Royal Opinion – NXT: Stand & Deliver

Saturday, April 2nd, WWE presents Stand & Deliver from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.  We hope you enjoy our predictions for this PPV which is bound to be a fun one!



NXT North American Championship Fatal Five Way Ladder Match

Carmello Hayes (c) vs Grayson Waller vs Santos Escobar vs Solo Sikoa vs Cameron Grimes


I’m really excited for this one.  I love Grimes and can’t wait to see him work a Ladder Match.  Honestly, I’m interested in how they all work this match, but my eyes will be on Grimes, Sikoa, and Waller.  They are the ones I really think are interesting, different, and have massive upsides.  Yes, Escobar is good, we all know this, so I know he will show well, but it’s not his time to win that strap.  Hayes has impressed me, but he needs to drop the strap here and really build himself chasing, not carrying.  As impressed as I am with Sikoa, I don’t think all of his family will be keeping gold over WM weekend, so there’s no true need for him to win this one right now.  Waller is good, but he’s not ready.  Grimes is the one who really needs this win to bring his character full circle, give us that feel good moment, and really propel this young man to the next level, which I think he’s more than proven to be ready for.

Winner & New North American Champion – Cameron Grimes



I am not a fan of Carmelo Hayes and especially Grayson Waller also I barely tolerate Santos Escobar.  Solo however is pretty good though, but I’m not sure he is ready quite yet. Grimes on the other hand is a favorite of mine.  Cutting his hair has been a wonderful thing for him.  I liked him before and really like him a lot now.

Cameron Grimes will walk out the winner!



As much as it pains me to say this, The Bloodline already dominates and rules SmackDown, so why shouldn’t it begin in NXT as well? I think we see Solo Sikoa climb and emerge with the Title from the top of the ladder.

Winner & New North American Champion – Solo Sikoa



Tommaso Ciampa vs Tony D’Angelo


This one is easy, the sexy little man Ciampa needs to win his final NXT match.  He DESERVES to win this final NXT match.  He would deserve to win it again anyone, but especially against Tony.  Tony is nowhere near Ciampa’s level and shouldn’t even be facing him at such a big show, but I’m cranky over what a bleeping cliche he is, and not even good the way the FBI was.  Something about him and his character rubs me the wrong way and I haven’t been able to put my finger on it yet, but I’ll let you know when I get it.

Winner – Ciampa



Tommaso Ciampa is fantastic, I love his character and his wrestling.  He can go toe to toe with anyone and he can talk on the mic. I honestly very much dislike the character that Tony D’Angelo portrays, it’s been done before, it’s old and boring.  However Ciampa is probably moving to the main roster (I don’t want that!) normally we would say he’s going to lose before he moves to the main roster, HOWEVER, he does not have a title that he needs to lose.

Ciampa will wipe the ring with TD!



This is a match I could see going in either direction. However, with D’Angelo being the young gun in this fight, I think he goes over Ciampa here to build him up further.

Winner – Tony D’Angelo



NXT Championship Fatal Four Way Match

Mandy Rose (c) vs Cora Jade vs Io Shirai vs Kay Lee Ray


I really love everyone in this match, other than the Champ.  Mandy is not right for NXT and I’m really disgusted with how she’s been used there.  There are too many women in NXT who deserve to be NXT well above and before Mandy.  Io was a great champion and I hope she continues to fight for the strap, but this isn’t her time to win it.  Cora is a cute girl who learns so much each time she’s in the ring, has grown by leaps and bounds, and while her speaking voice isn’t fantastic, she has a quirky charm inherent to her that will carry her until she really gets it in WWE.  The thing is she’s really young and has a lot of growing time ahead of her.  Then there’s Kay Lee Ray.  She confused me at first because she has a very hard look to her, but I can see the sweetness and passion in her eyes.  She needs to win the strap here, have a short, but solid run with the NXT Championship, and then get brought up to the main roster to really wreck havoc on the women of WWE with that green bat of hers.

Winner & New NXT Champion – KLR!



I really, really do not like streetwalker, aka Mandy Rose, I will never root for her, ever!  I want her to lose her title in the worst way.  Wrestlers are supposed to get better the longer they wrestle (at least until they get too old) not worse.  Cora Jade has had some really fun moments and has actually done a lot more than I thought she would this early in her career, but it’s still a bit early for her to win the title.  Io is fantastic and is a great wrestler and somehow manages to do much better on the mic than some for whom English is the first language.  KLR is also fantastic and a lot of fun to watch.  I would love any of the last three women to win however I think it’s KLR’s time.

Kay Lee Ray for the win and the title!



Another changing of the guard here. It’s time to let Kay Lee Ray shine in the spotlight for a while. I think she will end the reign of Mandy Rose and become your new NXT Women’s Champion.

Winner & New NXT Women’s Champion – Kay Lee Ray



NXT Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match

Imperium (c) vs MSK vs The Creed Brothers


This one is an interesting one with the accusations about Nash flying around.  I enjoy MSK, but worry they either won’t last, or VKM will sweep everything under the rug like he did with the Usos, setting a terrible precedent.  Then again VKM has set that precedent with the Usos.  Anyway, because of those worries and how bleeping BORING The Creed are, Imperium needs to retain and really destroy both teams in this match.

Winners – Imperium



It’s time for Imperium to drop the titles and maybe move to the main roster, however there are other things to think of.  MSK is currently having some issues, mostly Nash Carter being accused of abuse from his wife.  While I would have picked them to win before the allegations, I think that having them win at this moment would not be a good idea.  It’s too early for the Creed Brothers plus they still look like jobbers.  Imperium is going to retain the belts and go to the main roster at another time.  Personally, I wish they would replace MSK with Jacket Time and give them the titles, but what I want and what they do are two different things.

Imperium will retain.



With Imperium having just started out on NXT, I don’t see them dropping anytime soon. They dominated all over NXT UK and it’s time for them to dominate over NXT.

Winners – Imperium



NXT Championship Match

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Bron Breakker


This one is easy.  There’s no way Baby Steiner isn’t winning the strap back from Ziggy.  With Dad and Uncle Pappa Punk watching from the front row on WM weekend when they were inducted into the WWE HOF will make it that much more touching.  They really need to give us this feel good moment.  Also, as much as I truly love Trip, it will burn his biscuits to see Scotty Steiner on the show Trip made great.  All massive egos need a kick to the groin now and then.  It’s good for the digestion.  Anyway, I can’t wait to see Baby come out on top and Ziggy leave with his tail tucked between his legs.

Winner & New NXT Champion – Bron Breakker



Dolph needs to go back to the main roster, he does not belong on nxt. Bron Breakker is really good, he definitely learned from his father and uncle but he needs to stay on NXT for a while.

Bron is going to win the title back and about time!



This is a tougher one to figure out who will emerge as the victor. Both Dolph and Bron are officially listed as members of Monday Night Raw. I see some sort of swerve happening here where Bron wins the Title, but immediately drops to someone else, either the same night or at WrestleMania.

Winner – Bron Breakker



LA Knight vs Gunther


I watched the build for this, but I still don’t buy it.  As charismatic as Knight is, he doesn’t have a chance in the ring against WALTER.  It’s just how it is.  I can see Knight being solid midcard talent in WWE, lower than Miz in the grand scheme of things, but similar in many ways.  Then there’s WALTER who is a top superstar if VKM doesn’t screw it up.  WALTER is scary good in the ring and has quite the presence in the ring.  No way WALTER doesn’t win this one on WM weekend.

Winner – WALTER



No not Gunther despite the name change, he is and always will be Walter!  LA Knight has been rather entertaining lately and his in-ring work is quite good, not to mention he’s good on mic.  However Walter is going to win, he’s good and is popular, well I think he is.

Walter for the win.



I’m sorry, but it’s Walter to me and always will be Walter! Gunther is such a ridiculous name and should have never been used for him! With that being said, Walter is a powerhouse that also dominated NXT UK. Just like his fellow Imperium members, he will dominate and destroy LA Knight.

Winner – Walter



NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Toxic Attraction vs Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai


What a lovely moment between Kai and Gonzalez on NXT this week.  I love Kai’s character and her acting chops while Gonzalez has the power in the ring.  They are fun together, but where does that leave Wendy?  Also, where is Wendy after she was so obviously attacked by Toxic Attraction.  I hope she pops up and helps the good guys take out what is left of Toxic after Mandy is left without gold as well.  It’s always fun when the bullies who think they are better than everyone else get their comeuppance.

Winners & New NXT Tag Team Champions – Gonzalez & Kai



Dakota and Raquel were the inaugural NXT Women’s Tag Team Champs and it is great to see them back together. Dakota is delightfully unhinged and Raquel is powerful. Gigolo and Jacey have fallen too much under the influence of the streetwalker a.k.a Mandy. They are good wrestlers who would be fun to watch (especially GiGi) away from mandy. However, to accomplish this they need to lose and realize that Mandy is out for Mandy.

Dakota and Raquel for the win.



I believe that it’s time for a change in the Titles. Toxic Attraction has held them for long enough now and it’s time for a switch. I expect to see Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai to emerge victorious with the Titles at the end of the match.

Winners & New NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions – Gonzalez & Kai



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