Oh Baby You, You Got What I Need! – MITB Review

I was so excited about MITB.  So many ways the show could have been great, and it was in those ways.  It was just the other things that were rough.  That being said, I’m jealous that I’m not in Texas, my butt’s in a seat with the rest.  I’m still bitter I didn’t get my SummerSlam trip in 2020 and I’m not going to be happy until I see a PPV live.  I won’t let it take over my life, but it’s going to be in the back of my head until then.  At this point I could financially buy tickets for any of the shows not sold out, and fly out but I’m not yet ready to fly with a mask on my face, so I’m staying put.  That being said, I’m thrilled to hear the fans again, and will be joining them soon!

I truly loved the ‘clown prince’ of hip hop.  He was very much a gateway for me into hip hop when I was a teen, and was for a number of people I know, something not common in Maine.  Bear with me here as this makes sense in my head, and I apologize if it doesn’t make sense to you.  I also see Mr. Wonderful as a gateway wrestler, but a gateway between generations.  He was climbing through Bruno Sammartino’s hedges to get trained (one generational bridge) and was still killing it in the late 90s in WCW, both in ring and on announce, working with the younger generation.  The title for this MITB review is a dedication to both those men, and my dear friend Nuttus Assindome (mundanely known as Jason Smith) who also passed in the same time as the two famous men we lost.  They are all weighing heavy in my heart and the title is for them.  RIP



Through The Portal

The Mysterios entrance was rather interesting.  A nice change of pace.  I’m excited for all the new stuff coming our way from WWE now that they are live again.

I have said that I’m worried about a couple superstars who have never worked the ring in front of large crowds.  Dominik and Rhea are two I’ve been worried about.  In this match Dom was slightly off his mark through most of it, almost botching on a number of moves.  Finally, Rey came in and I was hoping that would give him a chance to regroup, pull himself together, but he wasn’t really used in the match after that.  The problem is that Rey didn’t look a lot better in there and they Usos seemed off too.  What was up with all four of them, other than the obvious travesty that was about to go down.

I had to go tweet to get some of my ire out before finishing this segment.  First off I want to say that the grade is for the BOOKING of the match, not the actual work, which was decidedly sloppy all the way around and would have gotten them a single crown, if not for the travesty this match perpetrated.  Gone is the Wellness program.  Has to be gone since Jimmy came back from injury, twice over the limit, gets a DUI, and then is handed championship gold.  Someone, please tell me how that makes sense!  I cannot get over how WWE is so myopic about the world around them.  Jimmy has a problem that needs to be addressed and he should be on the bubble for some serious suspension time and possibly fines as well.  This is his third DUI during his time with WWE, which would get a lesser man or woman a suspension or fired.  The double standard is downright disgusting!




You Can’t See Her!

The way Bliss stepped into the center of the ring, I could see the case being magically dropped into her hands.  The match is over.  Goodnight.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure where this match would go after last year being the best women’s MITBLM, but they made it great.  The honest power of Natalya and Tamina kept the smaller women as grounded as possible.  Liv and Vega have further fanned the flames of their feud.  Bliss was creative, interesting, worked her mojo, but was taken out by all the rest.  Lily isn’t going to like that.  I really loved the idea of Naomi winning, but obviously the love from the fans means nothing to McMahon when it comes to her.

The end of the match was great.  It was different from any MITBLM ending we’ve ever seen, and that’s hard to do with any ladder match these days.  Two of the three of us predicting picked Nikki to win it, and I was hoping I was wrong, which I was.  I love Nikki and am thrilled to see her moving up, even though her husband was moved out of NXT.



It’s All About Roman

It’s all about Reigns, because he’s the only one who gets any glory.  Ever.  I can’t wait for things to get ugly again.



It’s A Clutch Move?

I have to say that Omos throwing AJ out over the top into the hurricanrana blew me away.  I know Omos is going to rest on his size and strength, though I really want to see him as a big wrestler who knows what he’s doing in the ring, I’ve not seen any of that as of yet.  Lifting Erik for the final bomb looked really rough for Omos.  He just doesn’t have ‘IT’ yet.  It feels very WCW to have him out there truly unable to hold his own.  I know WWE has done it too, but Goldberg was such a glaringly obvious issue that I have to call out WCW on that one.

I’m just not feeling AJ and Omos at this point, and wasn’t impressed with Omos’ work in the match, bringing the grade way down.



Drew’s Storytime!

I’m loving McIntyre on mic with love his stories, but times are changing.  I was talking to someone earlier and said that it’s probably time to turn McIntyre.  He’s been a good guy going after the strap for a bit now, after having his reign without any fans.  I think a heel turn would do him good, especially if it’s done in a way that actually makes sense, not their normal way of turning for no obvious reason.



Don’t Get It

I have and will state that the promo Lashley cut on Kofi on the go home was fantastic from Lashley, but for me one promo doesn’t make for a great superstar.  I’ll admit that his ring work is solid, but I’ve never found it inspired.  He worked the fans well here during the match, but I hated it being a squash match.  Kofi is better than what we saw here, and I’m so over Lashley.  I know a lot of people love and believe in him, but I just don’t and have never seen the greatness that others have seen.  Personally I found the booking and display we saw in the ring was more than what was needed, but that’s me.  If they were trying to make Lashley look dominant, it didn’t work.  He simply looked like a jackass playing with someone who was told to let him go over.

I’ve been asking a friend for his grades as we go along, just to see where my ideas are sitting compared to others who don’t agree with me, and he was as disgusted by Kofi’s abuse in this one that I was.  I was going to give a higher grade, but seeing as I wasn’t alone, I went with my gut.



We Want Becky!

I have to admit I loved seeing the fans get under Char’s skin her first night with them live.  I think it will only get uglier for her as things move forward.  The fans have been silenced for so long – social media doesn’t count because McMahon has his head buried in the sand.  I was hoping this would happen, but figured it wouldn’t start THIS quickly.  I love the fans in Fort Worth for trolling the plastic blonde.  They did come back to the match with chant’s respecting the hard work these women gave them, but they were harsh a couple times with the Becky chants.

I loved Rhea outside sticking her tongue out and making a goofy face at someone off-screen.  It showed the personality we’ve not seen enough of since she was called up to the main roster.  It’s the side of her I think WWE needs to show more of.  She’s got massive personality and it feels as though they’ve booked all the Rhea out of Ripley since coming over to Raw.

The strength shown by Rhea floored me.  She’s so much stronger than Char is, by quite a bit.  I think it’s in her DNA.  Char is a strong woman, but she doesn’t come from physically strong stock.  I find it interesting how wild, the screaming, and the ugly faces she makes in the ring after all the plastic surgery she’s had done on said face.

While not happy about the outcome, at all, I give them credit for the hard work they put into this match, because they both went out there and totally killed it.



Peacock SUCKS!

I can’t ignore the fact we missed Boogs and Riddle backstage and didn’t get Naka’s entrance, all because Peacock continues to suck in the worst possible way.  WWE truly [redacted] up when they made the move from the WWE Network to this crappy app that can barely get out of its own way on a good day, and always screws up every WWE PPV in some way or another.



The E Is Back In WWE!

JoMo hit nothing off the massive build he and Rollins set up for.  Fantastic build to all of nothing.  Leave it to the bumbling one.  On the other hand Ricochet seemed to spend more time eating ladders and flying onto people in this match than anything else.  The ‘walking the ropes’ and flying around the way he did, was beautiful.  He’s built for matches like this, but to make him look at all viable in matches like this, WWE needs to book him as more than just a jobber, which is where he’s been for well over a year now.

I wasn’t at all surprised to see Jinder and his boys out there taking out McIntyre.  McIntyre has been at the top of Raw for almost two years, so it’s time for him to step back for a bit.  I think working with Jinder is like a kick in the slat, and the worst thing they can do to McIntyre, but at least Sam will be happy about it.

Riddle being out there without shoes in a match like this scares me, but he is who he is.  I have to say that his RKO work is on point and Orton should be proud.  He worked really well in there, looked great actually, but he was out-shone by Ricochet.

I almost got teary seeing Big E crying up there with the MITB case in hand.  The honest tears brought them up in my eyes, he’s so deserving, and I can’t wait to see what he does with the case, and when he cashes in.



Now What?

Rollins has lost it, and might be costing Edge his one on one match with Reigns, setting up for SummerSlam?  The main event hasn’t even happened and I’m already looking at what Rollins will do and where things will go from there.  Rollins really sold it well in this segment, though he looked like his second appendix was going to burst.  I know he was selling from the MITBLM, but he was clutching the wrong side.  Beyond that, it truly was a 5 crown promo.



Believe That?

Reigns’ forearms on Edge on the mat were some of the lamest blows I’ve ever seen in WWE, and that is comparing it to blows that obviously missed by a foot.  It was so obvious he was putting NOTHING behind it and wasn’t even really touching Edge when he was supposed to really be wailing on him.  The guillotine headlock was nothing of a lock on Edge’s head/neck at all!  I honestly thought I’d be complaining about Reigns playing too dirty with Edge, instead, he’s treating him like he will break at every turn!  Edge might be older, was out due to injury for a decade, but he’s still Edge and wouldn’t be in there if he couldn’t take it.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, Reigns talking to Edge about moves, more than the smack talk through much of it, was so obvious, I was annoyed and things like that usually don’t bother me.  They have to communicate out there, I get it, so talking will happen, but after how things have been looking, it bothers me more than normal.

Edge, on the other hand, put his heart, body, and soul into this one.  The two spears through barricades.  Yes, Reigns’ body took most of it, but not all of it.  He went all out through this one and I would expect anyone facing him to do the same.  I’m not impressed by Reigns in this one at all.  I would have probably give this one 4 or 4.5 crowns if not for how light Reigns worked with Edge.  Not the way to respect a legendary superstar.



You Can’t See Me, My Time Is Now!

I thought I’d change up my ending title a bit for this, and will continue with this through his run, because he will be working SD for me to write about him.  I find it interesting how many people didn’t think he’d appear tonight, but I knew he would.  Why return on SD when you can return on a Sunday night PPV?  I’m excited to hear him brutalize Reigns on mic for the rest of the summer.

I thought this MITB was full of highs and lows.  I’m still mad about Kofi, he shouldn’t have been done dirty like that by another MMA guy.  I’m mad at McMahon for that one, shocker.  No rant.  Anyway, I thought it was a solid MITB and might have more to say about a few things when SD rolls around, but until then, keep the beauty of Nikki and the passion of Big E in your hearts and we will all go far.