Backstage Discussion About WWE Releases

Lord Cinema of Lewis – WWE is releasing wrestlers today.
The Noble Natalie – Pretty soon they are gonna have no wrestlers
Buddy Mysterio (Mitch) – Releases so far: Killer Kross Scarlett Bordoux John Morison Taya Valkyrie Ember Moon Grand Metalik Lince Dorado B-Fab (who is that?) Oney Lorcan.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Oney Lorcan, Scarlett Bordeaux, Franky Monet and Ember Moon all confirmed. Hearing Karrion Kross and Keith Lee have been released too.
SAM without snow – B-Fab was in Hit Row.
#PettyDre – Wikipedia already has the Lee/Nia releases on their pages.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Surprised about Nia, to be honest.
#PettyDre – Same here.
SAM without snow -Well they released Nia but her hole remains signed.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Lee I felt was going to happen some point, but I thought with all this Vince is helping me stuff, that he would be safe for him.
– B-Fab is a weird one, even if she’s not good enough to wrestle yet, she’s great on the mic and they made a great quartet
Buddy Mysterio – She was pretty unsafe and the only reason why she wasn’t released years ago was due to the Rock.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Exactly why I’m surprised.
Buddy Mysterio – Nia I mean
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Ember and Taya I saw coming a mile away,
Buddy Mysterio – Both are better off working elsewhere honestly.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Mia Yim and Harry Smith too. Why’d they even bother signing him? haha
#PettyDre – Yeah those aren’t shocking, unfortunately. I think Morrison will get let go too.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Eva Marie has been released, Mitch I bet is gutted
Buddy Mysterio – I think he already has been.
Eleazar, Get The Tables! – Lewis is already hoping that Impact signs Franky for a Rosemary and Valkyrie reunion.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Trey Baxter, Jessi Kamea, Jeet Rama, Zayda Ramier, Katrina Cortez also gone.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – They done Robert Stone dirty
Eleazar, Get The Tables! – He might not be far behind.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Kross is the biggest disappointment for me, he was looking great in NXT, they then bring him up, ruin his gimmick and go, see ya.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – After last NXT, surely not, he’s gold.
Buddy Mysterio – Same as every other standout in NXT sadly.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Not really
Buddy Mysterio – Well, most of them.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Theory & Priest are killing it on Raw, Hit Row seems to be getting a good look at, even if they have lost B-Fab.
The Noble Natalie – This means the shows are going to be even worse than they were, not a lot of talent to spread around.
Buddy Mysterio – So who goes where? Kross, Scarlett, Ember and Harry Smith will all probably go to AEW. But what about the others?
Queen KB – Hoping no one will touch Nia moving forward.
The Noble Natalie – Me too
Queen KB – Mia could be great in AEW or TNA.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Lee will go AEW, Kross I could see back in Impact, unless AEW takes an interest, Smith I could see going NJPW.
Buddy Mysterio – I can see her (Nia Jax) getting booked in Stardom honestly. They like rough in-ring work. Problem is she’s not rough she’s dangerous.
Buddy Mysterio – Smith was there for a decade and left on bad terms.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Did he?
SAM without snow – Yeah. Harry didnt like how he was being used before leaving NJPW.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – That was a while ago, she’s been really safe in the ring, you could see it with Lana.
Buddy Mysterio – Yep. He wanted to be pushed as a main eventer and they wanted him to stay in tag teams. They should have given him what they wanted given their main event scene right now.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – He may go crawling back after being signed and released before even seeing a day on TV with WWE.
Queen KB – Some of these names make no sense, like Kross and Lee.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Trey Baxter needs to go back to Impact.  He’ll kill it in the X Division
Buddy Mysterio – New Japan hold grudges. It took a decade of apologies from Impact before they started working with them again 😂
Queen KB – I keep saying that VKM is doing stupid shit to prove he’s still in control and gets IT, but this is proving the opposite.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Other than B-Fab, Karrion, Scarlett Lee and Yim (because if used right she’d have been great). The others make sense to me. Monet looked a step behind everyone else in NXT and was being used terribly, Oney was good in the ring, but he’d never make it on the main roster, LHP was boring and Jax is well Jax.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Also I’ve not seen any info on Morrison being released.
Queen KB – Oney too?
Buddy Mysterio – Oney too
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Burch will be soon if not already.
Queen KB – She (Frankie M0net) really didn’t look good in the ring with the young girls of NXT.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Yeah I think that was her final nail.
Queen KB – Agreed!
Buddy Mysterio – She took a beating in Mexico before she went to Impact. Not surprisingly her body couldn’t keep up sadly.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – She’ll go back to Impact and be on top again.
Buddy Mysterio – Probably
Queen KB – She’s looking rougher than her Impact work, by a lot.
#PettyDre – Triple H & Kane released. WTF
Queen KB – She (Monet) should take her husband with her.
The Noble Natalie – Triple h?
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Or it could be, she’s in the ring with faster woman and can’t keep up.
Buddy Mysterio – Ember is AEW abound I’m sure. Their Women’s division could really use her.
Queen KBI have to admit, I’m really loving Kane’s book.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – The Impact women’s division isn’t on the young side on average.
Queen KB – Natalie, Dre is being an ass.
Eleazar, Get The Tables! – The reunion that all 5 fans are waiting for.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Or Impact will snap her (Ember Moon) up.
Queen KB – Dre, you know Natalie’s too literal, and you catch her every time.
The Noble Natalie – #PettyDre Stop being an ass.
#PettyDre – Lol I couldn’t help it
Buddy Mysterio – Dre can’t help it…it’s his natural state 😂
Lord Cinema of Lewis – I dunno why, but I’m expecting to see Alexa Bliss on the list.
The Noble Natalie – It is not funny!
– I was actually trying to get Mitch and KB
Lord Cinema of Lewis – You should’ve said Charlotte.
Buddy Mysterio – We know you too well mate 😂
The Noble Natalie – Well you got me, I’ve been a fan for years.
– Dre everyone knows you’re bullshitting then.
Queen KB – If he’d said Char, I’d have believed it, but not Trip, and Kane is mayor.
The Noble Natalie – Kane, I honestly thought, was gone a long time ago
Buddy Mysterio – I wouldn’t have. Vince LOVES her.
Eleazar, Get The Tables! – Ohh man Shane and Bruce got released what?
The Noble Natalie – Char may want to leave, but she will not get release
– Shane?  As in Shane McMahon?  No.
Queen KB –  B-Fab from Hit Row is gone.
– LHP is also gone.
The Noble Natalie – Lucha House Party? Do you mean they were still there?
Queen KB – Two were.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Current list Eva Maria Harry Smith Mia Yim Keith lee Nia Jax Karrion Kross Scarlet B-Fab Gran Metalik Lince Dorado Katrina Cortez Ember Moon Franky Monet Trey Baxter Jeet Rama Oney Lorcan Zayda Ramier Jessi Kamea
Eleazar, Get The Tables! – Suit man Stone must have everything unplugged 😆
Lord Cinema of Lewis – I fully expect to see Birch, T-Bar, Mace, Tozawa, Bliss, Gulak, Dunne and maybe but unlikely, O’Reilly.
– Maybe Ryker too.
The Noble Natalie – No Charlotte? Awwww she must be home crying in her coffee/champagne/whatever the heck the self-absorbed drama bitch drinks.
Eleazar, Get The Tables! – I don’t want Tozawa, Gulak & Dunne to be released but the rest I can see.
Queen KB – Dunne makes no sense, neither does Bliss or Kyle.
Eleazar, Get The Tables! – I can see Charlotte not signing a contract extension or renewing it but I don’t know when her contract is over?
Queen KB – Sadly it’s a couple of years.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Dunne & Kyle’s contracts are coming up.
SAM without snow – So in total, WWE has released 71 wrestlers this year.
Queen KB – Gotchas. Although I did remember Kyle’s was up soon after I said it.
– And AEW has hired 120.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – 71 must be a record.
Eleazar, Get The Tables! – Which AEW contract is coming up soon?
Queen KB – A bunch of them come up the end of the year. Not sure how many, but quite a chunk from what I’ve heard.
Eleazar, Get The Tables! – I can see them not being resigned as the roster is over-bloated as it is.
Queen KB – I think that’s the plan. Don’t doesn’t want to release during Covid, unless he needs to, but contacts running out are different. I’m hoping a lot of the chaff goes.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Then they’ll sign a bunch of released WWE guys.
Eleazar, Get The Tables! – Don’t forget ROH people also.
Eleazar, Get The Tables! – Gedo and Tony playing 🪨📃✂️ to see who gets the first pick of the released wrestlers.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Another name I reckon will be seen released soon is Elias.
Eleazar, Get The Tables! – He’ll work a match in his new gimmick then get released 😆
Buddy Mysterio – Nia is a noted anti-vaxer but so is Sasha.*
Queen KB – Oh, very interesting. Great excise to get rid of the dangerous one.
SAM without snow –  The NY Post is saying that is the reason Nia was released.**
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Apparently about 5 were unvaccinated and were the reason they were released.
Lord Cinema of Lewis – Just realised the dream can finally come true. Nia and Nyla can become a tag team!
Queen KB – I honestly don’t know what VKM is thinking. He doesn’t seem to be making rational decisions with the company, and have said that specifically since the Saudi Arabia contract, but this is getting confusing. I think he’s finally lost it.
SAM without snow – Some NXT guys being used on SD this week.  (Including O’Reilly and Gargano.)
Lord Cinema of Lewis – O’Reilly feels lost, but Gargano is still killing it with Lumis for me.
*From what we have been reading, Sasha Banks did get vaccinated, but we cannot say for sure.
**Nia has since released a bit of info, stating that she was taking time away for mental health issues and wanted more time off, but was then released.