Update on Stephanie McMahon’s Leave

During a meeting with WWE officials within the company today, Executives and Directors were told that Stephanie McMahon’s duties are being re-assigned to new hires. The new hires won’t be arriving for a few more weeks, but this is indicative that she will be gone long-term from her role. No reason was given as to why she is taking a leave of absence other than “she needs time away to deal with everything that has happened with her family over the past few months.”

The hirings are expected to be temporary and Stephanie will regain control of those duties once she returns from her leave. As is known, Paul “Triple H” Levesque had to have emergency heart surgery last year and just now resumed his full duties in WWE. It is not known if that’s the only reason for the leave or if there’s more behind it.

Also mentioned at the meeting, Nick Khan told everyone that he is looking at making deals with other networks and companies outside of North America regarding WWE Network, further expanding the Network’s reach around the world. Suzette Ramirez-Carr was also introduced to the board as the new Chief of Human Resources.

Jason’s Jest: It will likely never be known publicly unless Paul & Stephanie decide to address what is happening publicly. But whatever the reason, she deserves time off as she’s been going non-stop with WWE for over 20 years now, even with having to raise children.