Do The Eyes Have It? – SD Review

Where will they go from here?  SD was hit two massive blows this week with Jimmy Usos’ DUI and Bayley’s injury.  So the big questions are where will they go from here with The Family and Bayley’s feud with Bianca.  Most are saying Sasha needs to return.  Sam and I have been hoping it would be Sonya, but again, we will have to wait and see.


Roman Sucks!

Fans are not yet in the arenas and the chants are getting ugly.  It’s so loud – mostly piped in – that it makes me wonder if WWE is ready to pace the shows with fans in attendance.  Now, more than any other time in the past decade, do I expect the fans to hijack the shows.  A minute or two of the fans taking over can change the whole flow of a show.

Jimmy is still on SD.  Well, maybe.  Turns out that SD was taped after the DUI, so I’m wondering if he’s going to be written off later in this show, or something else.  It’s going to be an interesting night!


The Schlep Formerly Known As King Corbin

Even no music, talk about some great character work and personal storytelling!  I’m blown away by the storyline – Boogs, the use of Corbin’s car over more than one show, all the great things going on with it.  Add in Big E and McAfee on the sofa soaking their feet and I love this segment/match more than almost anything right now.

Corbin killed it in the ring with his new character.  I thought that Gangrel, in his last WWE run, looked like a golden retriever.  He’s blonde and bounced around with a smile on his face.  Corbin is one of those lab puppies with sad eyes and expressive eyebrows.  It’s who he is right now, and rocking it to another level of greatness.


Tank Girls Rule!

I really expected Shotzi and Ember when I saw the tank and was shocked to see Tegan.  I am going to worry about that girl walking across the ring, never mind working it!  Her knees are not safe and I worry she’s going to try to continue working the ring until she can no longer walk.  I will always wince and cringe when anything touches her knees.  It’s just who I am.

I loved seeing Shotzi’s tank come out on SD and I hope they’re going to pop up again after beating Natalya and Tamina.  I have to say that Tamina’s tongue couldn’t get out of her brain’s way here.  She STRUGGLED in a massive way.


Broken Bayley

I’m heartbroken that Bayley is injured.  She was rocking some of the best shadow we’ve ever seen on her.  She looked STUNNING sitting on that sofa blaming all of us for her injury.  That was the PERFECT way for her to handle that.  Bayley is going to be away for nine months or more, and I’m sure she’s going to be spending all that time playing with UUDD and coming up with fantastic new ways for her character to annoy us, and how her characters can grow and evolve.


Mellas Is Money, But Liv Is Straight Fire!

By the time this segment was over Stacy was ready for it to be over because I yelled at the screen through the entire segment.  Between me yelling at Sonya to be the one to face Bianca for the strap to me laughing at Liv for her facial expressions when she was dressed down by Sonya.

It makes sense for Mella to face Bianca, but it’s a nothing match.  It’s a throwaway, but I expect a decent match between them.


KO Steals The Show

Shocker, I know!  His work on announce during this match was so much greatness.  I hope he heads to announce when his time in the ring is over.  He’s so much greatness on mic, and it would be a natural for him.

Okay, this match was spectacular.  One of the better matches between these two.  I missed how Cesaro was busted open, but he worked the blood well.  Laying on the ramp shaking the way he did, then dribbling blood all over Rollins in the ring.  Cesaro would be a great person to carry the MITB case, because he needs a shot as champ to see if he can really run with it.  I’m bummed Cesaro lost this one, but it was lovely to watch!


The Eyes Don’t Lie!

Edge on mic is one of the greatest things WWE has ever given us.  He’s not Austin or Rocky, but he’s himself and doesn’t need to spew the same catchphrases over and over because he conveys what he wants without all that fluff.  He used to be a lot of fluff when he was younger, but these days he’s all greatness without fluff.

Reigns has learned to tell a story without saying a word.  his facial expressions are so perfect.  When the Usos music hit his eyes changed and it was amazing to see the minute changes that conveyed so much.

I honestly had no clue where they were going with the closing segment of SD, so I sat back and enjoyed it.  I really didn’t expect the Mysterios to be the ones to appear and take out the Usos.  I really thought we’d see some way to remove Jimmy from SD because he needs repercussions for his actions.  It was Jey who took the worst of it, which I didn’t expect after that DUI.


Shut Up, I’m Soaking My Feet With Big E!

What a crazy episode of SD!  So much greatness on this episode.  The flow was great, and when SD is like this I want more and believe if they continued in the same way a third hour wouldn’t be a horrible thing.  That shows me that Raw really could work if it was booked in a much better way.  It’s possible, but it’s not happening.  That being said, I’m waiting until the end of 2021 before returning to my typical rant.  I know there’s a lot coming down the pipe for us, and I’m excited to see where they go with things.  Fingers crossed that things only get better, not worse!