Royal Opinion – WrestleMania Saturday

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Saturday, April 2nd, WWE presents WrestleMania Saturday from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  This will be the third year that WM is being played over two nights.  As WWE continues to grow, so does WrestleMania.


Smackdown Championship Match

Charlotte Flair (c) vs Ronda Rousey


This is one match I have little to nothing invested in.  I don’t like how WWE feels they need to rest on their part-timers and MMA crossovers.  I enjoy Ronda and am thrilled she had a baby because I knew that was truly important to her.  She’s living her best life and doing all the things on her farm.  Further, that she was able to come back so quickly after giving birth is truly inspired, but that doesn’t mean she should be back.  I get it, it’s WM season and it’s what WWE does, but maybe they should reevaluate all the things they usually do because they usually do them.  Just not a good enough reason at this point in their history.

What’s good for the goose…I’m not letting Ms. Ego off the hook either.  That her ego has gotten to the point it is, and how she can’t keep her own composure in the ring with Becky and went off the rails shows me that she’s just a spoiled plastic child who was raised by a spoiled child who also sexually assaults(ed) women.  She didn’t have a great base to start with and VKM has fed into her ego so much that she’s become a parody of herself.  Some might claim I’m jealous, but to be honest I’d rather be a housewife Crohnie who works to keep from going under the knife than one who has no issue altering herself to the point of, well, what she looks like now.  She keeps this up she’s going to make Joan Rivers look like a natural woman!

All that being said, time to get that strap off Charlotte, and go in a different direction.  Please go in a different direction!

Winner & New SD Champion – Ronda ‘I Have Milk Boobs And Can Still Kick Your Ass’ Rousey



Ugg, the plastic princess needs to lose and lose hard, but then again Ronda does too.  Flair is not great either in the ring or on the mic and her gear fits rather poorly.  Ronda has boring gear but she’s not as bad as Flair.  I’m picking Ronda not because I want her to win but because I refuse to cheer for Flair to win anything.

Ronda to win.



It’s time for the plastic wannabe Barbie to drop the belt! She’s annoying, arrogant, has no personality, and is just plain bland. I hope to see Ronda absolutely destroy Charlotte in this match to the point her plastic face gets knocked out of place and walk out with the Title.

Winner: Ronda Rousey



Raw Championship Match

Becky Lynch (c) vs Bianca Belaire


Finally we are revisiting the scene of the crime and things will be made right!  SummerSlam was a travesty, even though I know why they did it the way they did.  Now it’s time for things to be rectified.  Last year Bianca won at WM in the most groundbreaking main event they’ve had since WM 35.  It was a beautiful thing and it is time for these two women to up the ante.  They could totally steal the show, and should.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Bianca’s braid, but I think that its run is going to be coming to an end soon.  It was a great gimmick for a number of years, but not something she can use as a crutch for decades.  Times have changed.  She’s not Cowboy Bob Orton and doesn’t need the braid to win.  That being said, I’m sure after she removes/loses her braid, I expect it to pop up at the strangest times through her career.  Like Edge teasing Brood, Trip with DX, Austin with his beer, they are part of their wrestling history and will always reappear at the perfect moments.

Winner & New Raw Champion – Bianca ‘The Braid’ Belaire



Both women kill it night after nite, match after match, and have for quite some time.  They are fantastic on the mic and while I sometimes question Becky’s fashion choices, they both look great, however Becky needs to eat a cookie every now and then, she’s too skinny.  This match is going to be fantastic and I know Becky is going to try and fight dirty however no matter what she is going to lose, Bianca is prepared this time and will succeed again!

Bianca for the win.



The only thing I wish this match had was a stipulation of hair vs hair after the events on Monday. This should be a great match with potential to steal the night in physicality between both. The only question I have concerning the match: How many welts does Becky leave the match with on her body? It’s Belair’s time and she will pick up the victory here.

Winner: Bianca Belair



Miz & Paul Logan vs Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio


Just yuck!  I get why they are doing this and Logan has both physicality and massive heat that he comes into WM with, so much more than most mainstream stars brought in to work WM, but both Pat McAfee and Bad Bunny have raised the bar to a level I never thought we’d see.  Unless Logan is learning the right moves and how to handle himself in a WWE ring, I worry that an injury will occur and I’m not willing to put either Mysterio in that line of fire.  Then again I have no say on this matter.  So, yes, I get why they went there, but I’m disgusted and this young man should not be celebrated for his bad decisions and judgment.  The heat he gets from me is Charlotte heat and nothing more.  Because of this I have to go with Rey and Dom, they need this win.

Winners – Rey ‘The Legend’ Mysterio & Dominik ‘The Kid’ Mysterio



Blah, Rey and Dom are going to get screwed all to make some dumb “influencer” look good.  This is not worth the time to watch.  Unfortunately, The Miz (who is not a bad wrestler at all) and Logan Paul (who needs to go home) will win.  Yuck.

Miz and Paul win.



I hate this match for both Dominic and Rey. The addition of Logan Paul has turned this matchup into one that no one cares about because of how big a joke Logan Paul is in the ring. He has no business whatsoever in WWE and is an arrogant, pompous ass that needs to just stay home and off social media and television. I really want the Mysterio’s to win this one, but I don’t think it happens. Miz and Logan pick up the win so they can continue their arrogant ways.

Winners: Miz & Logan Paul



Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

Usos (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs


It’s time.  No, it’s beyond time for the law-breaking Usos to lose those straps.  It could be a very hard weekend for the Family, and it will start with this match.  I’m not sure I’d have gone with Naka and Boogs to face them, but VKM has done nothing for the Tag Division this past year or so.  Naka ran with the IC Championship for 180 or so days and I remember none of that.  Further, Sami beat him for it and has run with the strap even longer.  That shows me that Naka isn’t being booked to be believable or memorable.  Yes, putting Boogs with him has helped on many levels, and I adore Boogs.  I think Boogs has a massive upside if he’s ever put in decent snigglets and developed more of a persona than that guitar guy who looks like a cross between Ravishing Rick Rude and The Model Rick Martel with a dash of Honky Tonk Man, for obvious reasons.  He really has that IT factor, but I feel like he’s not handled well right now.  So while I think it’s absolutely time the Usos dropped the straps they should never have gotten after being arrested, I don’t think Naka and Boogs are the right direction, unless they have massive plans for them.

Winners & New SD Tag Team Champions – Rick ‘The Cruz’ Boogs & Shinsuke ‘MJ Mercury’ Nakamura



The Usos are good when sober, Shinsuke is really good and I can handle Boogs in small doses.  I really wish that Shinsuke was still tagging with Cesaro but VKM ruined that.  If Shinsuke was tagging with someone I really liked I’d back him all the way but nope he’s not.  Hopefully the Usos will be sober because they are going to win.

Usos will win.



This is where the downfall of The Bloodline begins. Jimmy & Jey will be dropping the belts before heading for rehab to get over their sadness of losing the belts. It’s time for The Bloodline to end and move on to something else, even though Roman has amazed me as a heel and his ability to captivate.

Winners: Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs



Drew McIntyre vs Happy Corbin w/ Madcap Moss


This match is exactly what PPVs are made for.   Traditionally the face gets beaten down for a month or more, can’t get the upper hand, can’t get a win over the cheating heel(s) he’s fighting against.  It’s all doom and gloom on ‘free’ TV, all leading to the big night where the face finally gets the upper hand and soundly defeats the heel, leaving said heel and his cohorts in a seething pile in the middle of the ring.  It seems to be the perfect way to tie this up in a neat little bow.  Yes, I’m still bummed that McIntyre didn’t get his amazing WM in front of fans and have to hope he will get it in the next couple, but until then he deserves this win.

Winner – Drew ‘Man In Plaid’ McIntyre



I’m liking Happy Corbin, he is much more fun than sadsack Corbin was.  I would love to say Corbin will win, but I’m not a fan of Moss and until he drops him I don’t want Corbin to win at all.  Drew is very good in the ring and is fun to watch, the fact he is dead sexy and has a great accent does not hurt.

Drew to win.



It’s time for McIntyre to begin his rise to the top again. Vince had him at the top and he was great at it. Then he decided to take the top spot from him and give it to Lashley, which was a big mistake. Drew will dominate and knock that stupid smile off Corbin’s face one and for all.

Winner: Drew McIntyre



Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins vs TBA


This one has been such a fun build.  This is the type of build that gets the fans riled up in the best of ways.  That Rollins jumped through all the hoops when all he had to do was ask.  Then how they have not shown the mysterious person on WWE TV, even though we all know who it is.  This has brought about so many ideas about how Mr. TBA is going to be re-announced to the WWE Universe.  They have a ticking time bomb on their hands and I hope they set it off in the most beautiful way possible.  All that being said, all the shenanigans Rollins went through to get this match, there’s no way he’s going to win it.

Winner – Cody Rhodes



How can one predict this?  But I have an idea who TBA is I’m going with TBA just because I’m ornery that way.

TBA to win.



This match is going to be a Nightmare of Rhodes paved with gold. We already know who the mystery opponent will be unless there’s a major change of plans at the last minute. Vince is going to come out and announce Cody Rhodes as the opponent for Seth Rollins. The crowd will go insane and Cody will pick up the win. I really want Vince to troll the crowd though and have one or two others come out as opponents first, which Seth will defeat and then Cody will finally come out and win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes



King Woods & Kofi Kingston vs Ridge Holland & Sheamus w/ Butch


I’d so much rather see Sheamus and Butch vs New Day, but that’s me.  Ridge is not ready for matches like this, PPVs, and especially not WM!  I get that VKM loves to get as many people as possible on the WM card, but to me, that dilutes the whole greatness that’s supposed to be WM!  Not every player gets a Super Bowl moment, so why should every WWE superstar get a WM moment?  Especially after what happened with Big E.  I know he feels bad, and I know he’s doing all the right things, but giving him a WM moment just weeks after that really hurts my heart.  It’s because of this I have to go with New Day going over on this one.  I hope Butch gets involved in some way because he really should have a WM moment.

Winners – New Day



This is hard, both teams are really good, The New Day has more experience together and that might give them an edge.  However, Sheamus and Ridge have Butch in their corner which could be a huge positive in their favor.  But I think that The New Day is going to come out on top and win!

New Day to win.



It’s a shame what happened to Big E as this was originally supposed to be a 3 vs 3 match. I am hopeful that Big E will still get his WrestleMania moment this year by coming out with Xavier and Kofi, then chases Butch off or takes him out as retribution for his broken neck. Coming off that injury, I don’t see how New Day doesn’t come out the victors here for Big E.

Winners: The New Day



The KO Show!

Kevin Owens ‘Interviews’ Stone Cold Steve Austin


While this could be a simple one and done, I expect this to be a riotous good time, and possibly go off the rails, depending on Austin’s mood and the crowd reaction.  I expect KO will try to get a stunner on Austin at some point during this, after much nastiness and yelling.  I expect some really interesting comments between the two before it all devolves.  This is a dream segment for KO, as it would be for any wrestler to get a WM moment with Austin, but in the end, KO will end up covered in beer.



These two are some of the best talkers in the industry. While technically it’s really an episode of the KO Show, I don’t’ believe it will remain just that. They will insult each other and pretty much spread the crap until it’s thigh-high and finally one of these two hotheads will blow and Kevin’s head will bounce off the ring floor as Steve puts a beat down on him like no one else. Yes, it will be Steve due to his neck injury they cannot risk him. In the end, Steve will stand victorious and Kevin will lie in a pool of Steve’s beer. I wonder if it’s any good?



KO comes out and introduces Austin. While in the ring, KO begins insulting and ranting about Texas (again). After a little bit, Austin finally has enough and takes out KO with a Stunner. He then celebrates by drinking a few beers before leaving.

I REALLY want KO to take out Austin, but I just don’t think it happens.



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