Queen & Sir Mitch On MJF’s Promo

Mitch – I’m out ATM. Did MJF get a pay rise and are they turning all this into an angle? Social media is going nuts over a pipe bomb-style promo MJF cut on Khan.

Queen – That was beyond a pipe bomb, he really went off the rails, begging TK to fire him, ripping on former WWE getting paid tons and they can’t lace his boots.
– When the real cussing started – ‘Don’t count me down…’ It was UGLY!Mitch – If they didn’t cut him off we’d have to assume it was planned at least to a degree.
– He was seething, shaking, and looked about to punch someone. There’s pro wrestling rage, then there’s real rage. This was real rage.
– He was shaking so bad it was scary.

– He threw his scarf down almost as soon as he got in the ring.

Mitch – Honestly, he’s so good on the mic who knows with him.

Queen – You really need to see the promo.


Mitch – I’ll watch Dynamite tonight.


Queen – Oh, he said how good he is and how he’s carried the All Elite Friends until TK’s head got too big and refuses to even meet with MJF.

– I really want your thoughts on the promo, no matter what hour. You won’t wake me up if I’m asleep. I’d love your thoughts on it.

– Stacy truly thinks it was supposed to be a work but devolved to total shoot, as I thought it was.


Mitch – I mean I don’t doubt he drew on real emotion…but that line right there is proof to me they planned this out.

Queen – I think it was a planned work so he could go out there and get it all off his chest, give us a pipe bomb, but then shoot took over.


Mitch – Besides…we know they had a meeting on Monday.


Queen – True

Mitch – My guess, they’ve worked something out and now they are taking full advantage of all the press this drama has gotten them.


Queen – I would hope, but he’s been treated so badly, as has Jungle Boy, Austin, Marko, Swole, and almost every other woman employed there.

Mitch – While I don’t doubt he’s not the only one that was unhappy…I also don’t doubt his actions (and seemingly being rewarded for them) will result in a lot of heat from most in the locker room too.

Queen – I’m sure people are pissed at him, but I’m sure many feel the same way.
– For me, it’s the money issue that bothers me, and how some of the originals have been treated as more people come in.

Mitch – That was a given though with more money pouring into the company the more successful it got that new signees would be getting more that the OG’s regardless where the new guys and girls came from. Khan does need to start restructuring deals now though I agree.

Queen – Right, but with people like Mark Henry who has 5 words that he says well each week, getting four times the money of MJF, there’s an issue. I get that MJF signed early, but someone like him, someone who has helped carry the company from day one, should have their contracts tweaked when the contracts have gone up so much.

Mitch – I agree. But I also think he went about it the wrong way. Khan reportedly tried to sit down with him for weeks and he kept blowing him off then almost did a runner. IMO, they both should have been better about the situation.

Queen – Oh, MJF totally showed his young age in all of this.
– TK has a lot of serious issues in AEW and in life. He’s in well over his head, which I’ve been saying for about two years now.  Creative. He’s not VKM and there are so many issues in AEW because of TK. Honestly, Creative being handled by the top guy in both companies are the biggest problems in both companies.

Mitch – True.


Mitch – Just watched the promo…man alive that was wild. I’d say the F-bomb was unplanned (and he’ll get heat for it) but everything else was a work that drew from real emotion.