WrestleMania 38 Sunday – The Night That Finished The Rest

WWE stated that this year’s WM would be a spectacle befitting the Grandest Stage of Them All.  For the first time in a number of years they did just that, in spades, and I’m thrilled I was able to write about it.  Please, enjoy and leave your comments below or on our Discord.  https://discord.gg/J64qzXKabf



Opening Segment

Even hearing Triple H’s music didn’t click.  It wasn’t until I looked up at the TV and saw him coming out on the stage did I really get what was going on.  After that, I was struck by how thin he looked, but in all honesty, after everything he’s been through the past six to eight months, both physically and emotionally, he looks better than I would!



RK-Bro defeats Alpha Academy & Street Profits to retain Raw Tag Team Championship

Kurt Angle tweeted, “I feel like I fathered more WWE children than I thought.”  I know Ronda is one of his ‘kids’ but she’s only one of many.  There’s no question that Chad Gable really is Angle’s mini-me, and Gable Steveson is going to be following in Angle’s footsteps.  Angle is someone great to have around to help train the kids because he can teach them things that few others can because of his unique path to and within WWE.

The six men in this match are about as physically diverse as a WWE match could get, but their chemistry and immense talent made this a great match to watch.  Orton is very much the veteran of this group but didn’t look old compared to the rest.  In fact Orton was great but didn’t feel the need to dominate this match, even though he’d probably been in more WM matches than the rest of the superstars in this match combined!

I really enjoyed how loose they were with the tags in this and the WWE Tag Match later in the night.  I get why they have rules, but the way they handled the changes in these two made for a much more fast-paced and entertaining matches.



Johnny Knoxville & Jackass defeat Sami Zayne

Even though I thought ECW went too far most weeks, I’ll admit I miss really creative Hardcore Matches.  The kitsch of Al Snow’s bowling ball.  Raven and his shopping cart.  Dudleys and their tables and dumpsters.  Dreamer and any weapon he could get, but saw him use a frying pan live at an indie show.  All those things when used well can really accentuate a match, making it into something really special.  It doesn’t need blood or gore to be great, just creative.  This match showed some unexpected creativity and I think the Jackass crew was part of it.  Fresh ideas for such an overdone match.

Wee Man’s bodyslam on Sami was fantastic.  I was impressed with how he got into the ring, but the slam really impressed both of us watching here.



WWE Tag Team Champions – Sasha Banks & Naomi who defeated Carmella & Zelina Vega and Shayna Baszler & Natalya and Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley

Dang, these women really left it out there.  I have so many issues with this match, but they are the same issues everyone else has – Vega and Mella haven’t done much but push Mella and Cory’s show, Shayna stuck with Natalya is bull, Liv needs to win the strap, Rhea needs more of what Shayna has, and two black girls winning at WM would be another step in the right direction.  I think I hit on all of the issues I’ve heard recently.

As much as I love Liv, she’s still a bit sweet to be Champ right now, even with Rhea.  I really didn’t think they’d go there.  I thought they’d go with BGM and I’m thrilled they did.  This match was a lot of fun, hit to their strengths, was interesting, creative, and as per usual for big PPV matches, Liv pulled out a couple of new big moves and executed them beautifully, but I think the right women won for this specific night.  I’m actually looking forward to watching this one again, just to see all the little moves I missed while typing this.



Edge defeats AJ Styles

Edge’s entrance was beautiful.  It was a mixture of The Brood, Trip, and Taker, but in the best of ways.  Edge’s evolution is really impressive and he’s embracing it in a way few understand.  Further, I love how AJ has stepped back to his white and light blue, which we’ve not seen a lot of in recent years as he’s been more heel than face, so rocking more black and blue.  He even went back to the light blue gloves.

These two men went out there to kill it, not that I expected anything less from either of them.  They gave us every little bit of themselves, even though they are some of the furthest from kids on the roster.  They took everything to the next level in this match and sealed it off with what I’ve been saying for the past week or so, that Edge is forming a faction, starting with Priest.  It was beautiful and he didn’t have to touch AJ, but it worked and their bit in the ring after the match sealed what I’ve been saying.  I can’t wait to see what they do, who is added to the faction – hopefully Liv and Rhea, then they get their straps as evil girls – and what type of havoc they will wreak on the WWE as a whole.



Pat McAfee defeats Austin Theory

McMahon coming out to announce Theory to the match, and then staying ringside continues to show his support wasn’t lost on me.  McMahon is really high on this kid and isn’t holding back on

Cole called McAfee one of his best friends in this world.  That is really sweet coming from Cole who has worked the table with a  lot of people who were also his good friends.  Heck, Cole and Cena were besties for a long time, which I also found interesting.  I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Cole and McAfee have drinks – if they drink.  I just think with McAfee’s bounciness and Cole’s quirky sense of humor, it would be a fun night.

Of course McAfee looked great in there, and his bounciness was on display in a massive way on that corner with Theory.  McAfee really needs to be in the ring when he’s not on announce.  He’s so good in there, and it suits him.  The man is about as bouncy as they come, and it lends well to him being in the ring.  Lastly, I want to say that I might have given this at least a half star more because of the dream McAfee had, worked hard for, and his hard work paid off.



Vincent Kennedy McMahon defeats Pat McAfee

I feel like I should have seen this coming, but I didn’t.  I honestly didn’t expect McMahon to get back into the ring, but there he was!  People who had problems with Steve Austin making KO look weak when he didn’t need to go over have run with this and how horrible it was to see McMahon take that last stunner.  I’ve always said that the first stunner McMahon took was the worst stunner ever.  Well, his final stunner was truly the worst.  I get why people have some issues, but it’s McMahon’s company and he wanted to be part of the spectacle the way he’s been so many times in the past.

All that being said, I have to give Pat McAfee mad props for his work in this match.  He went into his third televised match with a young and well-trained wrestler in Austin Theory, then immediately had to change everything he was doing to sell for McMahon, which he did beautifully.  McAfee made McMahon look strong in the ring, even though it was mostly clotheslines.  Round that off with the fact that McAfee’s half-hour or so on WM saw him win over Theory, face McMahon in a match, had a beer and pose with Steve Austin, and then took the final stunner of the night.  He might have been trying to hide it, but McAfee was basically glowing as he was laid out on the mat after the stunner.  Childhood dreams led to that greatest night of his life.  He’s going to be totally unbearable on SD this week and possibly for weeks or months to come.  Hopefully he gets more ring time, because he really did have it right as a child, he was destined to be a WWE superstar.



Roman Reigns defeats Brock Lesnar to become WWE Undisputed Champion

It’s been over two decades, but only barely, since WWE did this last.  November 9, 2001 Chris Jericho became Undisputed Champion.  He wasn’t expected, but he did a beautiful job of it.  Myself, like most, figured BL would be Champ at the end of WM, and so I was stunned after this one ended.  In some ways it makes sense to strap Reigns and not BL as it shows truly how much McMahon believes in Reigns as the top guy.  BL doesn’t need a strap to show he’s bloody scary in the ring.

Speaking of BL being scary in the ring, they left it all out there, as expected, and gave us a lot of great moments.  The problem I had with this match was that it felt like a bit of a letdown at the end.  It just wasn’t up to par with the rest of the night, which was so terribly over the top.  The ending felt rather lame and that’s depressing after so much greatness.  Now we get to look toward the greatness to come with both of these men.



Shut Up Graves, I’m Yelling Here!

This is what WM is supposed to look like.  It was slightly silly and totally shocking, giving us some great matches and some that were not so much.  This WM will go down in history as one of the better shows WWE has done in a number of years.  I’m really excited to see what WWE does going forward from this.  Fingers crossed that things continue in a strong way as post-WM can sometimes fall into a lull that struggles to come back around for SummerSlam.

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