The Entire Division! – SD Review

I’ll admit I was surprised to hear Cole use the term penultimate to describe this episode of SD in the Blunderdome.  WWE usually keeps their verbiage to a certain level, and penultimate is not in that part of language for most people.  It’s rare that WWE does that, but I’ll admit I love it.  It’s a favorite word of mine because so few people actually know what it means.  It was obvious such a shocker that I needed to say something about it.


Embroidering The Truth

I love how Edge said that about Reigns, that he embroiders the truth.  It’s a lovely turn of phrase, which WWE has started SD with so much this week!

Edge is so leaps and bounds above most on the stick, and it’s obvious when he picks it up in the ring.  He’s on a whole other level than anyone else on the roster.  I kept the grade low because this wasn’t his best promo, and I needed upward mobility for his promos to come.


The Repo Man Returns!

Talk about fantastic character work!  The scruffy hair on his head, rather than clean shaved.  The scruffy hair on his face, showing lots of grey.  Simple tank top, nothing snazzy in his look.  These are things he needed to think through and let his hair grow, but it was also the way he walked, his shoulder hunched, head hanging that really brought it home.  The clincher was his eyes.  Talk about a kicked puppy look!  Corbin has really thought this through, planned out his character changes, and like the OGs, he put all of himself into it.  Anyone who doesn’t think Corbin has enough it to be a top guy, they sure aren’t paying enough attention!

I love that he got his vibe back until his car was repossessed.  So much greatness in that man, and the tears running down his nose as he sits in the ring was beautiful work.

Boogs playing Big E and Naka kicking on Apollo in the corner is great, and something Big E knows well from Francesca being played by Woods when they were on the same show.  It was Boogs who stole the match announcing Corbin’s car was being repossessed.  So much greatness all the way around in this match, but it was really all about Corbin and Boogs.


Bianca Is Crumbling!

According to Bayley she’s not holding up well to the pressures of being the Champ.  I think it’s Bayley who’s lost it, but the fans are right there hating on her in the best of ways.  While much of the heat was piped in, there were a lot of fans doing thumbs-down motions behind her.

Bianca in yellow was amazing.  Not just how she looked, but how she handled herself on mic.  She was much stronger tonight.  We all have off nights; well she had her most on mic night yet!  I’m very excited to these two women work it out in an I Quit Match!


Tape Him Up And Send Him Out

I struggle to believe Last Man Standing matches on ‘free’ TV.  They usually are nothing compared to what they can be at PPVs, but these two have done so much more than the normal ‘free’ TV match of this ilk.  So much more!  These two are besties, which means everything they do together is almost always better than feuds where the superstars are not close like these two are.  It’s not always worked out that way for these two lately because they’ve been working together too much, but this match has all the beauty these two normally put in at PPVs, but couldn’t because KO was injured.  KO is still holding his arm close to his body and I’m shocked he was cleared to work the ring seeing how he’s not using it.

This is leaps and bounds better than what we saw from them at HIAC, and I hope he’s not injured that arm more, because it’s gotten worse and worse through the match.  They have really given them the time they couldn’t use at HIAC, and it was beautifully executed.

I have to give a should out to Little Naitch in this one.  He’s showing his age at times, but he just keeps going and going.  He never misses a beat in there, though I feel bad that so many of us think of him as his short-term character, rather than Charles Robinson.


Go Boogs!

He was all over Corbin there!  Sad Corbin is pitiful!  He’s killing it!  I’m in LOVES!


She’s Baaaack!

I will admit I was shocked to hear Vega’s back in WWE, especially as she was released, returned, we never saw her, released, and then her husband was released.  It was such a roller coaster that I thought there was no way we’d ever see her in WWE again.  Now she’s not just in WWE, but working the ring and going to MITB!  What a swerve!  I love it, and loved seeing her actually work the ring!  It wasn’t a great match with Liv, but it was better than Vega not having any matches in WWE, which is what was happening before her Cameo issues came about.  So, I’m calling this a win all the way around.


Edge Deserves The Opportunity

I love Pearce giving Rollins the list of reasons why Edge is facing Reigns at MITB instead of Rollins.  The way he handled it was classic Rollins.  His emotional ups and downs are so believable.  It’s amazing what a baby and lack of sleep can bring out in a person!


Back In His Snigglet!

I’m really not liking Otis with short hair and no beard.  It’s not a good look for him.  I look better with bangs.  Some people just look better with part of their face covered with hair, and when they change it, the world doesn’t handle it well.  That means I need to trim my bangs and Otis needs to grow his beard back.  It is nice to see him getting somewhere, but I really miss Otis being fun-loving, the way he used to be.


Open & Close

I knew there was going to be more mic work from Edge, and as I knew he would, he made it something special.  That man could read me a bedtime story every night and I’d never get any sleep because I’d be so jazzed by his talking.

Between the mic work and the beating he put down on Jimmy, Edge opened and closed SD in the best possible ways.  His face looking into the camera after Jimmy was done was amazing!  His facial expressions are so amazing, made only better as he ages.  I know Edge has so much more to give us next week, so I’m still holding back a bit on grades.


Get Off Cole, I’m Dancing Here!

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  McAfee was sitting on Cole’s shoulder as he was hunched in his chair, all because Boogs was playing Naka to the ring.  I love Boogs as much as McAfee, but it’s McAfee I’m talking about every week because that man is a total fool and so much fun!  He’s like a little kid out there every week, and I actually worry about him being distracted by the fans all around when they are finally live.  I said previously that I’m worried about how certain people are going to deal with all the fans, but I never said who.  McAfee is actually at the top of the list because he’s such a massive pro wrestling fan.  I know he’s professional, he proved that in the work he put in to give us an amazing match with Cole the Younger, but will he be able to continue doing what he does each week, being so great and endearing, with thousands of fans screaming at him for hours on end.  Only time will tell.