He Read War And Peace – SD Review

I have to admit that after the releases of the day I didn’t want to watch anything WWE today, but SD is normally a solid show, so I pulled myself away from my loom and my Dragon and turned on my laptop for the first time since Tuesday when I watched NXT with everyone.

Let me explain the title this week.  In the closing segment Reigns said he was going to do something that’s never been done before.  Stacy asked if he was going to sit in the ring and read War And Peace?  Or maybe, if that’s too deep for him, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  Of course I had to run with it as I didn’t already have a title planned.  Be warned, the other book title might pop up if I don’t have a title for another episode.



Dang, Jimmy stepping up!  With Jimmy changing his tune a bit and Jey not being on SD, I’m excited to see where they go with it.  There are more directions than any of us can come up with.  They are setting us up for something BIG when the fans return live.  Now that it’s finally getting close, I’m getting excited to see what they have in store for the superstars and fans.


Mixed Tag, Not Intergender

I love the emotion Bianca brings to the mic.  She struggles not to cry quite often which sets off the haters, but I love it.  She is who she is and she’s not changing for anyone, which is the best person for our kids to look up to.  Further, she’s someone who could easily work the ring with the guys without batting an eye.  Bayley can hold her own in there too, so why not Intergender?  I get why they aren’t, but I think it’s silly at this point.  There’s supposed to be equality of the sexes, so why not in the ring as well?

Nothing like putting four of the best in the ring together for the opening match of the night.  While the heels won, this match was as hard-hitting as HIAC, just without weapons.  This match was stellar, and if you’ve not seen it, go watch it now.  I’ll wait.  How do you talk about four superstars in the ring giving their all less than a week out of a HIAC PPV where all four killed it in the ring, two of them in HIAC?  You don’t, you enjoy the fact that they do this for us every week, no matter what happened earlier in the week.



I adore Boogs and hope his ring work is solid enough that he won’t look too much like Elias when he starts working the ring.  This whole King Naka has been great.  He’s handled it well and looked like a WWE king out there.  I loved the white outfit and how it was simple and to the point out there.  Then there’s Corbin.  Poor Corbin.  I’m sure they have something planned, but I don’t want to wait for fans!  I want to see Corbin’s new direction NOW!


Dad Face!

Rollins was downright fantastic here, and I worry about that first boy who comes knocking on his door to take his little girl out.  All the boys were afraid of my father growing up.  My father comes off as very strict and stern, and some didn’t want to lose their job and still date me, but that was a whole other thing.  Anyway, my father came off very scary and my mum was fun-loving and nice, but she was the one to look out for.  Rollins came off as a scary dad there, and it was impressive, but anyone wanting to date his child should just turn and walk away, because Becky is as scary as Seth is.  Poor little one won’t date until she’s 30!


Oddities Wannabe

Yes, there were some good moves, and they went out there and give it their all as it they were working HIAC, which should have been their blow-off.  I don’t know anyone who isn’t over seeing these two face off every week without direction or storyline for either of them.  Okay, so this was to get Big E into MITB, which is great, but he didn’t need to face Apollo!  I’m so done with all of this.  Big E sounded great after the match, saying what we all are thinking about moving forward.


A Deep Corner

I have no clue how they are going to get Sami out of this corner they’ve booked his character into, but I guess they are not backing out any time soon.  I’m still interested in seeing where they go with him.


Serious Lack-A-Graves


Mella over yelling at Cole to tell her how beautiful she is makes me laugh as her man is no longer on announce.  I’m loving this feud between the blondes.  It’s annoying that it’s over beauty and not ring work, but Liv is taking it to a whole new level with her slap and wanting to fight it out.  I love that Liv has something going on, and I love how excited her former partner, now Ruby Soho, got her new name and entrance music.


And He Won!

The way Heyman put the fear of losing this match into Jimmy’s mind, I was sure he was going to lose this one.  The Ziggler came out and I was surprised.  This was the perfect time for WWE to send a giant or monster to the ring, usually Kane or Big Show, but there are no monsters or giants in WWE these days.  Those two big guys are gone.  Strowman was released and Azeez is too comical to count as a giant yet.  I get that smaller wrestlers are the thing these days, but there’s still a space and a need for giants and monsters, this is pro wrestling we are talking about here!  There needs to be some of that absurdity that is missing from our daily lives.  Ziggler just doesn’t fit into that scary group, and winning didn’t seem to earn him the respect he thought he should from winning a match.


Is He Really?

Reigns is eating up the heat the way his cousin always did when the fans were all up in his business too.  He really didn’t seem to have many opponents lining up, until he did.  I think we have all heard that McMahon wants Cena versus Reigns at SummerSlam, and the fans still want to see Rock versus Reigns, which really needs to happen.  The only issue I see with all this is that both would be passing the torch, and while Reigns has come a long way and is very much a top guy, the WWE needs to be building more top guys.  SD has Reigns, Rollins, and little else.  Edge is not full-time, neither is Cena or Rocky.  So there needs to be more built so that Reigns has someone else to work with!  There are guys like Kross who are destined to be a great top guy, but they need to be brought up and integrated into the rosters before they can be built into the top guys.  McMahon was known for creating the best superstars, yet he’s stopped doing it and everything is suffering for it – but I won’t go on this rant right now, because I said I wouldn’t do this creative rant this summer.  I’m sorry I backslid, but I caught myself before I got too far with it.


Shut Up, I’m Dancing Here!

Not really, but it felt good to say.  It’s way past time for some table dancing.  Hopefully soon.  Anyway, this was a fairly solid episode.  Not enough to get me out of my release funk, but it did help.  There was some great work on this SD.  Ring work and mic work.  I’m quite interested in seeing where they go with some of these angles, especially when the doors open to the fans.  Soon.  They are coming soon!