AEW Dynamite – Yes! We’ve got a Ruby, BayBay!

Daily Dre:

Remember that our greatest talent is so much more powerful than our biggest fear.



Malakai Black defeats Dustin Rhodes with blood running from Dustin’s mouth to pool on the mat.

Punk on mic in the ring, talking up the love and respect.  Taz grabs a mic and talks smack at Punk.  Taz said not to put any Team Taz guys in his mouth.  Punk says he hasn’t, no clue where Taz is coming from.  Punk says he knows Taz, so send Starks, Hooks, Hobbs.  All four of you, beat me if you can.  Survive if I let you!

Backstage interview with Ruby Soho by Tony, but Brit had to come in with Rebel and Hayter to talk smack.

Will Hobbs defeats Dante Martin after a match making them both look good.

Dan Lambert goes off in the rafters.

MJF rails at Cincinnati, not addressing the big thing, his loss.  He taunts the fans, then Aunt Linda, and the woman with her who is Pillman’s daughter.  Pillman Jr. comes out and addresses MJF for attacking his town and his family.  Wardlow takes out both Pillman Jr. and Garrison who comes out to help.

Ruby Soho defeats Jamie Hayter and after the match Brit Baker and Reba attacked Ruby, but Riho and Kris Statlander came to make the save and appear to be the new female faction to feud with DMD.

Backstage video shows Anna Jay with Tay Conti ripping apart TDO about the in-fighting.

The Pinnacle defeats TDO  TDO are not happy and Evil Uno gets in Silver’s face as Silver took the three.  5 takes out Uno and they all start fighting in the ring.  Anna Jay and Tay Conti come out looking pissed that they couldn’t keep it together.

Tully Blanchard goes off on Sting riding someone else’s career like he always did.  Tully goes off on Darby, then tells Sting they will be one on one soon.

The Elite to the ring, slowly.  Omega, Callis, and others talk, but then there’s Bryan Danielson and the ring clears to leave Omega and Bry to talk.  Bry rips the mic from his hand and elevates the segment in a massive way.  Omega tries to attack Bry who easily gains the upper hand until Elite rush the ring and jump Bry.  Then Lucha Express, Kaz, and Christian out to the ring to even the numbers and take Elite from the ring.  They clear it until Cutler is left alone in the ring so they take him out.

Mox defeats Suzuki in a bloody match.