In Your House (NXT TakeOver Review)

NXT TakeOvers hold a special place in wrestling fans’ hearts because they tend to deliver almost every time. This time has plenty of good stuff to look forward to as almost every match has high stakes. Plenty of titles on the line and grudges to be dealt with. Enough with the introduction and let us see what NXT had for us with this TakeOver, In Your House style. 


MSK & Bronson Reed vs Legado del Fantasma (Winners Take All, NXT Tag Team & North American Championship)  

NXT likes to start TakeOvers with tag matches to set the table and this one certainly did. The action was fast and did not let up one bit. MSK and Bronson actually worked quite well as a trio and that was nice to see. Legado worked great as well and that is to be expected because they are a unit. I loved the opening stuff between Wes and Mendoza because that was just great stuff how they countered and landed on their feet to every move. Like I said, the action did not let up one minute and this was a really fun opening tag match with all the gold on the line. I did worry that Legado may get the win here but that was not the case. Things would break down when everybody did dives to the outside and it is always impressive to see Bronson nail a tope. Again, great opening match and Bronson would splash Santos through the barricade and the champions would retain their titles here. Great opening match and they set the stage for tonight very well. 


Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Li (QueenKB)  

First off, I loved Li’s entrance and her look for the night. She was hitting on all points from word go, but Martinez seemed to be ready for her. The back and forth between them was superb, and both were right there through it all. I was bummed to see Boa help the way he did.  He didn’t do much, but it was enough for Li to go over Martinez. 


The build to this, showing what happened at the Mae Young Classic, and how Li wanted retribution for it. It built a great story, but now they are tied and need to have a massive rubber match. Even with all the abuse on Li and Boa after the match, nothing compares to what Mei Ying did to Martinez.  


I was hoping Martinez was going to be the woman Evil Marie would help elevate on Raw. Now it looks as though she’s going to be working against the entire faction moving forward, and I’m kind of okay with that – as long as it’s not too long of a feud, because she needs to be on the main roster sooner than later. 


Cameron Grimes vs LA Knight (Million Dollar Championship Ladder Match) 

I had said previously this was the sleeper match of TakeOver and boy did it deliver. Cameron Grimes went from a man that would get tons of heat prior to the pandemic to someone that has become loved by the NXT crowd. They are fully behind his face run and I was really pulling for him to win here. That would sadly not be the case in the end but it does make sense because someone with the big ego of Knight will make this title mean something. The match itself was great and once the ladders were involved, they found nice ways to use them. Ladder matches can either be insane spotfests or they can find creative ways to use the ladders without needing the “OMG!” spot. This had creative uses of the ladders and was rather fun. Grimes did have the spot of the match when he dove off the scaffolding onto Knight on the outside. It looked like Grimes was about to claim the championship but Knight would push him off the ladder and onto a ladder bridge on the outside ramp. Knight would win and earn the blessing of Ted DiBiase who also took in the match from ringside. 


Ember Moon vs Raquel Gonzalez (NXT Women’s Championship) 

Raquel has quickly become one of my favorites in NXT and she has truly been built perfectly. Her rise to being this dominant force has felt natural as heck and I have yet to hear anybody complain about it. That goes to show how to properly build a dominant force and it always is refreshing to see. Ember and Raquel actually have some really good chemistry and I think people should start talking about how Raquel may be in that category of being able to have good matches with anyone. It is something you do not hear much for people of size and the last notable name I can think of that was like that was the Undertaker. The match was great and I liked that they limited the interference from Dakota Kai to moments when it was needed rather than overdoing it. Great back and forth and the counters by each woman was great as well. Dakota would put Raquel’s foot on the rope when Ember hit her with the Eclipse and then we would see Shotzi Blackheart make her return to chase off Dakota. Raquel would end up winning with her awesome Chingona Bomb and the era of Raquel continues. Who is next? My vote goes to Shotzi Blackheart if they do not want to go with the obvious Io Shirai rematch. 


Johnny Gargano vs Kyle O’Reilly vs Pete Dunne vs Adam Cole vs Karrion Kross (NXT Championship)  

I was looking forward to this match because it was the first 5-way for the NXT Championship in NXT history and boy did it not disappoint. It just kept getting better and better with each passing minute. This match truly made Kross look like the monster he is without going over the top with it. He would be taken out but I liked that he wasn’t taken out and immediately came back to get the easy win once everybody did damage to the other. He would come back and do damage of his own but his competitors would be forced to team up to take him out again on multiple occasions. The action was everywhere and the double team moves were great as well. That pump kick by Cole on Dunne into a poisonrana by Gargano was awesome and there were many moves like that in this match. It looked like O’Reilly was on the verge of finally capturing gold when he had Cole locked in a submission but Kross would arise once again to put Kyle to sleep. Kross took care of everybody and now we shall see who is next for him. 


This was not the end of TakeOver though as William Regal was interviewed before the show was over about how chaotic things have become in NXT. Regal had a tear running down his cheek and would say that he has been in NXT for seven years and maybe it is time for a change. He would walk off in the parking lot and we will find out on Tuesday what this means for NXT. I have no idea who could replace Regal as he has become such an integral part of NXT that I don’t know if I could see him be replaced. This was quite the way to end a great show in NXT TakeOver: In Your House. 


Final Thoughts 

Overall, this was quite the fun night of TakeOver and it did not disappoint one bit. All the matches delivered and gave us some great performances. The opening tag match set the stage nicely and the Xia/Mercedes match did a good job in following it. The ladder match was a nice bit of fun and the Women’s Championship match was great as well and did a great job in continuing the great build of Raquel as this dominant force. The main event was killer and everybody looked good in it. Kross took out four men at once and it will be interesting to see who is next for him. Also, I have to give praise to Todd Pettingill once again being hilarious in his segments like he was at last year’s event. My personal favorite was his interaction with Hit Row because you could tell they were all having a ball. I also had to give QueenKB the chance to write up the Xia/Mercedes match as she is a big fan of both women. All in all, great night of NXT action via TakOver once again.