WR Predicts – Money In The Bank

Sunday, July 17, WWE presents Money In The Bank from the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas.  It feels wonderful to be able to write that MITB is coming from someplace other than the Blunderdome in Tampa, Florida.  Personally, I’m incredibly jealous of everyone in attendance and have added MITB to my personal bucket list.


Kick Off Show

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio (c) vs Usos (Jimmy & Jey)



This match could set up for serious issues in the main event (if it’s Head of The Table versus Edge of The Cliff of Insanity) with all the issues between the Usos and possible ramifications for Jimmy’s addiction issues.  I don’t think there is any possible way the Usos will be winning the straps.  This will feed into the main event, and possibly be the best way to write Jimmy off TV because he needs to be suspended for his DUI and he needs to face his demons before he loses everything.  We’ve seen it happen too much in pro wrestling and our personal lives.  Addiction has crept to the worst it’s ever been, worldwide, because of the stresses of the pandemic, so make sure you check on those you love before they’re in real trouble.

Winners – The Mysterios



This is going to be a fast-paced match as both teams have speed yet the Usos have more experience as a team than Mysterios but Rey has more experience than the Usos do. The way this match goes will affect the way the Universal title match goes as well. If the Mysterios keep their tag titles it would make Roman even angrier than he normally is already. If the Usos win then I see the bloodline ruling Smackdown with an iron fist with the Tag & Universal titles.

Winner and new tag team champions the Usos 



I have been a fan of Rey Mysterio for years. He is fantastic and his son has learned a lot from him and others. But I like the Usos too. Rey and Dominik work well together and have become a good team in a short while. They do make good champs as well. The Usos used to be fun back before Roman Reigns became the lame head of the table. I miss that and hope that they bring the fun back right about the time they beat Roman to a pulp. For storyline work, I think that the Usos winning would be best especially if Roman loses his title and then they are the ones with the gold and bringing in the money. If this happens then they can stop kowtowing to Roman. The Usos will win, it won’t be easy, but it will be fantastic to watch.

Winners & New Champs – Usos



Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Ricochet vs John Morrison vs Riddle vs Drew McIntyre vs Big E vs Kevin Owens vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Seth Rollins



I’m starting this off by saying that Ricochet, Naka, or JoMo won’t be winning this one.  That was an easy off the top list.  Rollins won in 2014 and could be the only repeat winner of this, but I’m enjoying his midcard work right now.  It feels to me as though McMahon has no faith in KO again.  That brings me to McIntyre and Big E.  Both of them could do amazing things with the case, but in reality Drew doesn’t need it as he can easily get back in the championship circle by simply being the size, shape, and charisma that he is.  (I never thought I’d be saying that about him, even though I’ve been thinking and feeling that way since he returned.)  That leaves Big E, who would make carrying the MITB case into something hysterical and spectacular.  Honestly, I’d like to say I didn’t know who I was going to pick when I started writing this, but I think I’ve wanted Big E to win this since he stayed on SD when the rest of New Day went to Raw.  It’s been time to push Big E for a while now and this is the perfect way to do it.  Also, he can tease cashing in on Kofi, which would be funny, and could be very interesting if he was to turn heel on his former New Day members.  They will always come back together, the way DX does, but it would really make things interesting if one of them turns.  Oh, and they need to bring back KOTR for Woods!

Winner – Big E Langston!



This is going to be a wild and crazy match as it has people who will do crazy things with ladders and that is just Owens & Ricochet alone. Imagine what the rest of them are willing to put their bodies through just to hold the contact for a World title match at any time & anyplace of their choosing. I can see temporary team-ups like Big E/Nakamura same with Ricochet/Riddle and Morrison/Rollins would be an interesting team-up in it. I definitely see Jinder Mahal with Veer & Shanky to take Drew out of the match as revenge for his bike. If this match is after the Universal title match then Edge is going to take out Rollins for making him lose the Universal title match. The big spots that will happen are going to be because of Ricochet, Owens, and Morrison, especially on ladders. I could see Riddle, Big E, and Nakamura winning the match and holding the contract with the fans’ support behind them. Now for me, I’m going to pick the one that I would love to see holding the contract and I would love to see win one of the three titles WWE, NXT, or Universal.

Winner and King Money in the Bank winner King Nakamura



First off Morrison is not winning, he needs to go wrestle elsewhere in addition to updating his hair and clothes and drop the dripdrip crap. Ricochet could really use a win here, but he won’t get it yet, he’s been jobbing too much over the past year. Riddle, ok he’s a very good wrestler but I hate the character he portrays, when in a crowd like this he will never get my vote, nope he’s gonna be kicked to the curb and crying. Owens is always entertaining but nope not tonite, he’s going to put up a hellacious fight though, and that I will be watching. Shitstain (Nakamura – I misheard the first time I saw him and the name stuck in my head, it’s nothing negative toward him or who he is) is a fantastic wrestler as well but dang I’m tired of him, he’s boring, not as boring as Nattie, but still boring. So that leaves us Drew and Big E. I love both and I would love to see Drew win and cash in against Lashley, but no, that’s not happening although it would be a great story. Big E has my love tonite, he is fun, he is big, he has a great attitude, and is just entertaining all around. Big E will get the briefcase and go on to more big things. Yes, I will be jumping for joy, hope my neighbors are understanding.

MITBLM Winner – Big E



Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Asuka vs Naomi vs Alexa Bliss vs Nikki A.S.H. vs Liv Morgan vs Zelina Vega vs Natalya vs Tamina



I was really hoping an NXT wrestler (Shotzi) would be the final person in this match.  With Tamina added I have to wonder if they’re looking at this as her final run and going to make her Tamina 2 Straps.  I’m not at all against that, but I’m not picking Tamina for this.  Asuka won last year and got the strap rather than the case because Becky had to drop it for baby.  I don’t see Asuka winning for that reason.  As much as I adore them both, I think Nikki and Bliss have enough going on with their characters right now to have a case to carry around as well.  Though Bliss would carry interesting things around with her in the case if she was to get it.  Both Liv and Zelina are little and haven’t had much push recently.  I think both need to grow a bit before undertaking the MITB case, but I could be totally wrong.  Natalya and Tamina are busy with their gold, which they should be defending, not working this match, but that’s just me.  That leaves Naomi, even though Nikki is still poking the back of my brain, telling me she needs the case to carry her cape and mask when she’s not A.S.H., but I have to stick by Naomi on this one.  It wasn’t a matter of taking away who I didn’t think could win this, but picking the woman I think really needs and deserves a push.  Naomi has just never been able to get over a certain hump in WWE and I think winning this could be a great thing for her.

I want to throw this in here because it makes the most sense.  I wouldn’t be at all shocked if Becky was to appear at MITB.  Not in the ring, ut maybe come out to the stage after this MITB ends?  It just seems like a natural time for her to show up and tease her return.

I also found it interesting that Sasha was posting to the WWE Universe on Friday, but didn’t show up on SD.  Possibly she will also be appearing?  Have to wait and see!

Winner – Naomi Glow



The women in this match are very different from each other in abilities and movesets. I wonder who is going to go through a ladder in this match as it could be as I could see Morgan, Bliss, Naomi, or Vega going through one in this match. I wonder when Nikki/Bliss are going to come to blows in the match. I would love to see Vega going against Naomi, Cross, and Asuka. I already know that Natalya and Tamina aren’t going to win as they are going to be busy defending the tag titles. Man so many spots are going to happen in this match and I’m going to love every minute of it. Like the previous one for the men I can see Cross, Vega and Bliss hold the briefcase and I wouldn’t be mad to see the one I pick hold it and win one of the three Raw, NXT, or Smackdown championships.

Winner and Superhero Money in the Bank Nikki ASH Cross



Natalya is beige and boring even in colorful clothes. She should not win. Zelina has not been back long enough and does not deserve it and honestly, I don’t know why she is even in it. Liv is great and entertaining but nope not going to win. Asuka was a very good champ, but I don’t feel that she’s being pushed the way she should. Naomi has been getting some of a push but as a tag partner and not as a singles competitor. I would love to see her win, but nope not tonight. Tamina has been getting a push as a tag competitor and when she loses, her partner is the one that gets pinned. As much as I would love to see Tamina win, not tonight, it’s not her night. Alexa has been doing great lately and could easily win this; however, Nikki is in this match and Nikki always gets my vote. I love her and love watching her wrestle. She is much better than she is being given credit and her new character is a hoot. Nikki for the win!

MITBLM Winner – Nikki A.S.H.


WWE Championship Match

Bobby Lashley (c) /w MVP vs Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods



After the growing issues within Hurt Business, and that amazing mic work from Lashley (yes, I admit it that he KILLED it on mic and I’m truly blown away by how he handled himself – FINALLY), I wonder if MVP is going to turn on Lashley in this match.  I think it would be a lovely swerve, which they really should be doing on this first PPV truly back in front of the fans.  Think about how the fans would react if Kofi was to win the WWE Championship, especially on the same night Big E wins MITB.  I think it’s a natural direction for WWE to go with this, and I feel no real reason to expound further.

Winner – Kofi Kingston



I think this is going to be a great match especially with a angry Lashley and a confident Kofi. Kofi is going to need to use his speed and agility to stick and move without getting caught by Lashley who has size and power in spades compared to Kofi. Lashley needs to keep Kofi grounded on the mat and not let him get momentum on his side as Kofi can run circles around Lashley. MVP & Woods are going to play important roles in the match as Woods is going to need to keep MVP in check in order for Kofi to have his full attention on Lashley and MVP is going to do everything in his power to help Lashley keep the title around his waist.

Winner and still champion Bobby Lashley



Bobby is going down! That’s all there is to it. Kofi is going to win and Bobby’s going to be crawling out of the ring defeated and demoralized. And again, I will be ecstatic and praying my neighbors understand the hooping, hollering, and general celebrating. I have a nice bottle of wine cooling just for this celebration, ok 2 with a 3rd as a backup.

Winner & New Champion – Kofimania!



Raw Championship Match

Rhea Ripley (c) vs Charlotte



No, just no!  I get that Charlotte is McMahon’s favorite blonde, but Rhea needs a chance to redeem herself in front of the fans.  I truly think that bad writing and bad direction have failed Rhea of late, but the fans will scream it like it is, and she deserves the chance to sink or soar in front of the live fans, and not have everything handed to Char yet again.  Sorry, I know Char is a Flair and hasn’t held singles gold in a while, but I want to see others succeed as well, and I believe in Rhea (along with so many others).  So I’m keeping this one simple and to the point, I think they will beat the heck out of each other, but in the end Rhea will retain.  It might be screwy, so I’m simply saying Rhea retains and I will only take a half-point if Rhea retains, whether clean or not.  Though I see this being another dirty ending after Rhea threw the ending previously.  I think they will continue to fight, with dirty endings and messy directions until they blow off at SummerSlam.

Retainer – Rhea Ripley



Going into this match is going to be interesting as both have been acting like heels in matches and promos against each other. I know that this isn’t going to be the last match between them as they are respecting each other as time goes on. We know that Charlotte wants to win the title like everyone else who is in the Raw Women’s division. Rhea wants to prove that she can beat the best in Charlotte and do it in the middle of the ring no matter what she needs to do it. I see another disqualification happening since this is a regular match until a no DQ match happens.

Winner and still champion via DQ Rhea Ripley



Rhea is fantastic but is not being booked to her best potential. Charlotte is a Flair and I do not route for Flairs. She has been overbooked and shoved down our throats for way too long. She has nice ring gear but I’m so over her and her entitled attitude. Rhea is the future Charlotte is the past. I’m so glad Charlotte has been losing and doesn’t have a title I seriously hope the trend continues. Rhea deserves a chance to show us what she can do in front of a crowd and really sell herself. Rhea for the win.

Winner & Retaining – Rhea Ripley



Universal Championship Match

Roman Reigns (c) vs Edge



So many directions to go with this one!  This is the only one I left until after SD was over to write.  Being the person to compile them I can always go back after SD and edit anything I might need to, but I didn’t change anything this time around.  I’ll admit I was hoping we would see something that would sway me one direction or the other.  I know I’ve said this a lot, but I believe in the old school tells in the go home shows, and I was hoping to get some sort of sign.  When Edge was standing tall I was worried, but then Reigns was standing tall at the end end and I was more confused than ever.  While I know Reigns is THE MAN in WWE right now and will probably be THE MAN for years to come, health permitting.  Edge has already seen the end of his career once, and I get passing the torch, but he so deserves one last solid run at the top, and he’s never been Uni Champ before!  If this was the PPV after SummerSlam I’d hand it to Edge without batting an eye, but we are going into SummerSlam which will be bigger than WM this year because of live fans and touring.  Screw it, I’m going with my heart over my Head of The Table.  I’ll lose the point for Beth’s husband.  Maybe we will get a Triple Threat Match between Edge, Reigns, and Rollins at SummerSlam?  THAT would totally be maine vent material for me!  (Yes, I know there’s a massive typo there.)

Winner & FINALLY Uni Champ – Edge of The Cliffs of Insanity



This match is definitely going to be a hard-hitting match as both of them have something to prove. Edge wants to hold championship gold again as he wants to prove that he can beat some of the best in WWE. Roman wants to prove that he can take out even legends like Edge all by himself without the Usos & Paul Heyman by his side. I wondered if it would have stood a singles match and it did. I can see this being a back and forth match with Edge getting a few near falls and having Roman in trouble with the Crossface but Roman will not go down. If the Money in the Bank match is after this match then I can see Rollins getting involved in the match as he has a beef with Edge for cutting in front of the line and getting his Universal title match instead of Rollins.

Winner and still champion Roman Reigns



I’m going to be watching this closely. I’m so sick of this head of the table storyline, it’s time for the loser of the family instead. I’ve not seen a lot of Edge’s work, but what I’ve seen I’ve liked. He’s good and entertaining. Edge is going to take the fight to Roman and put him down hard. I know I said it earlier, but I want him to lose so that the Usos can lord over him that they are the ones with the gold and the moneymakers of the family. That will make great storytelling! Edge to win big time.

Winner & New Champion – Edge



Raw Tag Team Championship Match

AJ Styles & Omos (c) vs Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar)



I think Omos is just getting started, so I don’t see him and AJ dropping the straps this soon.  I’m hoping they start making him a bit more interesting, but I don’t see them dropping them now.  Too much going on with the fans returning.  I think WWE should wait and see how the fans react to AJ and Omos live before starting in any direction with them.  I’m hoping for fun in this match, but no changed moving forward.

Winners – AJ & Omos



I’m loving that the Viking Raiders are back and are going after the tag team titles and Styles & Omos have some competition until RK-Bro is ready to challenge for the titles. Viking Raiders is a good challenge for Styles & Omos especially to see how Omos can handle bigger people in the ring. Styles can have a good match with just about anyone on the roster and him taking Omos under his wings is great for Omos. Would I love to see Viking Raiders as tag team champions yes, but Styles & Omos aren’t going to lose the titles.

Winners and still champions AJ Styles & Omos



AJ and Omas have become a big yawn. Omos is relying on his size way too much. I really want to see him wrestle and not just be a big brute. I adore The Viking Raiders (yes Ivar is adorable, Erik not so much). I’m so very happy that they are back and love their new horned helmets (no, the real Vikings really did not wear horned helmets back in the day). I very much want to see The Viking Raiders win the match and the title and it’s well overdue. Oh man, it’s a good thing I want to move with all the celebrating I would be doing if I get my way.

Winners & New Champions – Viking Raiders



Join us for the MITB Dignified Discussion.  I see MITB being the point of change for WWE moving forward, and I think they’re going to be starting with all those great storylines they claim they’ve been holding back for the live fans to return.  It could be the most interesting DD since WM.  Stop in and join the discussion!

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