The Imperial Pod

Imperial Pod – Episode #7

Here’s the latest “Imperial Pod”.  In this week’s episode, we talk about all of the events that occurred this past weekend as well as a bit about this Monday night’s dreadful “Monday Night Raw”!

205 Live - The Pickup


My apologies for last week.  I’ll be honest about why there was no blog:  I simply wasn’t into watching it.  I just couldn’t make myself do it.  I know how bad that sounds but someone’s […]

The Imperial Chronicles

WWE Blocks ROH From MSG

Madison Square Garden has long been the home to the WWE.  From the territory days when Sammartino sold out the arena for 188 consecutive shows right up to the show scheduled for July 7, 2018.  Recently […]

Raw - A Spot of Botch

You Over-Hyped Rookie!

Hey, kids, it’s the Botching one with another edition of “A Spot”.  This week’s episode was written while I watched it with only this intro piece being written after the show was over.  Glad I […]

The Afterglow

Money In The Bank

This month The Afterglow is going to be a bit different.  I was going to write it up, but Mistress Maria and her fiance Zoey were at MITB live, so they have a rather unique […]