AEW All Out – It’s Clobbering Time!


Daily Dre:

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Best Friends & Jurassic Express vs HFO: Best Friends & Jurassic Express pick up the win, The Butcher makes his return from injury following the match

Miro (c) vs Eddie Kingstong for TNT Championship: Miro gets the victory after delivering an intentional low blow to Kingston that was unseen by the referee to retain

Moxley vs Satoshi Kojima: Moxley picks up the win over Kojima. After the match, Minoru Suzuki comes out and confronts Moxley in the ring. The two deliver blows back and forth until Suzuki delivers a drop to Moxley.

Britt Baker (c) vs Kris Statlander for AEW Women’s Championship: Britt Baker retains following a phenomenal match, handing Statlander her first loss in AEW.

Young Bucks (c) vs Lucha Brothers for the AEW Tag Team Championship (Steel Cage): Rey Fenix hits Matt Jackson off the top of the cage and pick up the victory to become your NEW AEW Tag Team Champions!

Yes, the bottom is covered with thumbtacks!
Rey Fenix from the top of the cage!







Women’s Casino Battle Royale: Ruby Soho (FKA Ruby Riott) is your Joker! Ruby Soho picks up the win and is the new #1 Contender for the AEW Women’s Championship.

Jericho vs MJF (If Jericho loses, he can never wrestle in AEW again): MJF gets the 3 count, but Aubrey missed the foot on the rope before the 3 and another ref ordered the match to restart. Jericho quickly locked in the Walls following the restart and forces MJF to tap!

CM Punk vs Darby Allin: After multiple back and forth reversals, Punk hits the GTS and gets the pinfall. Sting comes out after and shakes hands with Punk.

Paul Wight vs Q.T. Marshall: Paul Wight picks up the win after delivering a massive choke slam to Marshall

Kenny Omega (c) vs Christian Cage for AEW World Championship: After a match where the crowd was mostly dead, Omega pulls off the win to retain with the One-Winged Angel. Adam Cole comes out after the match to address Kenny Omega.

Not to be outdone, Bryan Danielson would make his presence in AEW known as well!

Queen and I (Jester) will be reviewing this amazing event tomorrow and be putting up our thoughts! Thank you for joining along and reading!