Follow Up on Nash Carter Accusations

This is a follow up story on Nash Being Accused of Abuse

Kimber Lee took to Twitter yesterday to address people regarding the ongoing situation between herself and Nash Carter. Since posting and removing the Tweets about being a victim of abuse, she has been receiving hurtful comments and phone calls from people all over as shown below:

The following is a response to one commenter on her earlier Tweet from above questioning why she doesn’t just come clean:

While Nash Carter has yet to respond to the allegations of abuse, he did Tweet the following after they were made public on Twitter late Monday night:

It’s unknown if that’s a direct jab at her regarding the accusations or not, but the timing of the Tweet to hers is uncanny and very suspect. There are unconfirmed rumors that the police have been called to their residence in the past for domestic situations as well. As of right now, neither IMPACT! or WWE has commented on the situation. In the past, it was stated by Triple H that WWE takes accusations like this very seriously and will investigate and follow proper procedure. As of right now, Carter is still scheduled to face Imperium and The Creed Brothers as a member of MSK at this Saturday’s NXT: Stand & Deliver.

Jason’s Jest: From the standpoint of both a fan of wrestling and someone against domestic abuse, this is completely uncalled for as a reaction by the people outside looking in towards the allegations! The fact that people have the audacity to stoop this low is sickening and heartbreaking! Those that contribute to the abuse should just log off every communication device and throw them in the trash because they have no right to say the things they have towards someone that appears to be going through a major situation right now.