NXT - The Here and Now

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I mentioned the commentary team on “205 Live” in this week’s review and now I’ll speak briefly about the one on “NXT”. It’s not good. My disdain for Mauro is documented elsewhere so I won’t […]

205 Live - The Pickup


As I, your Botching one, sits down for another edition of “205 Live”, I am excited.  Cedric won the #1 Contenders match with Gabba Gulak and he’ll face Enzo Amore for the title.  I’d prefer […]

Dignified Discussion

Monday Night Raw

Could we SURMISE that in his WOKEN BRILLIANCE, MATT HARDY could CONCEIVABLY EEENGEST two COPIOUS boxes of JACKS of APPLE EEN ONE SEETING?? Will Vince McMahon ever stop watching “Ducktales”? Is Paige in line to […]