Daffney Unger Passed Away

Shannon Spruill, better known to the wrestling world as Daffney Unger.

She came into our homes as David Flair’s crazy stalker girlfriend in WCW.  The storyline between Unger, Flair, and Crowbar is still remembered fondly by most fans who watched.  While neither she nor Flair were great in the ring, their acting chops made their storyline into something not to be missed on a weekly basis.

After WCW was purchased she decided to really train to be a wrestler and bounced around the indies and TNA for a couple years before taking three years off to focus on acting.  Upon returning to wrestling it was obvious she hadn’t missed a beat.  Between her work with Dr. Stevie in TNA, Wrestlicious, Shine, and Ring of Honor, she continued to win over fans with her crazy charm.

Spruill posted a live video on Instagram where she read her suicide note and had a gun with her.  In her IG post she stated she wanted her brain to go to Boston, alluding to the Concussion Legacy Foundation.  Everyone jumped to attention and tried to figure out where she had moved to and get to her before she hurt herself.

Her death comes only a year and a half after Hana Kimura committed suicide after being massively bullied online.


Sir Mitch:

  • I grew up watching her, David Flair and Crowbar. One of the few good things in later stage WCW.
  • David made the lost, demented son of Ric Flair gimmick work though so credit where it’s due. The trio were brilliant together.
  • Daffney always felt like the driving force though.
  • Daffney made me laugh in TNA with the Palin impression…it was better then Tina Fey’s. Until the reveal…I had NO clue it was her.


Noble Natalie:

  • She was quirky, fun, and a bit nuts but only her character.  She really made David Flair go further than he ever would have.
  • I swear the women I most remember from then are all gone, and I do not mean the wives. The ones actually involved in wrestling as a wrestler or manager.  It is so sad to see.



  • When I got up this morning I was sent a funny tweet to look at.  From there I started seeing posts about Daffney.  Mick Foley was asking if there were any updates and from what I was reading the police and her family had gone to her new apartment.  As there hadn’t been any updates in hours I figured everything was okay, but then I heard they weren’t.  Then I read that there are questions about the building superintendent of the apartment building not wanting to let her family or the police into her apartment due to privacy reasons.  No clue what really happened there, but the whole thing is heartbreaking.
  • I will not be watching her IG video because I’ve cried enough today, this week, this month, this past year and half.
  • I attended one TNA show where I got to meet a number of people.  I didn’t get to meet Daffney, but I was wearing a tiny top hat similar to what Daffney wore at the time and had a conversation with Matt Morgan over the hat and how much of a wonderful person Daffney was and how she made it much more acceptable to be weird.  It was so nice to hear a jock talk up the Scream Queen the way he did.  It obviously touched me enough that it’s still one of my favorite memories from that night, and wrestling shows I’ve been to in general.


If you need help in any way, please pick up the phone 1-800-273-8255 or go online https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/  You are not alone!


RIP Daffney