Changing Of The Court In Progress

As with all things Wrestle Royalty has gone through great times and not always such great times.  During the worst of the pandemic, everyone had the time to write and were looking for things to do.  With people physically returning to work, and some picking up new jobs, it’s been harder and harder for our fantastic court of writers to watch the shows, never mind post about them.  Therefore things got quiet here for a bit.

I have to thank everyone for sticking with us, and we are working to get things back up to snuff.  We are both looking for some new writers and will enjoy articles from some of the original court when time permits.


Here is where you come in.

  • If you are interested in writing for Wrestle Royalty, please shoot me an email and we can discuss what you can add to Wrestle Royalty.
  • If you don’t have the time or inkling to write, then please either state below, or email me, and let me know what is most important to you at Wrestle Royalty.  We don’t want to provide content that you’re not interested in reading.


Please, stick with us through these changes and we will be back up and running as per usual as soon as possible.  Thank you for being part of the Wrestle Royalty Community!