The Majesty of Music

Replace, Refresh, Renew

I was catching up on “Smackdown Live” earlier today and, as I always do, listening to the themes these superstars come out to.  Many of them are classics – Daniel Bryan’s, John Cena’s, Undertaker’s (not […]

The Imperial Chronicles

Raw Viewership Drops After Backlash

While not overly surprising this time of the year, the drop in Raw viewership was bigger than normal for the post-WM pro wrestling lull.  The show averaged 2.68M viewers, a big drop from the 3,066,000 viewers the week before.   […]

Dignified Discussion

Smackdown Live (5/8/18)

Will Charlotte Flair fall in love with an audience member who brings a “Charlotte Kiss Cam” sign to the arena? Can Shelton Benjamin figure out the difference between Muenster and Havarti cheese? Will Tom Phillips […]

The Imperial Chronicles

NXT TakeOver Brooklyn

We all know that when one of the Big 4 come around, NXT will show them up the night before with a TakeOver. Triple H‘s NXT had taken the world by storm through Full Sail, […]

The Imperial Chronicles

Little Miss Bliss Not Injured

There was much crying and gnashing of teeth when the WWE announced that Alexa Bliss had injured her shoulder at Backlash.  This was pushed further by people on Twitter claiming that Nia Jax is an unsafe […]

Raw - A Spot of Botch


Hey, kids!  It’s the Botching One with another “Spot”.  In my opinion, Backlash wasn’t as terrible as many are making it out to be.  Heck, the intermission segment was worth the whole PPV for me. […]