Why is Dreamer Apologetic and Does He Mean It?

Sir Mitch – If someone genuinely understands what they said/did was wrong & reinforces harmful narratives about certain groups & does their best to atone for it…I don’t think they should be “canceled” This however, doesn’t feel genuine to me…
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Queen – To play devil’s advocate, that’s just how he writes. Not saying I’m not feeling totally hurt by him after the years I’ve talked up how nice he is.
Lord Lewis – I don’t feel he should be cancelled, he deserves his suspension and should go to sensitivity training before being allowed back.  That message would be his agent or whoever writing on his behalf.
Mitch – Which is probably why it doesn’t feel genuine to me🤷‍♂️
Lord Lewis – Not to say he doesn’t regret it, but he’ll have been told to lay low while they do his PR for him to make sure he doesn’t say anything that can dig him a deeper hole.
Queen – I’m truly disappointed in him.
Sir Mitch – But does he regret it because he got in trouble or because he understands what he said was awful? Sadly, I’m guessing it’s the former!
Lord Lewis – Which is why he needs to go on sensitivity training.
Queen – I am willing to bet he didn’t think what he was saying was as bad as it is and he’s dealing with his own repercussions at home as well as in the public eye.
Sir Mitch – True, I’m sure his wife and grown up daughters aren’t happy with him.
Lord Lewis – I reckon if he’s seen the episode he may have different feelings, but he won’t have seen what she had to say first hand so probably didn’t feel it was a big issue, he may feel differently now.
Queen – Exactly as Lew said. We have all stepped in it, just not as publicly as him.  What bothers me is that people are all over Dreamer, more than Flair on this, which disgusts me.
Sir Mitch – Flair is copping it too, but admittedly on the financial side of things. Those commercials he’s been doing are now off the air and he won’t be doing anymore and I’m sure the plans for him to be Andrade’s manager in AEW have been scrapped.
Duke Dre – Flair has always been a complete trainwreck of a human being. He’s not exactly the brightest person either.
Sir Mitch – I’m amazed Flair has never been investigated for sexual misconduct 😪 Maybe DSOTR will result in people coming forward.
Queen – I’ve always been disgusted with Flair’s philandering and how he talks about women, and more, and he’s gotten away with it for the better part of 48 years (debuted the year I was born, only reason I know that).  I hope women come forward. He’s disgusting.
Sir Mitch – Same
Duke Dre – Like after marriage #2 or #3 and losing half of everything you’d think he’d stop and self reflect and say to himself “maybe I shouldn’t bother getting married anymore”  The guy is in his 70s still making the sand mistakes he was making in his 20s. No growth whatsoever.  Amazing in between the ropes though of course.
Queen – I’m petty open about things and rock massive cleavage on almost a daily basis, even when medieval. I could feel his eyes on me the whole time I was on the meet & greet floor. I’ll admit I was watching him to see, and I might have dressed the part a bit much, but he was so drunk that all he saw was tatas.  See, I’ve always found Flair the epitome of 5 moves of doom. I could book his matches by the time I was 10.
Sir Mitch – Agreed, it was his character work not his ring work that got him over. His selling especially.
Queen – Right, he could hype like few, and he sold better than most.
Duke Dre👍
Queen – I wonder, because it was mentioned to me, if maybe VKM knew this was coming out and wanted to separate from Flair before it came out.
Jester Jason – It does make me wonder if this episode is why Flair and McMahon agreed to a mutual release and “being unhappy with Charlotte’s direction” was a cover for the truth. Release was August 3rd, when previews for the episode began. So timing is interesting. The reason that thought about the release crossed my mind, we know Flair will protect Vince and WWE any chance he can.
Queen – He will protect Trip at every cost.
Jester Jason – By him leaving before the episode, he basically protects Vince from backlash because now they can use the excuse that it happened because of the details
Queen –  He’s closer with Trip than VKM. He and Trip are close. Much closer than him and VKM.
Jester Jason – Either way, it protects both
Queen – Right.
Jester JasonMore importantly, it protects the WWE name.
I still don’t buy that excuse of an apology from Dreamer. It’s not like his comments were live, but they were taped. He could have modified his answer or explained beforehand, but didn’t.
Queen – In the heat of the moment, I’m willing to bet Dreamer didn’t think what he was saying was as horrible as it sounded.
Jester Jason – Then he should have issued a statement in advance.
Queen – Agreed, but he didn’t.
Jester Jason – Regardless, they were vile and disgusting.