Where The Hell Have You Been? – SD Review

I’m more jealous of these fans than I was of those at WM earlier this year.  The world is finally starting to feel better, if not right.


Strutting Troll

That’s exactly what McMahon did there, he was a strutting troll, and I loved every short moment of it!


Go Big or Go Home

Dom has never worked in front of a live crowd in the WWE as a wrestler.  He’s been out there with full arenas, as a child and before he was an actual superstar and was getting tossed around by BL (Lesnar for those who are new or forgot that I never type his full name other than in titles for predicts).  I don’t think he will have issues, but it’s something that’s been on my mind.

But it was Edge’s face that told the story.  He looked almost as wildly driven as he did when he returned for the Rumble.  It’s a beautiful thing to see.

What isn’t beautiful is two sets of commercials before 20 minutes into the show, and in the middle of the match!  I think a big part of my problem is that we know we wouldn’t miss anything when there weren’t fans live, but I’ve got serious FOMO at the moment.

I was wondering what would happen with McAfee having fans there, and I love that they used him standing up to help distract Reigns for Edge to spear him.  Follow that up with the facial expressions we had been getting are that much more amplified for live fans again and I love it.  Between Edge and Heyman, they made this match so much more because of their faces.


I Need to Be Selfish

I always think of Rollins as being shorter than he is.  He’s eye to eye with Edge, which doesn’t make sense in my head.  That being said, Rollins broke out the best look yet for the live fans.

What great storytelling between two greats.  I love Rollins and he really is a great WWE superstar, going down as one of the best of his generation, but Edge is on a whole other level and seeing a feud between the two would make me sit up and beg each week for SD!


First Return

Sami with live fans is downright amazing!  In another world, another life, he’d be an amazing TV evangelist.

We heard rumor about Balor returning to SD tonight, but I expected this show to be stacked (as Raw will be as well) with greats like him.  It was just a matter of where they were going to put him, and I love the idea of these two beating each other up over the next couple months.


Young Upstarts

I really hoped that Shotzi would be the final entrant in the MITBLM, but at least she got to bring her tank out in front of live fans!  Shotzi and Nox is a great name for their team, and it looks as though it wasn’t just a one-off thing.  I’m thrilled they’re on SD!

If there’s anyone who shouldn’t remove her knee padding, it’s Nox!  I know it’s her shiniest wizard, but her knees are too delicate for any mistakes.

I loved how Vega and Liv got into it outside the ring, because I would love a feud between them, but it was Natalya and Liv that really caught my attention.  I know they were gauging things from the fans, to see who they’re liking and who they are hating, and this showed a lot!  Fans were all for Liv and solid heat for Natalya.


Kiss Of Death

Carmella needs to either change her ring gear or tape better, because she grabs her own tatas, more than Graves does, after each move.  ODB grabbing her tatas all the time is part of her character and her schtick (which I truly love and want her to bring her truck to Maine), it works for her.  Mella is simply making sure she’s not getting fined for a wardrobe malfunction.

This was a solid little match, but I don’t think anyone expected it to go any way other than the way it went.  Throwing Mella in at the last minute didn’t bode well for suspending my disbelief, but they gave us a solid little match.  honestly, it was a fun little match to watch.


Alpha Bullies

It feels like Otis has left and this much leaner new mean guy took his place.  He doesn’t even look like Otis any longer and that’s heartbreaking.  Also makes me wonder if this weight loss is being imposed upon him.  I understand hiring Tony Atlas to ride with Mark Henry to keep his weight down as he was a top superstar, and it seemed like WWE liked keeping Big Show as a monster, rather than the svelte man he’d become.  Mabel was massive and not pushed to lose weight, even put in smaller ring gear as Viscera.  Then there’s Yokozuna who worked a WWF ring at a size so much larger than any other superstar, ever.  What I don’t understand is hiring guys who are great and then changing everything about them.  To be honest, this is my worry about Keith Lee.  We haven’t seen him in a long time and have no clue what’s going on.  With McMahon’s issues with his weight, I’ve been wondering what Lee will look like if he ever returns.

Don’t get me wrong, Otis looks healthier, and he’s moving better, but he doesn’t look like Otis to me.  Then there’s Cesaro who looks amazing in the ring and had a smaller guy to swing until he was taken out by the mere shadow of himself.


Don’t Be SOUR!

I LOVES me some Big E Langston!  Heyman’s facial expressions are always amazing.  Sometimes a little segment is just too good to not pull out all the crowns!


Only $100,000!

I love dedication in a wrestler.  I was asked Thursday night by my dear friend Nick Jackson (no relation) about Taker and if he was still working.  I explained how Taker dropped all kayfabe and now he’s Mark from Texas who is into real estate.  No more deep voice and scary man.  Poor Nick looked like I kicked his puppy (German Shepard Dog named Hades).  But he’s also going to look into the brothers he looks like and I’m hoping to drag him back into wrestling.

It’s really hard to say, but having a big chunk of money, like the $100,000 Corbin is begging for, is rather intimidating for someone who has lived check to check on a very limited budget to suddenly have money.  Most people spend it immediately.  Anyway, I love how Corbin handled that segment.  I was wondering how they were going to keep him heel, which he’s so much better at, and broke.  It wasn’t hard, and he killed the mic work!


Feel The Powah!

Okay, that’s something I haven’t missed – Big E flying from the ring like that.  I know he flew out of the ring without fans live, but that one looked especially rough to me.  On the other hand, I loved seeing Rollins, who was selling the beating from KO, and held down the ladder for him so it was less tippy and he wouldn’t fall into the fans.  Most people wouldn’t notice something like that, but I was looking for it.

This was a lot of fun, though a few moves had me worried.  It was mentioned in the DD that there’s a worry that with fans live some superstars might try to steal the show a bit too much and injure themselves or someone else.  The one name mentioned was Ziggler, which I can see.  Beyond that, this was a solid match to end this go home SD.


Sit Down McAfee, I’m Yelling Here!

While I wouldn’t want another year and half without fans to get the wonderful vibe back of this episode of SD.  I hope the noise continues to swell and fans in attendance bring more and more signs and volume with them.  The opening video had AE clips, and the fans were so much wilder back then.  I want the feel of tonight to continue and grow back into something louder than ever.