The Afterglow

AEW Revolution

I’ll try to put into words what AEW Revolution was all about. If you want to see a great show for the fans, then you need to watch AEW Revolution. I went back, and re-watched […]

Court of Royal Opinion

AEW Revolution

This Saturday, February 29, AEW will present Revolution on PPV.  We hope you enjoy our predictions and that you will join us for the Dignified Discussion for the show.   Chris Jericho (c) vs Jon […]

No Picture
The Imperial Chronicles

AEW Revolution Sold Out

AEW’s Revolution PPV sold out in under an hour!  Revolution is slated for the Chicago WinTrust Arena on February 29, 2020.   #AEWRevolution is SOLD OUT!You did it! You actually did!In less than an hour […]