Survivor Series – Not As Bad As The Build

Too many times we have railed on the card for a PPV.  The card, the build, whatever, and then we get a shockingly wonderful PPV out of nothingness.  Well, other than two matches this PPV had possibly the worst Survivor Series build we’ve ever seen.  McMahon said that once fans were back in the seats that he had the rest of 2021 planned out and would be jaw-dropping.  Well, the first couple weeks were, but since then things haven’t been just as bad, they have been worse.  There are so many issues in WWE right now and this isn’t the place to go off about them.  I hope you enjoy the return of The Glow, with a few changes.  Let us know what you think in the comments section below as we continue to build back.



Priest Goes Of The Rails!



I love watching Priest in the ring.  He shouldn’t be able to move the way he does, and that makes his ring work something special to watch.  He’s one of the few who came up from NXT and fit in flawlessly.  He screams top superstar and I’m sure we are going to see him facing Reigns, or whoever, for one of the biggies, sooner than later.  Putting him in the ring with Naka was interesting.  They both have their styles and they work really well together.  These two were all over the ring and it was a thrill to see.  I loved Boogs’ involvement musically, and how Priest threatened him for it.  That would be a fun match too!

I loved McAfee flipping out when Priest broke Boogs’ guitar.  It was a beautiful moment made better by McAfee.  I think it’s great that Priest went off the rails as we expect one other match to go.  Are they taunting us, or is it foreboding what’s to come?  Either way, this match should have been on the main show as it was so much better than Kick Off.  I love Priest as he’s evolving.  He needed to go off the rails here and as Booker said right after, this is the Priest to take it to the top.




This match should have been a high energy, match of the night style fight. Instead, we got a low key, grounded match that didn’t even draw the crowd in very well. The highlight of the match was what happened outside the ring with Boogs on the guitar. I really wanted and expected much more out of these two in the ring and was disappointed.



Former Besties



I love that this started so rough.  It was pretty much a given that this was going to be quite the hard hitter.  Both looked great in their new ring gear, though being on the road is showing in Char’s waist, which has seen her love handles return.  No shame here, all of Char that’s not plastic also look great.  She’s in great shape, just saying that being on the road is showing again.  Becky’s gear was a bit AE in that we saw most of her bum through most of the match.  Not complaining, just couldn’t be comfortable.

They really did a great job of slowing things down, they go back to really beating on each other, then back to slow.  It’s ring psychology that the women don’t get to show very often.  It’s usually Bayley and Sasha who get props for ring psychology, but these two really went out there knowing the plan and killed it for us fans.

That figure 4 from Becky was one of the worst I’ve ever seen.  She made Miz look like he was the best doing the move this decade!  I really thought we were going to get at least another five minutes from them and Becks pulled the dirty win.  I loved that Char was all smiles after it was over.  She sucked it up and did what was right, and I give them both props for not letting emotion take hold.




What can I say other than what a match! This was just as physical as I thought it would be and much more. While it didn’t devolve to the point I expected with weapons being involved, both left absolutely nothing behind in the ring and actually put on a clinic of a match. What makes it even better is that Lynch won dirty over Flair.



Tradition!  Tradition!



For those in the know, the title to this segment is a nod to Fiddler On The Roof.  Being a Traditional Survivor Series Match, I got the song stuck in my head.  If you’ve never seen or read Fiddler, you really should, it’s a fantastic story with great music.  Also, I love the little bitch way KO started this one.  I also love the way Lewis said, in the DD, each time that Jeff Hardy would be next to be eliminated and he was the last one standing for his team.  They had to give it to Raw, they were the only team at all wearing their shows’ color.  Theory wasn’t, but probably didn’t have time to get gear made since the change.

Not a bad match.  Not the best, but not bad at all.  I fully admit that their choice of people in the match didn’t help things for me at all.  It felt very thrown together and didn’t really give us a lot to look forward to from it.  I think these matches should be to kick off storylines to carry us through to the Rumble.  I am truly shocked that Jeff lasted to the end, though, as Natalie said in the DD, she knew he was in trouble when the shirt came off.  Rollins is going to be insufferable after this win, which should be painful as he was already pretty horrible.  He keeps this up and his kids will point to it and say they should be able to do (whatever they want to do) because their father acted in this specific way.




Wow, what a match! Definitely didn’t see Hardy being the last one standing for Team SmackDown, but I did get it right with Rollins being the final one standing for Team Raw and getting the win. This was a very high energy match that had several great spots. I was blown away by how well this match went.



It’s Pizza Slut!



Truth is a national treasure.  Honestly, that’s all I really should have to say about this match.  He is life itself and makes anything and everything better just by being there, but especially with food products.

Chet’s standing dropkick on Omos was a thing of beauty.  When it was obvious that Omos was going far, I was admonished for not picking him to win because he’s such an obvious top guy for something like this.  I really didn’t think he’d go far in this one, but have to wonder if they are gauging the fans to see what they think of Omos going forward, and possibly looking at him for the Rumble?  Just throwing it out there.

I really wasn’t very interested in that match, but they told a couple of great little stories in there, possibly setting up for more to come, and it was a nice little candy bar match.  Meaning it was tasty, sweet, a bit chunky in parts, and left me with a bit of a smile on my face.




What can I say other than this was nothing really special beyond a typical over the top rope challenge. It did have a few entertaining spots, but wasn’t anything to get too excited over. The end between Omos and Ricochet seemed rushed as well and could have played out a bit longer to try and sell Ricochet possibly winning.



When Heels Wear White



I have to be honest, this match couldn’t hold my attention.  I’ve really been enjoying RK-Bro and want their hoodie, but this was a typical Uso match and it was boring.  Stacy and I used most of the match to discuss what’s going on with our youngest, Sam.  It really wasn’t a PPV level match in any way, and the Usos are starting to get as predictable as Ric Flair was in the ring.  Really sad because they are better than that.




This was mostly a sleeper match to me. There wasn’t a lot of excitement in the ring, which was mostly dominated by The Usos. There wasn’t any real high flying moves through the match, which are typical with matches involving The Usos.



More Tradition!


I love that all the women in this match were representing team colors.  The only one not really in red, Zelina, has red hair, so I’ll let it slide.  Shotzi was in denim, but it was blue!

Some of the pairings in the ring were great.  More Bianca and Sasha, which will continue when they are again on the same show in a year or so.  Same with Rhea and Shayna, as they will feud again.  I also really enjoyed Liv and Toni working the ring.  They would make a fantastic tag team at some point in the future.  They’re about the same size, blonde, and have a similar aesthetic.  Could be a lot of fun.

I wasn’t thrilled when it came down to Bianca against four of Team SD, but then Sasha’s own team eliminated her and things started falling apart for SD.  Honestly I picked Raw to win this one because of Bianca and Rhea, then went with SD for the men to split it up.  I loved that it came down to Bianca who still has a bit of NXT on her and Shotzi who barely has any SD on her.  It was a great way to showcase some of these newer women over people like Natalya who is in the twilight of her career.  I wondered for a moment if Shotzi was going to pull it out for Team SD.  Between her feud with Sasha and that she was last one standing on her team, I see Shotzi doing well going forward.




Another match that was just there. There was again no real excitement or anything during the match. Nearly everything that happened was as expected with no real surprises. The action in the ring was slow and boring in my opinion and went about 10 minutes too long.



Big Men Slapping Meat



This was a lot of slapping meat in this ring and I loved it.  I didn’t think there was any way there would be a clean ending for Big E, but they made it look much more even than I expected from them.  They appeared to be on a level together, and I really thought McMahon would want Reigns to totally dominate.  Don’t get me wrong, Reigns has grown by leaps and bounds from that guy who looked great but was greener than goose poo and couldn’t manage to get out of his own way, or the barricade at times.  He looked good, but that was it.  Now he’s learned to talk, emote, and he really does have mad ring skills.  He will never be AJ Styles or Daniel Bryan Danielson, but he’s really become a force to be reckoned with.

Big E needed this match to cement himself as a serious champion, and he might not have won the match, but he held his own, looked amazing in there, and no one can say he doesn’t deserve to be the top guy on Raw.




What started out as a fairly slow match turned into a nice spectacle allowing both men to show their strength, which is something we don’t get to see a lot of out of Big E. There were consistent bouts of strength back and forth between the two, ranging from spears to drops to finishers. My one big complaint was the ending, and not because Roman won. The ending was really kind of boring. After all that happened, Big E finally just goes down for a pin from a spear with no fight? There should have been a better build for that move to end the match.



Thanks for joining us for this Glow, and join us for the Raw Dignified Discussion where we can totally trash what we saw on Survivor Series, and the direction they’re going with each storyline!

Queen & Jason