I Define Myself – SD Review

This was a very strange go-home to any PPV we have seen.  It was both good at adding matches and bad having a HIAC on SD.  The whole thing was rather strange and I’m not sure I ever want to see it on ‘free’ TV again.


Dom Is A Bag Of Bricks

Rey’s arms are really jacked!  He’s obviously been working hard lately.  Actually, his mic skills here are the best we’ve ever gotten from Rey, that I can recall.  I know I’ve been down on Rey’s ring work lately, and I have to admit I have worries about him being in a HIAC.  Massive worries.



I honestly don’t know what to say that I’ve not said over and over about this.  We have seen these five doing basically the same thing for weeks and I’m both annoyed and bored.  They have varied it a bit by putting Azeez in this match, but it’s not enough of a variation for any of them.  It’s time for them to either really ramp this up, or let it go and move on.  This feud hasn’t been interesting, exciting, or good for anyone but Sami Zayn.

As for the end, I feel like we are watching Umaga (RIP) in there with the ‘Nigerian nail’ thing Azeez uses.



I’m kinda in love with Boogs.  I’m in love with him in a way I was in love with Elias early on in his WWE run, but a whole lot more because of how good he is on guitar.  He’d blow Elias out of the water, but that’s just how it is.  I’m loving his craziness, his personality, and his talents – guitar and getting over.

The chemistry between Naka and Corbin has been fantastic through this.  I just realized that’s a big part of my problem with the previous match, I get nothing from Apollo and Azeez.  They add no chemistry to the other three involved in the storyline.  But Naka and Corbin work the ring really well together and have such chemistry doing it.  Boogs adds another level of charisma out there that makes it that much more fun to watch.

Corbin’s selling in the ring when the crown was placed on Naka’s head was epic!


I Am Unapologetically Me!

I love Bianca on mic!  I know she has a lot of detractors.  That she’s too green on mic, too emotional, just not good.  I disagree with all of them.  She is perfect, exactly as she is, and I love all she stands for.

I’m thrilled for a women’s HIAC match, something Stacy and I loudly complained about last week.  He’d actually forgotten that there had been more than that first one he took me to see in Boston between Charlotte and Sasha, so he was really hot about there not being one on the PPV.  I reminded him that it wasn’t the only one, what else happened, and I’m excited to send him a message to tell him it’s been added to the show.


Poor Dawkins

He had himself handed to himself on a platter here.  I get that they’re building Alpha Academy, but not at the expense of Street Profits!  They’re going to need a team to feud with after they get the tag straps, and if they have destroyed Street Profits, then who is left?  I adore both Gable and Otis, but this just isn’t working for me.  Otis is fine as a heel, but it was his personality that got him over and there’s none of that now.  I’m just struggling to feel the Tag Division on SD right now, and I don’t see it getting better any time soon.


Nice Suits!

I love listening to Cesaro.  His accent isn’t one I’m used to, from anyone but him, and I like it.  Also, he has kind eyes.  Yes, he’s yummy to look at, but it’s his eyes that get me.  When he’s there talking to Kayla, his eyes are soft and even humorous, but for Rollins, they’re all hard and mean.  He knows how to make it work better than a lot on the roster.   Now, I love Rollins too, but he’s over and killing it.  Cesaro has brought it all to a new level in this feud, and it’s the best we’ve seen from him since his debut!

If you’ve not seen the video of Foley and Austin when Foley gets on his knees, begging McMahon to give Cesaro a chance, go find it.  It shows that two of the greatest ever believe in Cesaro as a top guy, the way so many of us do.  An endorsement like that should hold weight, but sadly I don’t think it will.


A Match In A Cell

That chair move from Rey on Reigns was amazing!  It’s something I’ve never seen in HIAC, or WWE for that matter.  At least not since AE, and that’s a number of eras back.

Honestly, this match suffered for being on SD.  Between commercials and not having any sort of PPV feel, it only felt like a HIAC at times.  I really struggled to believe this match in any way, shape, or form because of Rey’s size and age compared to Reigns’.

Reigns has really become great at emoting, especially anger.  He sells it like few others, and I love it.  I love that he truly gets it now.  He made this match seem more finished with his anger and attack after the match was over.  That helped the grade a lot for me.


Shut Up, I’m On This Table!

McAfee on his feet is one thing, standing on the table for Boogs and Naka make me that much happier.  I can’t wait to see what else they have him do moving forward as his wrestling career can’t be over!

HIAC Predict will be posted Saturday.  Please check them out and share your own thoughts!