The Illustrious Future

This is a War Wagon

Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching One here to take another trip into “The Illustrious Future”.  I’ll give you the original material we got this week.  Let’s go, shall we?   Kairi Sane vs. Lacey Evans […]

205 Live - The Pickup

Pop/Rock Dimwit

Hey, kids!  It’s the Botching one here for another edition of “The Pickup”.  For the first time in a very long time, we now have an actual Cruiserweight Champion!  As expected by virtually everyone, Cedric […]

Dignified Discussion

Smackdown Live!

SD Results: Shane out to announce the new SD GM.  Shockingly, it’s Paige! Usos defeat New Day   to earn Tag Team Championship rematch Naomi defeated Nattie Interview with Nakamura backstage about the attack on AJ.  […]