Is KO about to be KS in AEW?

In a recently deleted Tweet, Kevin Owens has opened up mass speculation that he might be headed for AEW once his contract expires. In 2018, Owens stated that he signed a 5 year extension, however, it was never specified exactly when that extension was signed. We have now learned that it will run out in January 2022 around Royal Rumble, because during the Pandemic when his contract was restructured, it was shortened to 4 years from 5 years.

The reason for the speculation is that in the deleted Tweet, Owens posted the coordinates to Mount Rushmore and changed his location to “Almost There” (shown below).

Prior to joining WWE, he was part of a faction with Adam Cole and The Young Bucks called Mount Rushmore in other promotions.

Jason’s Jest: If this happens, it will certainly provide much more firepower to an already stacked AEW roster.