Survivor Series DD – The Real Survivor Series Was the Past 2 Weeks

Daily Jest:

Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because Greater Things Are Ahead. Now Go and Kick Open Those Doors!

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Damian Priest (United States Champion) vs Shinsuke Nakamura (Intercontinental Champion): For what should have been a high energy match, it was pretty grounded and low key. Nakamura picks up the win via DQ after Priest grabs and breaks Boogs’ guitar over his knee, then uses the base board to hit Nakamura upside the head.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura via DQ

Main Event:

Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Women’s Champion) vs Becky Lynch (Raw Women’s Champion: As soon as the bell rings, fists start flying immediately. The match quickly devolves into an all out physical brawl with both going full force at one another. After an incredible match that left nothing behind, Lynch picks up the victory over Flair with assistance from grabbing the rope.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Male Traditional Survivor Series Match
Team Raw (Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley, & Austin Theory) vs Team SmackDown (Jeff Hardy, Happy Corbin, King Woods, Drew McIntyre, & Sheamus): 
The match kicks off Owens facing King Woods. Owens immediately rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp, taking a count out loss. (5-4 in favor of SmackDown)

Austin Theory is next in the ring facing King Woods. Woods tags in McIntyre who goes to town on Theory, then tags in Sheamus, who delivers chops, then tags in Corbin. Corbin drags Theory to the center and delivers a straight punch. Theory makes it to the corner and tags in Rollins. Corbin tags in King Woods, followed by Jeff Hardy tagging himself into the match. Sheamus is tagged in while Rollins makes it to his corner to tag in Balor. Sheamus tags Corbin back into the match against Balor, then immediately tags in King Woods, with McIntyre tagging himself back into the match. Hardy is tagged back in for Team SmackDown, followed by Happy Corbin again. Corbin has pin, but is broken up by Lashley. After all Hell breaks loose, Balor hits the Coup De Grace and the pin on Corbin. (4-4)

Jeff Hardy then enters to pick up against Balor. Balor drags Hardy to Team Raw’s corner and tags in Seth Rollins. Rollins tags in Lashley who delivers a crushing spear to Hardy immediately. After thrashing Hardy, Balor gets the tag back into the match. Rollins gets tagged in and both he and Balor try to double team Hardy, but Hardy is able to fight out and deliver a Swanton Bomb to both. Rollins is able to get to the corner and tag in Austin Theory. Hardy is able to fight out and tag in King Woods. Theory is able to fight back and tag in Lashley. Lashley takes out King Woods with the Hurt Locker. (4-3 in favor of Team Raw)

Hardy enters back into the match against Lashley. After being knocked down, McIntyre is able to tag himself into the match against Lashley. Both men take the fight outside the ring and get counted out and are eliminated. (3-2 in favor of Team Raw)

Before leaving, McIntyre delivers a brutal head butt to Rollins, and Sheamus enters for Team SmackDown. Rollins tags in Finn Balor and Sheamus goes to town on him. Sheamus delivers a Brogue Kick following a missed Coup De Grace and gets the pin. (2-2)

Austin Theory enters for Team Raw to face Sheamus. Theory is tagged out by Rollins, who immediately goes after Sheamus. Sheamus is able to get to the corner and tag in Jeff Hardy. Hardy goes to the 2nd rope and delivers a splash, nearly picking up the pin. After the chaos ensues between the 4 remaining, Sheamus and Rollins are the legal men. Rollins delivers a massive superkick to Sheamus, but can’t pick up the pin. Rollins tags Theory back into the match. Theory is able to roll up Sheamus and get the pinfall. (2-1 in favor of Team Raw)

Jeff Hardy is now the only one left for Team SmackDown. Sheamus turns around and knocks down Hardy. Rollins tagged in and delivers a splash from across the ring, but Hardy kicks out. Theory is tagged back into the match. Hardy delivers a Swanton Bomb to Theory and is able to pick up the pin. (1-1)

It’s now down to Hardy and Rollins left for their teams. Hardy gets the Twist of Fate reversed, but is able to get a near fall off a leg drop. Rollins gets back on the offense and hits Hardy in the back of the head. Hardy blocks the Stomp attempt and delivers a Twist of Fate. He then attempts a Swanton Bomb, but Rollins gets his knees up and blocks it. This allows Rollins to hit the Stomp and get the pin.

Winners: Team Raw

25 Man Dual Branded Battle Royal: The final 2 left are Ricochet and Omos. Ricochet is unable to overcome the size difference and gets tossed over the top rope.

Winner: Omos

The Usos (SmackDown Tag Team Champions) vs RK-Bro (Raw Tag Team Champions): After a match that was mostly dominated by The Usos, Orton grabs and delivers an RKO to secure the pinfall.

Winners: RK-Bro

Female Traditional Survivor Series Match
Team Raw (Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, Carmella, & Queen Zelina) vs Team SmackDown (Sasha Banks, Shotzi, Shayna Baszler, Natalya, Toni Storm): The match begins with Carmella vs Toni Storm in the ring. Carmella quickly tags in Queen Zelina so Carmella can get her mask. Zelina then tags in Carmella and takes the mask off. This leads to Storm picking up the roll up victory. (5-4 in favor of Team SmackDown)

Shotzi vs Bianca Belair is next in the ring. Belair tags Liv Morgan into the match to face Shotzi. Shotzi forces Liv into Team SmackDown’s corner and tags in Natalya. Liv gets Natalya into her corner and tags in Rhea Ripley. Shayna Baszler gets the tag from Natalya, who then double team to deliver a drop to Ripley. Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair both get the tags to enter for their teams. Zelina tags herself into the match and is tossed into Vega. Banks goes to her corner, but no one is willing to tag her until Toni Storm does. She enters and pins Queen Zelina. (5-3 in favor of Team SmackDown)

Liv Morgan enters to face Toni Storm. Morgan is able to pick up a quick pinfall. (4-3 in favor of Team SmackDown)

Shayna Baszler enters against Liv Morgan. Shotzi tags herself into the match, followed by Banks immediately tagging. Banks delivers a splash off the top and pins Morgan. (4-2 in favor of Team SmackDown)

Rhea Ripley returns to the match to face Sasha Banks. Banks is forced into her corner, where Shotzi tags herself into the match, then Baszler tags herself into the match. Baszler forces Ripley to submit almost immediately. (4-1 in favor of Team SmackDown)

Natalya quickly tags in after the submission and enters to face Belair. Banks tags herself into the match at the same time as Shotzi. This causes both to go after each other. Banks is then tossed outside the ring and the other members refuse to let her back into the ring, resulting in a count out. (3-1 in favor of Team SmackDown)

Natalya enters as the legal woman to face Belair again. Belair is able to roll up and get the pin on Natalya. (2-1 in favor of Team SmackDown)

Shayna Baszler enters and is quickly pinned by Belair. (1-1)

Belair and Shotzi are the last two remaining for their teams. Belair is able to hit the Kiss of Death on Shotzi and the pin.

Winners: Team SmackDown

Roman Reigns (WWE Champion) vs Big E (Universal Champion): We finally got a show of strength from Big E on display in this match. Reigns threw everything at him, including the kitchen sink, and Big E kept getting back up. However, he wasn’t able to overcome a final spear and was pinned.

Winner: Roman Reigns