NXT: Stand & Deliver DD & Results

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Kickoff Show:

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship
Toxic Attraction vs Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai

Following what seemed to be a lackluster match with ill timed moves and interference from Wendy Choo, we have NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions! Dakota Kai picks up the pinfall for her team and claims the Championship for herself and Raquel Gonzalez!

Winners: Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai


Stand & Deliver:

NXT North American Championship Ladder Match
Carmelo Hayes (c) vs Grayson Waller vs Santos Escobar vs Solo Sikoa vs Cameron Grimes

WOW! What a match to kick off the main part of Stand & Deliver! This match was absolute fire and if you missed it, you need to go back and watch it! There’s one spot where I’m not sure if Waller was legitimately injured or not. He launched off the top of a ladder on the outside and crashed through 2 ladders on the outside. However, he didn’t catch the 2nd ladder correctly and it looked like he actually broke his arm.

With that being said, we have a NEW Champion! Cameron Grimes sprung up the ladder in a flurry and grabbed the Championship off the hook to honor his Dad!

Winner: Cameron Grimes


Non-Title Single’s Match
Tommaso Ciampa vs Tony D’Angelo

This was teased as going to be Ciampa’s last match going into it, but going on 2nd, I didn’t think we would see the finish we did. In an emotional match that saw some incredible and emotional spots. Unfortunately, D’Angelo managed to pick up the victory and seemingly retire Ciampa from NXT. On the way up the ramp, Triple H’s music would hit and he would come out to thank and celebrate with Ciampa for an incredible career in NXT.

Winner: Tony D’Angelo


NXT Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
Imperium (c) vs MSK vs The Creed Brothers

This was a good match that had the unfortunate thing of following 2 incredible matches. I’m mixed on how I feel about the winners based on the ongoing allegations against Nash Carter of MSK by his wife, Kimber Lee (IMPACT! talent).

Winners: MSK


NXT Women’s NXT Fatal 4 Way Championship Match
Mandy Rose (c) vs Cora Jade vs Io Sharai vs Kay Lee Ray

In a great women’s matchup, we saw numerous high profile moves and risks we didn’t expect or normally see from several of the women. With that said, we have a Championship match that doesn’t see a new Champion. Mandy Rose manages to retain over the others and hold on to her Title.

Winner: Mandy Rose


Non-Title Singles Match
WALTER (Gunther) vs LA Knight

WALTER… I mean Gunther absolutely dominated this match from start to finish. LA Knight never really even stood a chance.

Winner: WALTER


NXT Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Bron Breakker

What an incredible match to close out Stand & Deliver! Both left everything on the table, but in the end, we saw Ziggler stand tall and keep his Championship.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler