Royal Opinion – WrestleMania Sunday

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WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way

Carmella & Zelina Vega (c) vs Sasha Banks & Naomi vs Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley vs Natalya & Shayna Baszler


There are two really strong teams in this match, and while all of them have their strengths, I could only see either of two of the teams walking out of this match with gold.  It’s time for Carmella and Vega to drop the straps and hopefully someone will make them somewhat worthwhile.  As great as Baszler is, she’s sidled with Natalya and that’s just horrible.  Their teaming makes no sense and is detrimental to Baszler’s career right now.  It’s time for her to start going after the big fish, specifically Ronda after WM!  For me it’s deciding between those I adore in Rhea and Liv, and those who could really make the Tag Team Championship to the next level in Sasha and Naomi.  As much as I love Rhea and Liv, I want to see what Sasha and Naomi can do with the straps, as long as Sasha can stay healthy.

Winners & New WWE Tag Team Champions – Sasha Banks & Naomi – The Sassy Sassies



These are all really good wrestlers, yes even the beige one a.k.a. Carmella.  Zelina and Carmella have surprisingly made a pretty good tag team.  But honestly it’s time to let someone else shine.  Sasha and Naomi are also very good and would make great champions as would Rhea and Liv or even Natalya and Shayna.  This match should be really good if they are given the time to do what they need/want in the ring.  That said it’s time for Natalya to either show the personality that she has outside of the ring or retire and teach.  Shayna has not been treated well on the main roster, she is fantastic and deserves a run as the champ, not another tag team mess where she gets buried again.  Rhea and Liv are great together.  They are good in the ring and funny on Twitter.  I think Rhea and Liv should win and have their time to shine.

Rhea and Liv to win.



Going to be blunt and straight to the point here: If Ripley and Morgan don’t win, I’m throwing a freaking sledgehammer through my TV! It’s well beyond the point to strap Morgan as she has deserved a top run in the company for years now. Vince needs to take the bleeping blinders off and make it happen this time!

Winners: Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan



Anything Goes Match

Johnny Knoxville vs Sami Zayn


This is going to be the cluster match of the weekend.  We all know that Knoxville will bring all his Jackass friends for their type of hilarity to ensue.  I’ve grown up a lot since I used to watch Bam, Knoxville, and the rest torment Bam’s family and each other.  To me this doesn’t have a place at WM, but that’s VKM for you.  Because of all the horrible surrounding this one, I’m going with Knoxville to win, even though he shouldn’t be working the ring at WM.

Winner – Johnny ‘Jackass’ Knoxville



I don’t’ like either of these men.  I neither know nor care about Johnny Knoxville, personally, I wish he would crawl back under whatever rock he crawled out from under.  While I am not a fan of Sami Zayn’s he is a wrestler and should win as such.  He does this for a living, unlike the idiot JK.

Sami to win.



I want to be invested in this match as I know Knoxville has actually trained with WWE in the past, but I just can’t. I don’t know what it is, but something is just turning me off from this match. I don’t honestly care who wins, but since I have to pick, I’m going with Knoxville since he’s the guest and the guest always wins at Mania.

Winner: Johnny Knoxville



Pat McAfee vs Austin Theory


I’m quite excited for this one and am really enjoying the build.  McAfee is a wrestler whose life took another path for a while, but he’s there and killing it in WWE.  He continues to impress me week in and week out.  He’s fantastic and fully rounded.  Then there’s Theory who I thought was no one to even notice until I really started noticing him.  It was in The Way that I really saw his acting chops and IT factor.  These two are really hard to choose from.  VKM obviously believes in Theory, or he wouldn’t be working with him on Raw the way he has.  On the other hand McAfee is amazing and truly is a pro wrestler who got diverted a bit until his dreams came true.  He was the first to really step up and do the mainstream to WWE thing really well, and that’s because him, like Bad Bunny, is truly a pro wrestler at heart and respects the ring in a way not enough do.  My heart is with McAfee, but the future is Theory.  I did it, I couldn’t decide, so I flipped a coin.  Well, Stacy did as I’m being held down by a 3lbs cat as I type this, and it came up heads!

Winner – Pat ‘Bounces Like A Boy’ McAfee



I love, love, love Pat McAfee on commentary and this man loves wrestling.  He has worked hard to become a better wrestler and improve himself both in and outside of the ring.  Austin is not a bad wrestler, I’m just not a fan of the character he plays nor of his gimmick of taking selfies.  It’s old and has been done before.  While I hope Pat stays on commentary, I want to see him win and hand Austin the needed defeat.

Pat to win.



Oh boy, another match that just seems like a filler. This is another match I don’t have any interest in seeing as the build for it has been boring and lackluster. It comes across to me as a way for Pat to get free publicity for his Show and so he will get his WrestleMania moment similar to Cole at WrestleMania 27. The difference? Cole actually had a nice build to his match and had meaning behind it. This is just there. Unfortunately, I’m going with McAfee for the win so he can brag further.

Winner: Pat McAfee



Raw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match

RK-Bro (c) vs Street Profits vs Alpha Academy


This should be a fun one.  As solid as all three teams are, it’s RK-Bro who will have my attention.  I’m really not ready for them to break up, so I don’t want them to lose this one.  I think that’s the only way they can stay together right now.  When they lose one will turn on the other, and I truly hope it’s Riddle turning on Orton, because that’s not the direction most will expect.  Orton is such a fantastic heel and Riddle is such fun as a face, but I think him turning heel on Orton, flipping the script, would bring Riddle to that next level.  That next level is BL.

Winners – RK ‘Leaders of Laughs’ Bro



RK-Bro is very entertaining and are fantastic wrestlers (Riddle protect your feet and ankles!) as are the Sreet Profits.  I would love for either of these two teams to win.  The street profits really need a win, I mean really need a win.  However my gut tells me that VKM is going to break them up sometime soon, but I don’t want them to.  And don’t get me wrong Alpha Academy is good too, but Chad’s Shushing is annoying as all get out.  I’m going with RK-Bro just because I want to continue enjoying them and their antics.

RK-Bro to win.



Now this is a match that is interesting on many levels as any one of these teams can walk out as Champions. You have Street Profits with the heel turn in the works, but it seems like Vince just isn’t ready to pull the trigger completely. Then you have Alpha Academy, who is just absolutely entertaining on the mic, same as RK-Bro. Many think that Riddle will turn on Orton here, but I don’t think that happens yet. That was a plan following Rumble to happen, but WWE pulled the plug and kept them together and I couldn’t be happier as they have been a blast as a team. I think Street Profits will win the belts here, but instead of them going heel, it will be RK-Bro. The fans are reluctant to embrace Street Profits as heel, plus, Orton can sell heel like nearly no one else in WWE history.

Winners: The Street Profits



Edge vs AJ Styles


This is going to be an EPIC match!  This could totally be the match to end all matches at this WM.  These two are going to leave it all out there.  Normally I’d say the younger guy and/or face should win at WM, but I think Edge really needs this win.  He’s struggled with injuries and losses since his return.  While he and Beth went over Miz and Maryse, it was Beth who got the three.  He did defeat Orton at WM a few years back, but with the world seems to wake up again it’s time for Edge to have his true WM, give him the true WM feels he should have had in 2011 after beating (that POS) ADR, but didn’t as he had to relinquish and retire.  I really hope 2022 is Edge’s year because he’s one of the best in the industry, gives us the best segments, best matches, and could really show the kids how things should be done on WWE TV.  He’s downright amazing and a font of information, so I’m hoping this is going to be his moment to shine.

Winner – Edge ‘Pinnacle Of The Mountain’



This one is a really hard one to predict and in my opinion, this should be the headline match.  Both men are excellent in the ring and very enjoyable.  This is going to be one heck of a match.  If they are given the amount of time they need this will be the best match of the entire night.  It can honestly go either way as both men are wiley and tough.  I’m going with my gut and say that Edge will win, if not AJ will win (Queen stop laughing), but Edge is my first bet.

Edge to win, I think.



This is another match that has been fun to watch the build. I love that we have the ultimate heel in WWE back, in Edge. There’s no one currently in WWE that can compare to him when it comes to being a heel, not even Roman Reigns or Orton. He is just so magical at it and it’s so natural that you can’t help but absolutely love it! With that being said, I don’t think he goes over with the win here unfortunately due to the limited number of matches and appearances per year on his contract. I think we will see AJ Styles go over here.

Winner: AJ Styles



Bobby Lashley vs Omos


This is really a bad idea.  Lashley, who hadn’t been cleared on Friday suddenly showed up on Raw and very obviously cleared as he bumped all over the place.  The thing is that it was obvious the match Omos had been in with Erik of Viking Raiders ended abruptly, and from the outside looking in it appeared as though the Count Out finish happened because Erik was injured by Omos.  The look on Erik’s face sitting outside the ring holding himself was one of pure ire.  He was glaring at Omos in the ring and it didn’t look scripted to me.

So now Omos, someone who is way too green to do much in the ring, but is massive, so he can easily injure someone without trying, is going to face Lashley at WM, someone who is questionably back from injury.  From all sides this match looks like a bad idea, and it appears as though both Omos and Lashley know this is a bad idea.  The way they were bumping in the ring, both Lashley and Omos were carefully avoiding Lashley’s shoulder, which sidelined him in the first place.  I could go on and on about how bad of an idea this is, but I have no say in the matter.

I’m going to surprise you and say Lashley deserves the win here for simple doing this incredibly stupid thing for VKM.

Winner – Bobby ‘Too Daft To Say No’ Lashley



I just don’t care.  It will not be a fun match to watch, just two big men blowing a lot of steam. Honestly, Omos needs a loss and Bobby needs a win.  So that’s how I’m going to call it.

Bobby for the win.



I am going on record now as saying this match is just a horrific idea all around. Lashley legitimately has an injured shoulder and has put off surgery just so he can have this match at WrestleMania. One wrong move and his arm could be done for good. I understand that WWE is limited on big guys to take on Omos, but Lashley is not the answer. That being said, I think Lashley will go over here with the win, then Omos will attack after the match for the injury angle, allowing Lashley to get the surgery he desperately needs.

Winner: Bobby Lashley



Winner Take All Unifying Match

Roman Reigns (Universal Champion) vs Brock Lesnar (WWE Champion)


This, to me, screams that Paul Heyman is going to flip the script yet again.  It’s WM where they are supposed to pull out all the stops, so who better to turn it all on its ear in the main event of WM?  Heyman is one of the great geniuses of pro wrestling, and that’s just on screen!  The man is brilliant with pro wrestling, just not running the pro wrestling company.  It appears as though Heyman and VKM have found a happy balance and it’s almost always brilliant.  He ‘turned’ on Reigns only to turn on BL, but this is Paul E Dangerously!  He’s been the manager for such fantastic guys as Mean Mark Callous and Curtis Axel!  He’s unstoppable!

Anyway, I expect that this one could turn bloody, even though that’s rarely a thing in WWE these days.  Just knowing how hard these two like to go in the ring, that it’s WM, and it’s for the Undisputed WWE Championship, which we’ve not had since Jericho did it in 2001.  It will be interesting to see how this match goes down, but I’ll be shocked if many think Reigns will win it.  Not that he doesn’t have the following, but BL is hotter than he’s ever been and is killing it in a way that won over even me.  I’m the one who has been down on BL the longest, by leaps and bounds, because I couldn’t stand him from the day he first debuted in WWF.  I just didn’t like the man and stood by that for the better part of two decades and didn’t waiver once, until he got off the juice and found his humanity.  Now he’s totally going to win Heyman to his side and become the ‘Reigning, Undisputed…Blah, blah, blah!’  We all know the drill.

Winner – Brock ‘Finally Found His Humor’ Lesnar



I have been vocal for a long time that I do not like this Head of the Table shit that Roman is giving us.  He’s been Champ long enough, time to move on.  I never once thought that I’d ever want Brock to win anything let alone another championship.  But Brock has been entertaining since his return and I want to watch more of entertaining Brock.  Brock will win, it won’t be clean as I’m sure Roman has something up his sleeve, but Brock will win and Roman will cry, scream and otherwise pout like a baby.

Brock will win.



The Bloodline ends here. During the match, I expect The Rock to show up and cost Roman the Title and we have Lesnar as your Unified Heavyweight Champion. Of course, this will be done to set up next year’s WrestleMania with Reigns vs The Rock.

Winner: Brock Lesnar


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