WrestleMania 38 Saturday – The Night That Started It All

WrestleMania is always a spectacle, no matter what happens.  From a massive injury changing the opening bout to SCSA taking a suplex on cement, the first night of WM 38 was a shocker and left us feeling great about how a lot of the matches went down.  Please let us know what you think, either below or on our WR Discord.  https://discord.gg/J64qzXKabf



Usos Defeat Nakamura & Boogs

I have to say that while this was a good match that helped fire up the fans, I couldn’t tell you one thing that happened other than Boogs’ knee when he had both Usos up.  It should have been a great match, but in the grand scheme of things, it really wasn’t a memorable match in any way, shape, or form.



Drew McIntyre defeats Happy Corbin

I’m not the only one who thinks Happy Corbin needs to evolve again.  This Happy stuff has more than run its race, and it’s time for Corbin to take out Moss.  Moss got involved, pissed Corbin off, and almost cost Corbin the match.  They went back and forth well and looked good in there, but it sucks that McIntyre wasn’t getting his special WM moment in front of so many fans.  He did get his feel-good moment and you could tell it meant a lot to him to have his moment the way he did.

Corbin sells his ire so well in the ring.  His hissy fit when he didn’t get his three was fantastic!  Honestly Corbin continues to prove himself, now it’s just time for him to destroy Moss and evolve again.



Miz & Logan defeat Mysterios

We have all said, at one time or another, that if WWE does blank, then they are done.  After the display Jake Paul made on the Kick Off Show, if WWE signs either boy to the company, I’ll have to think long and hard about my life.  Jake was so disrespectful to WWE, the superstars, and the fans that I actually thought Booker T might hurt him.

I’m further disgusted that Paul went over on WM, until Miz cleared the slate.  Hoping this doesn’t mean the relationship with the Paul brothers is going to continue.  I will admit he was better in the ring than I expected, but not good enough for me to ever want to see him again.  Also, they did a great job of making Dom look solid in there on the grandest stage, which was most important to me.



Raw Championship Winner Bianca Belaire over Becky Lynch

Finally a pair of superstars who have stepped up to WM and took it by the melting sign!  Between Becky’s new and really interesting new look and Bianca’s creative (if poorly executed by the band) entrance to the match, they both embraced the spectacle that is WM.  They also both really stepped up their games with their gear and overall looks for the night.  Becky’s hair is really interesting and easier for Mom as babies love hair, and Bianca hasn’t sewn EST into her braid in a long time.  Add in the feat of engineering that is Bianca’s top (which we all know she made), and I’m truly blown away.  While Bianca doesn’t have much to contain, the lips were being held to the top by a single piece of illusion proved to me that she really gets stretch fabrics.

They both went out there to give us their all, and I was blown away.  Their ring work had a few wobbles early on, but they quickly found their stride.  The chemistry, psychology, and storytelling were all top of the line in this one.  Becky not being able to finish Bianca early in the match and selling how upset she was over this, how worried she’d lose if she didn’t win it fast was perfect and brought the story full circle.  These two women left it all out there and gave us the best match, so far, of the night.  They killed it and deserve the love for their dang hard work.  My only question is if Bianca is going to steal Cena’s moniker.



Cody Rhodes defeated Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins


I had really hoped they would ‘troll’ Rollins before sending Cody out, but this was leaps and bounds better.  Cody, for the first time in WWE, is treated like the top superstar he is.  VKM respects people who say and do.  Cody said and did in spades and that’s what VKM loves.  (Listening to Bry’s audiobook again and reminded of how unimpressive Bry’s personality and lack of drive are to VKM.)  Cody left, pulled people together for a show, then gathered them into a company with massive financial backing from someone who actually gets wrestling (to a point), and has been involved in building that company until the financial backer thought he was VKM and turned into a tyrant.  He did more in six years away than many superstars do within WWE.  Now Cody is back and he totally killed it in the ring with Rollins.

They really left it out there and more.  I was wondering what was going to beat Bianca/Becky, but I didn’t expect it to be Becky’s husband and Cody Rhodes to do it.  I’ve known Cody was great, but it took his time away for the powers that be to see it, and I expect greatness to grow from here.  I’d love to see Cody feud with Reigns for a strap.  Anyway, they really gave us more than our money’s worth in that match, and I’m excited to see where things go for Cody from here.



SD Championship retained by Charlotte over Ronda Rousey

Charlotte looks like a Barbie doll tonight, and not in a good way.  Her hair was too big, too long, her look too polished for the ring, and she’s so strangely proportioned and getting stranger the more she sculps her body and has doctors cut on her face.  Anyway, as much as I complain about Charlotte, she and Ronda gave us another match of the night match, and other than the really dirty ending that needs to be fixed soon, it was great.

Ronda’s chest looked like Bry’s chest after being in the ring with Mox, and that’s not comfortable for anyone.  Honestly, these two work the ring together so well that I was saying I’d love to see these two in a true Ironwomen Match.  They would just keep going and going, no matter how hard it is, Char having a couple of brief moments to cry in the ring.



Stone Cold Steve Austin defeats Kevin Owens in The KO Show

Many fans are claiming that KO was treated terribly at WM, being made to look weak against an old guy who hasn’t worked the ring in the better part of two decades.  I, on the other hand, saw KO having the dream match of his life, working against one of the truest legends of the industry, and giving a great man his final wrestling WM moment.  KO took all he could to keep Austin safe, taking most of the bumps, selling in a massive way, and making a great WM moment for both of them.

They worked all over the place and while Austin looked rough the first couple of moves, as soon as he whipped KO into the corner and KO lost his hold and splashed back-first to the mat, Austin was in his groove, being the veteran of the ring he is, he started drinking beer to give KO time to catch his breath and recover from the botch.  The pacing, how they worked all over, KO given a ride on the 4X4, that Austin took a suplex on the cement, it all came together to give us a great WM moment and I’m sure both men involved truly enjoyed their work together, what they gave the fans, and what they gave each other in that WM match.  Lastly, Byron’s goofiness was the perfect ending to all the fun of this match.



Shut Up Graves, I’m Yelling Here!

Dang I love telling Graves to shut his yap!  Beyond that, this really was a solid night of wrestling with a lot of fun, excitement, solid moments, and dream matches.  Fingers crossed that Sunday night is as great, if not greater than, Saturday night.  Only time will tell how this WM stands up to the rest, but I have high hopes that it will continue to be one of the better WMs we’ve seen, at least in the past decade.