WWE NXT – Live Coverage

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WWE NXT Results:

Adam Cole comes out to the ring for his match and he talks about what happened last week. He mentions how he needed to handpick his opponent this week and how he didn’t want to pick his opponent because Samoa Joe said so. Cole says nobody will change his mind and Carmelo Hayes comes out. Hayes says he will change Cole’s mind and Cole ponders how he will do that. Hayes then slaps Cole and that is enough to get Cole to do the match.

Adam Cole def. Carmelo Hayes

A video is shown of Franky Monet talking to Aliyah and Jessi Kamea. She talks to them about what they will do tonight and then Robert Stone shows up. They give high fives but Franky’s dog Presley barks at Stone when he high fives Franky.

Zoey Stark is interviewed backstage and she talks about why she came out to help Io Shirai last week. Io then shows up and tells her that she respects her but doesn’t like her. The two then walk off as NXT goes to commercial.

A video package for LA Knight is played and he talks about being the new Million Dollar Champion. He talks about not needing Ted DiBiase and how Cameron Grimes cared more about DiBiase than the title. He talks about what he will do to Grimes and how great he is.

The Way, Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory, make their way out to the ring. Gargano talks about how exciting it is in NXT and how NXT needs a new champion. He talks about how he would be a better champion than Karrion Kross to represent NXT. Gargano then says how he can outwrestle Kross but he is then interrupted by Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan. Dunne gets on the mic and says he is the number one contender, not Gargano. Gargano holds Theory back and does not want to cause chaos because they do not partake in that. The Way leaves but Theory points at Dunne and gets his fingers snapped by him.

Cameron Grimes is shown arriving earlier and he is tipping people. He is then taunted by someone and he takes him out.

Adam Cole is interviewed in his locker room and he says he does not want to talk about Kyle. He says he will do the same thing to him that he did to Carmelo Hayes. William Regal then appears and he says there is no animosity between Cole and Samoa Joe. Regal tells him not to provoke Joe and Cole scoffs at it. Cole says he will leave and then takes off.

A battery charging vignette is played and it shows the battery level at 31%.

The Way walk into William Regal’s office and complain about what Pete Dunne did to Theory. Gargano then gives Regal a pencil to make up for the one he broke. He then pitches what Regal can do to Dunne and Regal says they will face them in a tag match tonight.

Io Shirai & Zoey Stark def. Robert Stone Brand. The Way, Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell, tease getting in the ring to attack them but Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai interrupt. They say they will be next in line to get the next title shot. Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart then show up and say they should be the ones to get the next title shot. A brawl then ensues and Samoa Joe calls for security to come in and break things up.

The Way def. Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan. Karrion Kross attacks Gargano after the match. Theory checks on Gargano as Kross joins Scarlett on the entrance ramp.

A second battery charging vignette is played and it shows the level at 41% now.

Karrion Kross and Scarlett are walking backstage and come across Samoa Joe. Kross informs Joe that he cannot do anything unless provoked and Joe lets him walk by. The two trade stares and Pete Dunne then comes in. Dunne and Joe have a stare down.

Franky Monet def. Elektra Lopez

Bronson Reed is interviewed backstage and he talks about what Santos Escobar had to say about him. He says he doesn’t understand him but then Hit Row show up. They talk smack to him and also talk smack about their opponents tonight, Ever-Rise.

A video is shown of earlier in the day with Ever-Rise. They planned on tagging Hit Row’s SUV but Top Dolla rolls down his window and tells them to leave.

Hit Row def. Ever-Rise

Mercedes Martinez is interviewed backstage and she talks about how she will have a mixed tag match with Tian Sha. Xia Li attacks her from behind and Jake Atlas comes in to save her. He says he will be her partner for next week.

A third battery charging vignette is played and it shows the status at 51% this time.

Kyle O’Reilly def. KUSHIDA. Adam Cole appears after the match and brawls with O’Reilly. Security comes down to separate the two at ringside. KUSHIDA is then attacked by a hooded figure and it is a returning Roderick Strong. Tyler Rust is on the apron and another person is there as well. Malcolm Bivens then appears and says that Diamond Mind is open for business as NXT comes to a close.