WWE Raw – Live Coverage

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WWE Raw Results:

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are in Gorilla and say a battle royal will take place at the start of the show because Randy Orton is not able to compete. The winner will get his spot in the triple threat. Riddle then appears and hands them a note from Orton. The note says that Orton wants Riddle to take his place so he can possibly earn his spot in the Money in the Bank match. Sonya and Pearce say he cannot because Riddle clearly wrote the note but Riddle tries to talk them into it by pitching being in the battle royal to earn the spot in the triple threat. Sonya and Pearce agree to the idea and Riddle goes to the ring for the battle royal. 

Riddle wins the battle royal and earns a the spot in the “Last Chance Triple Threat match” for Money in the Bank.

Shayna Baszler is backstage and she is approached by Nia Jax and Reginald. They ask Shayna if she is okay and she assures them she is fine for her match with Nikki Cross. She says she will take care of Nikki and then do the same to Alexa Bliss. They walk off and Alexa is shown in the background.

Jaxson Ryker is shown backstage whipping a carrying case with a strap.

AJ Styles and Omos are interviewed backstage and AJ talks about the triple threat match. AJ mentions how Omos will have more work to do because of the triple threat match and they then replay what happened to him last week during his match with Ricochet. AJ calls the interviewer a hypocrite for criticizing what Omos did but then starts talking about how he has the advantage because Riddle competed in the battle royal and how McIntyre had a battle last week. He says he will win Money in the Bank and defend the tag titles with Omos.

Nikki Cross is in Gorilla and is wished luck by the Lucha House Party. She is then interviewed about her new persona and she talks about how she finally had the courage to show what she has had inside of her. She says that everybody should embrace what they have inside of them so they can achieve anything. She talks about being an inspiration and plans on winning the Money in the Bank. She refocuses on her match with Shayna and how she is almost a superhero.

Nikki Cross def. Shayna Baszler

Kofi Kingston makes his way out to the ring for his face-to-face with MVP as Raw goes to commercial. Raw comes back from commercial with Kofi in the ring and he talks about how moments in your life can change you. He is unsure how last week’s moment has impacted him and recalls being on the outside when Xavier Woods was getting beaten down by Bobby Lashley. He talks about how everybody should respect Woods and how Lashley beating down Woods after their match was uncalled for. Kofi plans on making Lashley pay for what he did and will become the new WWE Champion. MVP then comes out and scoffs at Kofi saying he will beat Lashley. MVP says that Kofi will not beat Lashley and how Lashley enjoyed beating down Woods last week. Kofi then questions if Lashley is getting soft and starts listing reasons as to why. MVP then says he does what he does for Lashley because he deserves it and Kofi says he has deserved it. Kofi talks about what he did as WWE Champion and then MVP talks about how he appreciates Kofi’s optimism. MVP says he will not win the WWE Championship and Kofi informs him that Woods will be back next week. Kofi mocks MVP for “milking” his knee injury and it leads to Kofi hitting MVP with Trouble in Paradise.

Eva Marie and DuoDrop are walking backstage and Eva talks about how DuoDrop messed up last week. She plans on showing DuoDrop how things are done this week in a rematch.

DuoDrop & Eva Marie def. Asuka & Naomi

John Morrison is walking backstage with the Miz and they talk about what Money in the Bank could mean for Morrison. Miz talks about how he will help Morrison cash-in but then Ricochet takes over the mic from Sarah Schreiber. Ricochet talks about how Miz couldn’t detect him and Miz then says he was luring Ricochet into a false sense of security. Ricochet then shows he took one of their “drip sticks” and uses it on them.

Ricochet vs John Morrison ends in a double count out.

Charlotte Flair, Natalya and Tamina are in Gorilla and Charlotte talks about how they have a family legacy and they are champions. Charlotte then runs down their opponents for tonight and Natalya says they do not have anything to worry about with Mandy. Tamina wants payback against Dana and Mandy tonight and Charlotte likes what she hears.

Charlotte Flair, Natalya & Tamina def. Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke & Rhea Ripley

Jaxson Ryker is slapping himself with a strap when Akira Tozawa runs by. R-Truth then runs by and asks him why he is doing that. Ryker then explains he is preparing for his match with Elias.

Jaxson Ryker def. Elias in a Strap Match

Riddle is backstage and Damian Priest comes up to him to wish him luck. Riddle claims he is Randy Orton and Damian Priest brings up Burger King to bring out Riddle. Riddle tells him he is him and Priest tells him he knows it was him. Priest tells him that Randy is lucky to have him as a friend before leaving. Riddle then gets back into character after Priest leaves.

Drew McIntyre is interviewed backstage about the triple threat match and he talks about another bit of Scottish history. He says he will not reveal his strategy but plans on winning tonight and the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Drew McIntyre def. Riddle & AJ Styles to earn a spot in Money in the Bank