Jest on Kevin Owens & Brand Loyalists

The following is the opinion of Jester Jason and does not necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of the entire staff at Wrestle Royalty.

What happens when you close your mind off to other products and become a “Loyalist” to a particular company and/or brand? You put yourself in a box and set yourself up for failure and disappointment to the company and/or brand to which you are loyal. Here at Wrestle Royalty, we don’t use the term “fanboys” because it has a very bad connotation in the wrestling industry and history.

So what exactly is a “Loyalist”? A Loyalist is someone that is so dedicated and involved to a particular wrestling company and/or brand that no matter what, that company and/or brand can always do right and absolutely nothing wrong, while everything the other companies and/or brands do is wrong. I refuse to put myself in a box and become a Loyalist regarding wrestling because of the reasons aforementioned. When you open yourself up to all of the products, you enjoy it much more because it reduces/eliminates expectations. Just like with Kevin Owens right now.

I only reported that it was “likely” Kevin was leaving for AEW because that’s what was being relayed by talent and those close to him. So when he resigned, I was a little shocked, but I wasn’t hurt by it or judgmental. I always maintained and stated, it was still possible. In the end, Kevin did what was best for him and his family, and chose to remain with the company he’s spent the last 7 years because that’s his “home”. As for those he told he was going to AEW, maybe it was going to happen until ROH announced they’re ceasing operations, or maybe it was a ploy to get more of what he wanted out of WWE. But Randy Orton did the same thing in 2019 when his contract was expiring and it made his name relevant again. Kevin is now seeing the same type of reaction, for the most part.

But reading some of these comments, threads, and articles, the AEW Loyalists are crying and complaining because they swore and “knew” Kevin was going to AEW. Then when he didn’t, they started screaming that he made a mistake and screwed up the rest of his career. By putting yourself in that box, that’s the mindset you end up with… disappointment. At the end of the day, by putting yourself in that box as well, you miss the big picture of what’s best for Kevin and his family, and not you, the fan.

So what can be done to fix this mindset? Forget the box, forget the loyalty, and reopen your mind to the ENTIRE wrestling industry. This doesn’t mean you have to like everything everyone does, but reduce your expectations, desires, and hatred towards others and get back to what matters most: Enjoy the industry and support the talent. Of course, feel free to criticize what you see, but do so fairly and be an equal opportunity critic (Line from Queen KB), but stop bashing particular companies/brands just because of spite and hatred. This is a time of greatness to be a wrestling fan with 2 major companies. We haven’t seen this kind of action since before 2001 when WCW was going head to head with WWF/E. So sit back, relax, and enjoy it!