The Jest on Jeff Hardy

The following contains the opinion of Jester Jason on a situation involving Jeff Hardy and is strictly his opinion and does not necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of everyone at Wrestle Royalty.

As announced yesterday, Jeff Hardy was sent home over the weekend from the WWE Live Holiday Tour in Texas. During his House Hardy Twitch Stream yesterday, Matt Hardy has confirmed that he spoke with his brother, Jeff, regarding the incident that took place on Saturday with him walking off mid-match, and subsequently sent home the next day. In the video, Matt states that Jeff is home and doing OK. Beyond that, Matt stated that it’s not his story to tell what happened, but that’s for Jeff to tell when he’s ready.

Since the incident happened, rumors have been flying that this was a result of him being intoxicated from drugs and/or alcohol, which has NOT been confirmed or denied by anyone at this point. I will say this though, if that were the reason, based on previous posts on Social Media from both Jeff’s wife (Beth) and Matt, there would have been some sort of indication to it, and it’s not there. In addition to this, if it were related to drugs and/or alcohol, Jeff would have been suspended and it would have been announced by WWE.

In January 2020, amidst his contract originally set to expire around WrestleMania of that year, Jeff inked a 2 year extension. Due to injury time on his original contract, the new expiration was moved to around SummerSlam 2020, which would mean his contract is through August 2022. With that said, since his return to WWE, Vince McMahon and the rest of the company have been extremely supportive of Jeff overcoming his addiction, including providing support and help when needed.

The last known issue was when Hardy was arrested on October 3rd, 2019 for a DWI. He reached out to Vince directly the night before and said flat out he needs help and has an issue with alcohol. On that night, Jeff was observed carrying a case of beer to his vehicle by police, and he was subsequently tailed. He was pulled over after being observed swerving and admitted that he was drunk. Police also recovered an open bottle of alcohol from his vehicle. This would lead to him going to rehab for the first time in his life for help. Since this incident, Jeff has remained sober as far as documented and reported.

With all that said, why do I think Jeff walked off Saturday night and was sent home? I personally do not believe it was for drugs and/or alcohol for the reasons stated above, but I could be wrong. For me, I believe it’s a backstage issue stemming from the direction of his character and the scrapped plan for Willow. Jeff was to debut Willow on SmackDown after being drafted there in October, but that has yet to happen. There’s no confirmation of this being the reason either, but is speculation on my part. With Willow, everything was in place to happen, including an entrance theme, costume, and character build. It is possible that we still see it happen.

With Jeff still having just under 1 year left in WWE if the dates are correct, I would hate to see him burn his bridges with WWE by doing something stupid, such as getting drunk and/or high at an event, especially after all the support Vince has thrown his way. In addition to that, Vince has been very high up and supportive of Jeff in the ring as well. Knowing that, if there is backstage heat, I could see that as the reason for the events over the weekend and that was him acting out and showing his displeasure.

This is obviously still a developing story and when/if more information becomes available, we will certainly pass them on to you, the readers.