Great American Bash (WWE NXT Review)

The card for the Great American Bash this week is pretty much a free TakeOver card and you love to see it from the black and gold brand. Three title matches are set to happen, Cole/O’Reilly 2 as well, Knight/Grimes in a grudge match and plenty more. Much to take in this week so let us see what NXT had for us. 


MSK vs Ciampa & Thatcher (NXT Tag Team Championship) 

Just like with TakeOvers, the Bash started with a tag match to set the tone this week. This was quite the fun opener and I liked that MSK was more than willing to partake in the stiff style of Thatcher and Ciampa. The action was stiff and methodical when needed but was also fast-paced at the right moments as well. I still don’t get how some in the CWC do not like MSK but I guess they just hate how they have been pushed to the moon since their debut. Great back and forth in this match and it really did look like Ciampa and Thatcher had the titles won at various points in the match. I love it when Wes can break out the Spiral Tap because that is always impressive to see. MSK would win with a roll up and I am not really a fan of a champion retaining like that but the match was still fun nonetheless.  


Samoa Joe & William Regal In-Ring 

This was a great in-ring segment as Regal was in the ring with Joe and he needed to address what has been going on between Gargano and Kross. He would call both men to come to the ring and they would oblige him. Regal would say that Kross will defend the NXT Championship against Gargano next week and the two men would trade words. Gargano insists that he is in the head of Kross and that Kross can not touch him in the ring. Kross shrugged all that off and plans on showing Gargano what is up next week. Regal would then say that Samoa Joe will be the guest referee and he would even have a stare down with Kross when Kross tried to start a fight with Gargano. Good stuff here and I am sure the title match next week will be a banger.  



KUSHIDA cut a promo about the attack from Diamond Mine. He talked about the Cruiserweight Championship and how much it means to him to be champion. He mentioned that he is always ready for a fight and welcomes a possible match with anybody in Diamond Mine.  


LA Knight vs Cameron Grimes (Million Dollar Championship) 

This was a darn good match and both men have some great chemistry in there. I think I may actually like this one more than their ladder match and that is something that is not usually said. The build has been great and has made for some good stuff in the story. Great back and forth and I was surprised to see Grimes hit Knight with a poisonrana during the match. Knight would try to use the Million Dollar Championship as a weapon but would be stopped by the referee. Grimes looked ready to win but it would all come apart when Knight hit him with a DDT on the outside onto the title. Knight would then hit Grimes with his finisher in the ring and now Grimes is his butler. DiBiase had Virgil and now Knight has his own version. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and I am all for it.  


Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez Backstage 

Nice stuff from these two as they pretty much do not care who wins the title match tonight because they want next. They still hate Shotzi and Ember and I actually want to see Shotzi be next in line for Raquel. I think she could have some magic with her and could make for some fun stuff.  


NXT Breakout Tournament Participants 

Nice of NXT to do this for the participants of this year’s Breakout Tournament. Gave a quick background on each person and I have no clue who will win this one. My personal pick is Carmelo Hayes but I am sure Duke Hudson may be the one to win as he is the former Brendan Vink. The tournament should be fun and it will be fun to see what the men bring to it.  


Shirai & Stark vs The Way (NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship) 

This was a fun match though I am a bit disappointed in the finish because I think it could have happened a bit differently. The action was great and I did like how Indi did the Scott Hall taunt after hitting a move since she is cosplaying him with her gear. Plenty of back and forth in the match and I was a bit surprised to see Indi take a lot of offense in the match because usually the bigger person does not do that role. The finish saw the lights go down and the battery charge to 100% to reveal that Tegan Nox is back. Tegan looks to be in good shape and I do hope she is able to stay healthy because she is a great talent. The shock return would cost the Way as Candice was shook and Zoey would hit Indi with her finisher for the win. Tegan would chase after Candice and that was that. Seems like Tegan will be going after Candice and I wonder if Raquel and Dakota will be the next in line for Io and Zoey.  


Toni Storm Backstage 

Toni was interviewed backstage and she took offense that Raquel does not consider her to be a possible challenger. She then spoke about the challenge from Sarray and dismissed the idea of a match because she feels like Sarray is not on her level. It is obvious the two will have a match and it should be a fun one and hopefully gets the wheels going for Sarray.  


Hit Row Celebration 

I like that we got a celebration without interruption because Swerve definitely deserves it. I liked that each member got a chance to shine in their rhymes and Ashante did a good job in getting them hyped from the DJ spot. I could see the crowd in the CWC were not that into it but I guess it wasn’t their type of thing. I dug it and this is just the beginning for Hit Row.  


William Regal & Samoa Joe Backstage 

Joe and Regal were in Regal’s office for an interview and they ran down what has happened tonight at the Great American Bash. They did a good job with it and Joe would comment on his referee duties for next week. He said he will be fair and will not do anything unless he is provoked. I am kind of disappointed we did not get another stare down this week between Joe and Pete Dunne but I guess they do not want to do it too much.  


Kyle O’Reilly vs Adam Cole II 

I somehow doubted if Cole and Kyle could match what they did at TakeOver but boy did they ever. This is totally a “Match of the Year” contender and was an awesome main event. They story told in the ring was amazing and I loved that they play on their history in why they are able to counter the big moves. Great back and forth and both men worked over limbs on the other. Cole focused on Kyle’s knee and so did Kyle but he also worked over Cole’s arm. Again, really great back and forth and the near falls were perfectly done. It looked like Kyle and Cole had the match won at different points but the other would find a way to keep the match going. The damage to Kyle’s knee proved to be too much as Cole would hit it over and over again to then lead into the Panama Sunrise and the Last Shot for the win. The series is tied now so it is inevitable that the two will meet for a third encounter. Maybe an Iron Man match of the 60-minute variety at a TakeOver could suffice. I don’t know if I prefer their first encounter or their second but I do know that both were awesome matches.  


If You Don’t Know, Now You Know 

Overall, this was an awesome episode of NXT with the added bonus of it being the Great American Bash. All the matches delivered and were a delight. MSK and Thatcher/Ciampa got the night started really well and Knight/Grimes gave us a delightful match as well. The Shirai/Stark versus the Way match was fun as well and it is great to see Tegan Nox back in the fold. The Hit Row celebration was a ton of fun and the in-ring stuff with Regal, Joe, Gargano and Kross was great as well. The main event was a banger of a match and really delivered. All in all, great episode of NXT this week.