Greg Hamilton Leaves WWE

In a somewhat stunning move, longtime ring announcer Greg Hamilton has requested and was granted his release from WWE. Contrary to rumors circulating online, this was NOT anything resulting from an online altercation with a rapper that happened over the weekend or any other issues. Hamilton requested his release because he wants to spend more time with his family. This was a mutual decision from both sides and he is welcome to return in the future if he would like. He posted the following on Instagram:

“After 6 years and 52 weeks a year, it’s time to say ‘goodbye’.
“First and foremost, don’t let the internet or social media gas you up; this was a mutual respect departure from a great company. Nothing but respect from both sides. It’s business. We all know our worth.
“Also understand that what you see on social media is exactly that. It’s not real life. Especially for your favorite Superstars. They are human beings with real lives, and INCREDIBLE human beings. The hate, the bullying….that is read and internalized by real human beings….not characters. That needs to be said for my friends.
“And as I get older, my mother is in her 70’s; my sister Jessi who has cerebral palsy…those are my priorities. Not chasing fame, not being on television. 52 weeks a year became too much. Without our mental health, we have nothing.
“But man…..what a ride….there are truly no fans like the #WWEuniverse. Wow. 6 continents over 6 years; embracing your love and passion has truly changed me as a person. I am forever grateful. ❤️

“And for one last time….
“’ONE FALL’!!!! (I don’t work there anymore so you’re allowed to say it now)”


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We certainly wish Hamilton the best in his future. For the time being, no replacement has been announced.

Jason’s Jest: I have nothing but complete respect for this move by him. It’s difficult to walk away from a very lucrative career and opportunity. In his case, he’s doing it for all the right reasons, to spend time with family while he still can. Far too many in this business take it too far and miss out on many of life’s chances, especially with family, and then the moment is gone before they know it. For him to have this realization now is a thankless gesture for both his family and his fans. I wish him and his family nothing but the best.