Raw - A Sovereign Statement

Thank You Roman

Hello everybody here at Wrestle Royalty, this is Sovereign S.A.M. and this is the very first edition of A Sovereign Statement. Baron Botch has allowed me to do the Raw blog and I only hope […]

Behind the Royal Curtain

Call Me Crazy…

Backstage…at around 10:30pm…   Sir Mitch:  Call me crazy, Dre, but I think WWE is pissy about dirt sheets ATM and are leaking a bunch of BS info to make them all look bad! Andre:  If […]

The Botch Brief

Rose Gold!

Jimmy Uso & Naomi vs. Rose Gold (Mandy Rose & Goldust) It’s cool that Jimmy wore some glow with his ring gear for the night.  He even danced along with her theme.  That’s when you […]