McGregor Goes After MGK At VMA’s

While this is normally something we don’t cover here at Wrestle Royalty, we have chosen to cover it due to it involving someone that is rumored to be coming to WWE or AEW in the near future, as well as a well known MMA fighter.

During the red carpet entrance of the 2021 MTV VMA’s, a scuffle happened between both Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet. What exactly led to the altercation is unknown, but the two had to be physically separated by security. During the altercation, Megan Fox was shoved as she was accompanying MGK and had to be rushed off to the side. We have video below courtesy of Mari on Twitter of the entire confrontation. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED FOR LANGUAGE:

Jason’s Jest: It’s well known that both MGK and McGregor have short tempers and love to run their mouths. Most likely, MGK said something directed at Conor and he reacted.