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The Imperial Chronicles

Jimmy Uso Injured

It’s being reported that Jimmy Uso (real name Jonathan Fatu) will be out between 6 – 9 months with a suspected knee injury, which occured during the triple theat match for the Smackdown tag team […]

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WWE Smackdown Review - A Smackdown Rendezvous

These Hands Holding Gold…

I was really hoping for a solid SD coming off WM, but with Covid-19 that didn’t happen.  There were decent matches and solid segments, but it just isn’t the same without the fans.  AEW is […]

The Afterglow

Grokking Mania

Going into night one of WM36 didn’t feel very much life WM.  Going into night two of WM36 and I could barely keep my eyes open.  It had nothing to do with the card and […]

Court of Royal Opinion

WrestleMania 36 – SD Matches

Welcome to the second half of WR Predicts, WrestleMania 36 SmackDown Matches!  We hope you enjoyed the first half of our predictions, and that you’re paying attention to everything written if you’d like a chance […]

The Afterglow

The Good & The Bad

What a strange night!  So much greatness and so much sorrow, and that’s just my feels on the ring gear!  We all know how I tweak – both good and bad – about ring gear, […]