Ember wanted some of Raquel because she took out Shotzi, who seems to be legit injured, and it has led her to getting a title match. Raquel has shown she can rise to the occasion so I expect her to do the same here. It will be interesting to see what role Dakota Kai plays because she could either be at ringside and help Raquel or Raquel could tell her to stay behind because she can handle it. The action should be good and Ember is one that knows how to bump and sell her butt off for her opponents.

The Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion: Raquel Gonzalez



This is going to be a good match.  Both ladies are entertaining and good wrestlers.  I love the fact neither lady is a scrawny blonde bimbo stick figure.  This story could have dragged out a little longer and I’d be happy.  That said I’d be happy with anything that featured Ember Moon and even more so if it involved Schotzi Blackheart too.  I adore these two ladies and not just because of the tank, not that it hurts them.  Raquel is great too even with Dakota Kai, who is a good wrestler just not my favorite, although she does add something that Raquel does need, not sure what but she adds something.  This will be great with lots of interference especially from Dakota Kai and there will be lots of exciting moments before Raquel finally loses the match to Ember.

Ember for the win.



I’m looking forward to seeing this match as Ember deserves to have a title match and Raquel is going to have a fight against the former champion. Ember is going to give Raquel the fight that she is going to remember for a long time. Raquel is going to defend her title to her last breath and Dakota Kai is going to try and help her keep the title as well until she goes after it herself which is going to come later. I can see Ember hitting some of Shotzi’s moves in the match just to keep Raquel on her feet.
I can see Raquel popping out a new move or two so she can keep her challenger on her toes.

Winner and still champion Raquel Gonzalez 



Bronson Reed (North American) and MSK (Tag Team) vs Legado del Fantasma

(Winner Takes All match for the NXT North American Championship & the NXT Tag Team Championship)



It’s strange, for some reason, I just haven’t gotten a real vibe from MSK.  I enjoy them, I just haven’t figured them out yet.  I’m finally getting there with Reed who confuses me each time he gets on the stick because even though I know he’s Aussie, his accent throws me.  No clue why, it just does.  I also have to admit I’m not a big fan of Fantasma.  He’s incredibly talented, which I’ve known since Lucha Underground, but I’ve never gotten anything from him.  Nothing good, nothing bad, I just don’t have a feel yet.  All that being said, and even though I adore Wilde and want to see him succeed in NXT, this isn’t the time or the place.  I’m interested in seeing where they go from here with Legado del Fantasmo, but they’re not going to win this one.

Winners – MSK & Bronson Reed



This was a late addition to TakeOver and I am all for it. The action will be fast at certain points and I am looking forward to it. Legado has been great in NXT so far but I am not sure if this is the time, they are all draped in gold. I think it is too early for Bronson to drop the title but I think NXT tends to do long title reigns too much and a short one could be refreshing to see. I think this has the chance to be a show-stealer given the parts and should be quite fun.

The Winners and STILL Champions: MSK & Bronson Reed



I am not a fan of Legado del Fantasma, they are good but not exciting.  MSK has been fantastic and are just killing it, I even enjoy watching Bronson wrestle.  I don’t see the belts changing hands, I do predict that there will be lots of cliffhangers and last-minute saves and all that but Bronson and MSK will win and retain the belts.

MSK & Bronson win.



This is going to be an interesting match because Legado is an actual team that has chemistry together in and out of the ring. Reed and MSK are going to be tagging for the first time so hopefully they are going to be on the same page or otherwise they are going to lose the titles. It is going to come down to who wants to win them titles more and of course the champions want to keep them but Santos Escobar wants to have Legado Del Fantasma with gold. I could see the champions retaining but I really see the challengers winning instead.

Winner and new champions Legado Del Fantasma


Please leave us what you think will happen, and join us Sunday night for the NXT TakeOver: In Your House Dignified Discussion.  It’s going to be an amazing night of wrestling and conversation.

Queen, Sam, Natalie, Eleazar