WWE Hell In A Cell – Predictions

Sunday, June 20, WWE presents Hell In A Cell from Tampa, Florida.  Half of the card is female, and they even changed things up to make one of the HIAC matches to be female.  The card looks solid, including the matches altered and added to the go-home episode of SD.



Last Chance Hell In A Cell WWE Championship Match

Bobby Lashley (c) vs Drew McIntyre



I’m expecting a lot from this match, from these two men.  I might not be a Lashley fan, but I expect him and McIntyre to go all out in this match.  They are two very physical men who will do everything in their power to make this HIAC stand out from the rest and be memorable.  It’s a hard thing to do these days, but I think they could do it with some creativity and the hard work they will put in because it’s such a big match at a PPV.  I honestly don’t see McIntyre winning this one, as much as I love the man and want to see him succeed.  I think we are building toward Lashley versus Lesnar, possibly at SummerSlam.  Therefore Lashley retains here, BL wins at SmS, and then McIntyre beats BL at WM.  That’s my long-term theory for these guys.

Winner – Lashley



This is one match that I am sure will be good but I just have found it hard to get myself interested in it. I guess you can call it a bit of fatigue of seeing Drew in the title scene for a year plus now and this feud going a few months too long. I am a fan of both men but they need to truly not face each other for quite some time because it has veered towards that Cena/Orton range of feuds. We all know how WWE ran that to the ground and I am feeling that a bit here. Again, the match should be good and the result does seem a bit obvious. Unless something changes, I fully expect this match to end a certain way and hopefully leads to a feud they have seemingly been teasing over the last few weeks.

The Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Bobby Lashley



I am so glad that is a last chance match.  I am sick and tired of Lashley and McIntyre!  Lashley needs to go back from where he came from sooner rather than later.  McIntyre deserves to be champion in front of a crowd, neither of his championships have been in front of a crowd it’s time to change that.  This is going to be rough and hard-fought match, but Lashley will leave the ring a broken shell of a whatever he is.  McIntyre will win, he will be banged up and a bit sore, but he will win.

Winner & new Champion – McIntyre



Raw Championship Match

Rhea Ripley (c) vs Charlotte



I truly hate how Rhea has come across on Raw.  I think McMahon doesn’t get her, therefore he doesn’t know how to write for her and he’s screwed up her character in a massive way.  I worry that Rhea not clicking the way we know she can will lead to Charlotte winning the strap, again!  I have enjoyed the fighting between these two, but think it would be a travesty to strap Char right now, even though I’m sure she’s pushing for it in a massive way.  I will say that Char is in the best physical condition we’ve seen her in, and Andrade deserves a lot of credit for how great her body looks and how her ring work has continued to improve.

Winner – Rhea Ripley



I actually have quite enjoyed the build to this one and I think both women have done a good job in poking the other during it. Charlotte has been totally better since going under this gimmick tweak of embracing all the hate that people spew online and using that in her character. Rhea has had a bit of trouble on Raw but I think she has started to turn it around. All that being said, I do think there is a chance we see Charlotte win here and maybe sets up a possible feud with Nikki Cross since they have had her defeat Charlotte and Rhea over the last few weeks. It does feel like a bit of a coin flip with this one because it really can go either way so I will go with my gut.

The Winner and NEW Raw Women’s Champion: Charlotte Flair



Ok I’m tired of Flair, she is so plastic-looking and has too much of an ego.  She needs to go somewhere else for a while.  It was soooo nice when she was gone.  I’m done rooting for a Flair ever again.  She is boring and predictable and the only thing she does good is the ring gear.   Rhea needs to step up and actually beat Charlotte, if not then maybe she should go back to NXT she’s not doing so well on the main roster and she has the ability to be fantastic.  Rhea will win.

Winner – Ripley



Hell In A Cell SD Championship Match

Bianca Belaire (c) vs Bayley



I was really bummed that both HIAC matches were male.  I had a bit of a meltdown over it, and would have continued it here had they not made this into a HIAC match.  This is going to be an amazing and epic match.  It won’t be WM, but that was on a whole other level for a whole lot of reasons.  Anyway, as strong as Bayley has been this past two years, this is Bianca’s time to be the Champ and she’s doing a great job of it.  I’m expecting this match to be sick with such athletic women in this HIAC.  This, to me, is the HIAC that will steal the show.

Winner – Bianca!



This feud has been fun and I like that they made it a HIAC match. It certainly has enough reason for it and it does feel like a blowoff type of match. These two have had some great encounters in the build to this so it will be interesting to see how it goes. This will be Bianca’s first foray into the Cell and I am interested to see what she brings to it. She is incredibly athletic and creative so I am sure she and Bayley will come up with some things. It does feel like though that Bianca should win here and then we get a returning Sasha Banks on the Smackdown after to pick up where they left off at Wrestlemania. This should be good and I do eagerly await it.

The Winner and STILL Smackdown Women’s Champion: Bianca Belair



I am so glad that they made this a Hell in a Cell match!  Oh it’s going to be fun.  Bianca has been fun to watch as champion and I so dearly want her to see her continue as champ.  Bayley has been fantastic as a heel and I have never been much of a Bayley fan.  The cell match is going to be brutal on both women.  There are going to be a lot of moments when you think the match is over and oh so exciting when it’s not.  But when it is all over Bayley will stand strong and proud.  Yup surprised you there, surprised me too.  I want Bianca to win but I think that idiot VKM will go with Bayley.

Winner & new Champion – Bayley



Alexa Bliss vs Shayna Baszler



I was so worried that Bliss was going after Charlotte that I’m more thrilled than I normally would be for this one.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love this no matter what as I love both women in this match, and half the matches on the card are female (as of writing this one), but that worry that Charlotte was going to be in the middle of all storylines had me tweaked.

I’m guessing that this one will be all strange and supernatural, ending in either Bliss winning or something screwy with Lily.  I’ll be shocked if Nia and Reggie are not involved in this somehow, but removed from it through fire or something else supernatural.  Yeah, I think I’m going with Bliss winning this one through all her tactics.

Winner – Bliss w/ Lily



I know many have voiced their displeasure over what Alexa has been doing but I have come back around on it. I was liking it at first, felt a bit like it was directionless but have come back around to liking it again. Alexa needed someone to feud with and this has been a bit of fun so far with the stuff between her and Shayna. I do wonder if we will see Reginald play a role here because Alexa did hypnotize him on the go-home so that could be a factor. The problem with this match is that there is no way that Alexa should lose this match because of the way she is being built right now. It does suck to see Shayna in this spot but it is a bit better than her tagging with Nia and taking on the same teams week after week.

The Winner: Alexa Bliss



I love both of these women; Alexa has been amazing as an evil Alexa and is just killing it.  Shayna could really use a win, and while she could use a win she is absolutely fantastic in the ring.  I adore watching her wrestle even more than Alexa ok much more than Alexa.  Alexa has the character but Shayna really kills it with the skills.  Also can I please teach Shayna how to put on eyeshadow, while her current look really fits her she’s pretty and could use a daytime look that would really show off her naturally pretty face.  As I’ve been writing this, I honestly wanted Shayna to win, but things are gonna get weird and I’m hoping that either “Lily” or the Fiend show up, and by Lily I mean something other than that dumb doll.  My gut says Alexa will win but at the same time, it says that Shayna will win when Alexa is distracted by either Lily or the Fiend.  So while it’s tough to do this, Alexa will win but in such a way that prolongs the story and I do hope it does as I like it.

Winner – Alexa



Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn



While I’m over the five men in this storyline, I know KO and Zayn will leave it all in the ring for this because it’s a PPV match and they always impress.  I’d like to think this is going to be the end of it, but I know it won’t.  After the condition KO was in after two sneezing nails on SD, I don’t see Zayn winning this one.  I also have no clue how they are going to get themselves out of the corner they’ve written Zayn into.  I hope they don’t just make him disappear for a few weeks then come back repackaged.  I really want a deprogramming or something to bring Zayn back from the insanity filling his mind.

Winner – KO



This match was added during the go-home episode of Smackdown and I did read rumors that it was going to be added. I am not mad at it being added but it does feel like a last-minute add-on. The build has been somewhat focused on them but it has been more about Owens/Apollo than Sami. Sami has just kind of been there and that doesn’t make for the best story really. I am sure the match will deliver because they have had countless encounters throughout the years in various companies. I am not quite sure who to pick here but will just go with the one that makes the most bit of sense.

The Winner: Kevin Owens 



KO and Sami again?  Well, at least they are always entertaining.  They should be they wrestle each other a lot.  Both are tough and both are entertaining, although I like KO a lot more than Sami.  I’m tired of Sami and his conspiracy theories.  But it works for him.  Sami will lose so he can go and spout more of his conspiracy theories bull.  Yup KO is going to win.  But please have him fight someone new soon and no not  Roman.

Winner – KO



Cesaro vs Rollins



I wrote about this in my SD review, but I have to say it again.  When two of the biggest superstars ever – Austin and Foley – BEG McMahon to give Cesaro a chance, it shows me that we are not alone in seeing the greatness in him.  Further, we are not alone in believing McMahon is truly out of the loop and not getting that we NEED Cesaro at the top of the card.  Foley got on his knees to beg McMahon, and Foley’s knees are totally shot!  That shows me just how much they believe in Cesaro.  He might not be as flamboyant as he was in ROH working under his own name, but he’s solid and should win this one.  He needs to win this one much more than Rollins does, and there are very few I’d put over Cesaro right now as I know he could be WWE or Uni Champion and be amazing at it.  Plus losing will continue to push Rollins over the edge!

Winner – Cesaro!



Now, this is one match that feels like it deserves the Hell in a Cell stipulation. I know they usually do not do that for the midcard but it has felt like it is that level of personal. I have enjoyed the feud and it has done a good job in helping to legitimize Cesaro after years and years of being in tag teams. Rollins is a great slimeball and has gotten a bit out of Cesaro. Cesaro still isn’t the best on the mic but he does not look uncomfortable out there either. I think this has all the potential of being the match of the night even with two HIAC matches on the card because of how good both men are in the ring. I know WWE logic usually dictates for 50/50 booking with opponents trading wins at big shows but I am not sure that is what we will get here. I just need to go with my gut here with my pick.

The Winner: Cesaro



Ok, Seth is good, Cesaro is better.  Seth is a jerk, Cesaro is sexy.  I wish they would make Cesaro wear jeans more often. Not sure what to write, but Cesaro is going to win…….again.

Winner – Cesaro


Join us for the HIAC Dignified Discussion.  It’s going to be a fun night of wrestling, with a full half of the matches female-led.  I’m in awe and love WWE for both doing this, and changing the SD Championship Match.  See you there!

Queen, Sam, Natalie